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Robot vacuum cleaners are the ideal aid in the household. No hassle with cables and large appliances that get stuck behind the sofa. ZACO is a relatively new player in the Benelux in the field of robot vacuum cleaners and we are therefore very curious about the results. We got to test the showpiece, the A9s!

The benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning isn’t a hobby for anyone, right? No matter how big your family is, cleaning needs to be done everywhere. Especially when there are also pets walking around! The advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner is that you switch it on and the robot then does the work itself. Just raise your feet and you’re done. It saves a lot of time, especially since you can run the robot whenever you want.


The A9s is the latest cleaning robot from the ZACO brand, previously known as iLife. This robot is full of the latest techniques. It is equipped with a 360 degree camera with which a room is scanned in 3D. For example, the A9s draws the smartest route all by itself to make the space as clean as possible. With the large 600 ml waste container, it can make a big round in the house. Also ideal when you have pets (or children ..) walking around.

The A9s also features a mopping function. The Active Mop Function ensures that the robot vacuum cleaner mops by means of vibrations. This allows the mop to absorb more dirt than with a single wipe. Mopping yourself is also a thing of the past with a ZACO robot vacuum cleaner.


  • Vacuum cleaner, mop and sweeper in one
  • Dimensions: 330×76 mm
  • Contamination of dirt reservoir: 600 ml
  • Content water tank: 300 ml
  • Clean up to 120 minutes
  • Autocleaning adjustable per minute
  • PanoView camera 360 degree camera
  • Active Mop Function
  • Amazon Alexa Voice control
  • Operable with the ZACO Robot app
  • 4 different modes: automatic (PanoView 2.0), spot, edge and max

First use

Opening the box reveals an impressive device. In fact, it shouldn’t matter what a robotic vacuum cleaner looks like, as long as it does its job. Still, the A9s is a nice-looking device that you can leave in its docking station in the room.

Its charging station can be placed neatly in a corner and connected via the socket. We let the A9s do its first lap. It is striking that he is clearly ‘getting to know’ the room in the first instance. With the PanoView 2.0 function, he makes a 3D map of his working field. Of course we also test the drop sensor. It stops neatly along the edge of the stairs and then turns around.

It is equipped with a rotating brush at the bottom that can clearly bring in a lot of dirt, dust and hair. If you have an allergy, it is good to know that it also has a fine dust filter, which in addition to dust particles also takes mite excrement and fine dust with you.

There are quite a few dog hairs floating around in this household. Normally we should vacuum every day with the ‘normal’ vacuum cleaner. It is great to have this ZACO robot vacuum cleaner drive around every day and let it do the work. And he does that surprisingly well to be honest! A disadvantage is that a robot of course does not take the chairs, sofa and everything higher than the ground.

The waste container is easy to remove with the push button on top of the robot. Then you open the lid and you can easily throw the waste in the garbage can. ZACO indicates that, depending on the use, the filter and the brushes last for about 6 months.


Of course we also subjected the A9s to a mopping test! In a household with a dog, that is not an unnecessary luxury to do regularly. To use the mop function, attach a clean and dry mop to the mop holder on the bottom of the robot. These are supplied as standard. Then you fill the water reservoir with water. The water reservoir is also supplied as standard and is different from the dust reservoir. Then you operate it as you do when vacuuming and it makes the same round.

I am also satisfied with the mopping function. But because you are not allowed to use cleaning products in the robot, it is nevertheless necessary to occasionally work with an extra thorough mopping in addition to the robot.

De ZACO Robot App

With the accompanying ZACO Robot App, you can easily operate all functionalities on the A9s. Just like with a television remote control. For example, you can choose auto mode or use the remote. The robot can also be manually driven to a specific location. The different modes Max Mode, Edge Mode and Spot Cleaning can also be selected.

In addition, while cleaning you can see a map of where the A9s has been, view the Cleaning History and view the battery level. In Schedule Mode you plan a day and time when the A9s has to start cleaning. For example, we let him do his rounds every day at 4 p.m. With Water Level Control you can set how much water the robot uses when mopping. This is useful, for example, when extra thorough cleaning is required.

Robot vacuum cleaners from ZACO

The A9s is available in the ZACO webshop for a price of 379 euros. If you put this next to a competitor such as iRobot, the price is considerably lower for equivalent functions. The A9s does its job more than well and delivers good (clean!) Results. But our conclusion is that in some situations a ‘normal’ vacuum cleaner and mop next to it will remain necessary.

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