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Here the four-legged friends can be buried between trees and bushes.

Pets find their final resting place in the animal cemetery « Farewell Forest Lechlumer Holz ». Photo: Anke Donner


Wolfenbüttel. For many people, dogs, cats and the like are more than just a pet – they are friends, playmates and companions. If the furry friend dies, he leaves deep sadness and the question: what to do with the remains? For many animal lovers, the question is often answered quickly. Your own garden should become your final resting place. But what if you don’t have a garden? Then the four-legged friends can be buried at the animal cemetery in Wolfenbüttel, for example.

On the outskirts of the city lies the Lechlumer Hoz farewell forest. Large and small pets can be buried here gracefully and in an idyllic and absolutely natural setting. Because the farewell forest is designed in such a way that animals and nature become one, because the forest should also remain a forest. And where could an animal feel more comfortable than between trees and bushes?

The graves merge with the forest – that is how it is desired. Photo: Anke Donner

Right on the outskirts of Wolfenbüttel on the B79, the farewell forest « Lechlumer Holz » is not far from the Antoinettenruh car park and is maintained by the state forest and Natura animal burials. As soon as you have entered the area, you can already see the small, well-tended graves, which are decorated with simple wooden crosses. And the borders are also completely natural.

But forest burials are not cheap. If you want to have your beloved four-legged friend buried here, you have to dig deep into your pocket. But you get the all-round carefree package and can visit your furry friend pretty much at any time. More information is available here.

Wolfenbüttel is not the only city that has a pet cemetery. The Tierschutzverein Braunschweig has also been offering animal burials on an area above the animal protection area since 1982. Since 2005, animals can also be buried anonymously here. You can find out more about the Braunschweig animal cemetery on the Internet at There are also animal cemeteries in Salzgitter, Vorsfelde and Vechelde that offer both burials and cremations.

Last rest in the garden at home – is that allowed?

We asked the department of consumer protection and veterinary affairs in the Wolfenbüttel district. There it was stated that, according to the current animal carcass disposal law, not only farm animals but also pets such as dogs, cats or guinea pigs are to be disposed of in an animal carcass disposal facility. Exceptionally, however, individual bodies of privately kept pets may also be buried on a property with the consent of the property owner, but not in water protection areas and not in the immediate vicinity of public paths and squares. The carcasses must be covered with a sufficient layer of earth, at least 50 centimeters thick, measured from the top of the pit. If you don’t have your own property, the vet can be contacted. These can take care of the removal for a fee. Alternatively, pets can be cremated in an approved crematorium for pets or buried in an approved pet cemetery. Disposal of dead pets in the household waste is not permitted for reasons of epidemic hygiene.

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