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Three rabbits murdered and one missing in Wijk aan Zee: « A very sick mind » – Insurance for Pets

WIJK AAN ZEE – In Wijk aan Zee three rabbits were killed last week by what local residents describe as ‘a sick spirit’. The rabbits were taken from their cages, killed and put back. The police say that this should have been done by a human, but are still trying to get a finger on the matter.

Rick Spijker lives with his family in the heart of Wijk aan Zee. His daughter found the family’s two rabbits dead in their cage last Thursday morning. « I immediately went to bury them, because my daughter was very upset. We actually thought it was a fox, so we didn’t think about it any further. »

The rabbits, Hops and Isabelle, had been horribly killed. Thinking back to that morning, Rick describes how the scene looked almost as if it had been staged. The cage in which Hops and Isabelle were housed was covered with a net, especially because Wijk aan Zee is known for the number of wild animals that roam there.

Local residents

Rick does not think about a possible culprit until he reads the message from his neighbors on Facebook. On Friday morning they found their rabbit Frits in a similar way in the loft. The family wants to anonymously tell their story to NH Nieuws.

« The rabbits are really part of the family. I can’t explain this to my children, they don’t understand anything about it. » According to these local residents, someone took their rabbit, killed it at another location and then put it back in the cage. No blood was found in the garden, which would have been the case if a fox had caught the animals.

Besides the loss of Frits, the family has lost their other rabbit, Saar, since that evening. Saar is a Teddy Widder rabbit, a special kind of long-haired purebred rabbit. The family therefore hopes that she has been seen somewhere in the village since the last report.

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« A witness saw a white-gray rabbit in the neighborhood at 8.15pm on Thursday evening. Two cars have stopped in front of the rabbit and we really want to speak to the people who stopped. Maybe they can help us get her home again. fetch.  » According to the family, there is a good chance that someone has spotted the rabbit in the village: on Thursday evening after eight, the residents of Wijk aan Zee put their waste bin outside, and at 10:30 it started hailing. They call on people who live in their neighborhood, around the intersection of the Relweg and the Tappenbeckstraat, to look out for their beloved family member.

Law enforcement

Although the families indicate that they receive a lot of support from the police, who have already visited the floor four times, they doubt whether there is enough manpower to find out what happened to the rabbits. The family, wishing to remain anonymous, says, « It is horrible for our children, and our sense of security has been affected. This is a dent in our confidence in humanity. » They especially want to give local residents to be extra alert to their pets.

Spokesman Erwin Sintenie of the Noord-Holland police confirms to NH Nieuws that it is strongly taken into account that the rabbits were killed at the hands of humans. In addition, they still assume that the same perpetrator is responsible. People who have tips or information can contact the police.

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