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Posted on 10/10/2020 at 6:12 p.m.

Written by Norman Bougéin the category Emotion

© Kelly Osbourne / Instagram

5 months after adopting his dog Oat, Kelly Osbourne paid tribute to her on social networks. For the British actress and singer, the presence of the quadruped by her side has considerably helped her through the Covid-19 crisis.

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic that continues to shake the world, many families and single people have resorted topet adoption in order to live better isolation. While this trend has given rise to serious overruns (scams, abandonments, questionable adoption requests …), it has also allowed a multitude of dogs of leave shelters to join their new homes.

Oat is one of those canids adopted during the confinement. This female dog was by a celebrity, the London artist Kelly Osbourne as it happens. She has been part of her family since the month ofavril.

His company was extremely precious for the young woman who, in return, offered him comfort, security and love.

It is therefore to signify his gratitude and his attachment that the 35-year-old actress, singer and fashion designer posted, on September 25, a photo on Instagram where they both appear in a moment of great tenderness.

The publication is accompanied by a beautiful tribute : « I wake up every day trying to see the positive side to this mess that we are all going through. Today, I am so grateful to # RONA * because without it, I would never have adopted Oat! She is the light of my life !!! What is worth your recognition today? »

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Initially, it was about Kelly Osbourne keep it only as provisional, while waiting to find him a adoptive family. The artist and the bitch, however, have become so attached to each other that she decided to adopt it herself, as reported 20 Minutes.

* « RONA » is an English slang term used to designate Covid-19

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