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Perhaps others recognize themselves in this. I am curious about other opinions and perhaps also tips and advice.

I have found that I have an extreme urge to find out the ‘truth’. It doesn’t matter what topic or theme it is. I can’t stand lies, excuses, fake behavior or looks, etc. I also can’t stand being ‘faked’ or feeling like people are dishonest or have a double agenda. I am disgusted by people who pretend to be different than they are and by plastic surgery, botox heads, etc. I myself always speak ‘the truth’, as in, I say what I feel and what I think. I don’t sugarcoat anything. When my wife asked me years ago if I ever fantasized about other women, I just said ‘yes, just like any man’. Just to name a side street.

But it continues. I have nothing to do with religion and I am constantly in doubt about the motives of ‘dignitaries’. Not in an unhealthy way. Not with a continuous alu hat. But I do see ‘through’ everything. If there is something on the NOS news, I think ‘why is this being presented like this? And why now? And what’s the other side of the story? ‘
When I hear a politician say something I think ‘why is he saying that? Because it is true or to get more votes? ‘

With every statement by a manufacturer or company, or an advertisement I think ‘it makes sense that you claim this, you want to sell more’.

I also took the so-called ‘red pill’, as some people here know as a reference to the scene from The Matrix. For years I have been able to spend hours looking on the internet or searching for ‘alternative versions’ of the ‘truths’ that we were told as children by our parents, teachers, media, etc. And now I want them with my ‘adult brain’ review it once. Is that correct? Wasn’t that just said to keep us happy?

For example:
– Looks don’t matter, it’s about being confident
– Every pot has its lid
– Everything always works out
– Good always overcomes evil
– If you do your best you will get everything done

But also small, perhaps invalid, collectively accepted statements such as:
– Milk is healthy
– Margarine is healthy
– Vegetable fat is better for deep-frying than animal fat
– Insert other eating and lifestyles that have been talked to us and are taken over by others that turn out to be untrue

And then there are of course a number of major events where I at least doubt the ‘official’ story:
– The 1969 moon landing
– The attacks on 9/11

Or politicians who tell us that:
– Immigration is good for us
– There are only advantages to development x
– it is good to join the Iraq mission

To top it off, I have an extreme appreciation for people who highlight the other side of the story. That go against the standard narrative that almost everyone seems to adopt without thinking about it. This often leads to ‘controversy’ and in my view are almost always interesting personalities who stand for what they stand for. Think of comedians such as Daniel Arends, Hans Teeuwen, Theo Maassen, Louis CK, etc. Or persons such as Jordan Peterson, Pim Fortuyn, etc. And even less intellectually gifted people such as Baudet or Trump. Despite the majority of them continuously attacking, falling off, insulting and trying to put them away, they come up with alternative versions of the truth that everyone accepts. And that fascinates. And requires balls and a strong will.

On the other hand, I cannot stand simple souls who only parrot the media or the contemporary narrative and especially do not want to offend anyone. Figures who always want to sit ‘in the middle’. Never come up with anything creative or self-conceived. Never doubt what they will be served. So they are religious, parrot, virtue signallers and other hypocrites who never doubt their own ideas but always point a finger at others who dare to think up or pronounce something controversial.

So what’s the problem?
I am aware that in many subjects the ‘absolute’ truth either does not exist or cannot be discovered. At least not from my position. I also notice that I ‘disapprove’ many people because they have a different view on this. I simply cannot feel any respect for that. And vice versa too. I often make ‘controversial’ statements myself, whether or not as a joke, and I notice that not everyone appreciates that. I make friends with it, but also enemies. And I also think it doesn’t do me much good psychologically anymore. It was good to ‘wake up’ from the standard tunes and mother’s lies, but now it really doesn’t get me any further. I have a family, a successful business. It is going well. I have it ‘done’. I think it is much better that I should stop worrying about what is true and what is not true. I am also very hard on myself when it comes to my work. I can’t do anything wrong, it has to be perfect. Otherwise, I have failed completely. No excuses, no excuses. It’s working. But I do suffer from this. I think these things all have the same origin.

My views are not extreme, however. I function fine. I myself certainly do not claim to have the absolute truth. For example, I will not say ‘the moon landing is fake’. However, I have my doubts about the official story. So in that sense it is not going in the wrong direction, but I would like to stop somewhere. I think I have a ‘phobia’ of being ‘fake’. However, letting go of all this and not constantly looking for the controversy would make me mentally calmer, I think. Maybe it’s also the fear of turning into a person that I don’t respect. In my view, people should stand up and open their mouths if the collective narrative begins to become factually untrue and morally reprehensible. As with the contemporary ‘hunt’ for the ‘white man’, the collective guilt and the gigantic immigration that goes with it in the west, the continuous whitewashing of everything that deviates from the norm and attack everything that does fall in there, the nothing be allowed to say more what can be insulted by anyone, the frenetic feminism, the transfer of the ever-expanding EU, etc. Someone in my opinion continues to puncture these bubbles with at least another side of the story. Where does this urge come from? No idea.

Who recognizes this? And how to deal with this?

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