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Ruled by his instincts, this Husky forces his owner to come to the aid of abandoned kittens he has discovered in the woods! – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 10/16/2020 at 6:22 p.m.

Written by Alexander Godin the category Rescues

© Banner The Super Dog / Instagram

During a walk, Banner the dog felt that small animals in distress needed to be rescued a few feet away. He drew his mistress to them, which barely saved them.

Banner, a dog of race Siberian Husky, is not that the pet of Whitney Braley. He is also his assistance dog, trained to help them manage their anxiety attacks associated with post-traumatic stress disorder from which she suffers, as the story goes Go Animals. Moreover, his mistress is not the only one to benefit from his benevolence ; as soon as he feels that a animal is in trouble, comes spontaneously in aide and the comfort.

On a very cold winter day, Whitney walked Banner not far from home when the dog went headed for the woods along the road. He was luring his owner to a specific location and finally stopped in front of a cardboard box. He then began to turn around.

Noting that Whitney hesitated to open it, he decided to do it yourself with a few snouts, then pulled out one kitten. The young woman then opened it in her turn and took out 6 others very young felines. The poor little cats were frigorifiés. They didn’t even have the strength to meow. They would probably have not survived if they had stayed there for a few more hours.

Whitney took them 7 chatons at home and in took care. Banner also elsewhere. He constantly watched over them, as if they were his own little ones.

We can also see how he is patient and attentive with them in the video below, shot when the kittens had 4 weeks :

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When they have become large enough, kittens have all joined families loving. Banner doesn’t just have them save the life, it also allowed them to start a new one.

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