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Usually dog ​​breeders from all over Germany come to the Kursaal in Bad Bocklet.

The panel of experts at the online breeders’ day also answered questions from the connected participants. Photo: Jana Rösner / Laboklin

The veterinary diagnostic laboratory Laboklin, located in Bad Kissingen, would normally have welcomed the dog breeders who had come from all over Germany to the Kursaal in Bad Bocklet on a weekend. Due to the corona pandemic, Dr. Elisabeth Müller, owner and managing director of Laboklin, announced that she was going to forego the face-to-face event this year and instead offer dog breeders a day of further training as an online event.

The whole organization presented the team with new challenges around the Breeder’s Day. A separate homepage was created for this event (which served as a contact point for the breeders. The breeders could follow the main program on this page, as well as the three subject-specific seminars in the afternoon.

In addition to the varied specialist lectures, a Labogen exhibition stand and a panel of experts were also offered to the participants. Elisabeth Müller discussed current issues with the speakers present. The participants’ questions that they could ask in the chat were also addressed.

Personal contact with the dog breeders in particular had to give way. Many of the breeders who came in previous years have remained loyal to Laboklin and have taken part in the online event – and in addition, Laboklin has also approached many breeders who would otherwise not have made the further trip to Bad Kissingen.

Technical lectures and workshops

According to its own information, Laboklin put together highly informative specialist lectures and workshops with the online breeders’ day concept. A total of around 330 participants have registered for this event. More than 100 breeders from all over Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium listened to the lectures. In addition, more than 200 breeders will subsequently receive a link for the recording via email.

Dr. Anne Posthoff, specialist veterinarian for small and domestic animals, gave a lecture on the subject of « Get pregnant – stay pregnant, then it will work with the puppies », which met with great interest from the online audience due to her professional competence and good reputation, said Laboklin.

In addition to medical and genetic topics, the lectures also dealt with legal aspects: Kristina Trahms, attorney for dog law from Viersen, provided information on breeder liability and drafting purchase contracts. By the way, a date for the next breeders ‘conference has already been set: The seventh breeders’ conference will take place on September 19, 2021. It remains to be seen whether it will be a purely online event like this year, or whether the dog breeders will be able to welcome each other again in Bad Bocklet. The main topic here will be « Everything about the puppy ». red

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