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the stalking of a deer in an inhabited area is controversial – Insurance for Pets

On the images of an amateur video, filmed Saturday, September 19 by a member of the Abolissons la Vénerie Today (AVA) collective, a deer is lying on the asphalt, its tongue hanging out. Still surrounded by the pack of huntsmen who had chased it, the animal tries to get up, but collapses a second time, exhausted, along a construction fence. The scene was shot in the morning, in front of a housing estate under construction, on the edge of the forest of Compiègne (Oise).

This is the second hunt of the season, closely watched by anti-hunting activists, who immediately sounded the alarm. As seen in the law of March 2019, the animal, taking refuge in an inhabited area, was pardoned by the hunters. He lay on the ground for three hours, protected by the authorities, who called in a veterinarian to put him to sleep. But before the latter arrived, the animal fled into the construction site. He was finally able to return to the forest safe and sound.

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