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Mutilations of horses: the police officers of Lucé identify the equine owners – Insurance for Pets

The gendarmes of Lucé’s company are getting closer to the owners of horses in a preventive action against acts of mutilation, sometimes fatal, of equines which have multiplied in France in recent weeks and have not failed to touch the Eure- and-Dormouse.

Another mare attacked in Eure-et-Loir

Colonel Georges Pierrini gave instructions to his four companies in Eure-et-Loir to identify the number of equine owners, analyze the enclosures and provide recommendations. The brigades are sometimes accompanied by a security expert, a referent gendarme for departmental security.

130 owners identified

The Eurelian action is called « Operation GendEquin 28 ». Captain Sébastien Gouin gave an update this Friday, September 25:

“We have identified 130 owners in the area of ​​the Lucé company. The brigades meet them all. For example, on Thursday, the soldiers were at the stud farm Les ânes de Marolles, in Gas. « 

Sebastien gouin (Captain of the gendarmerie)

Mutilated horses: the gendarmerie of Eure-et-Loir launches a prevention campaign

The Central Office for the Fight against Environmental and Public Health Attacks found facts in 17 departments, the motives of which remain, to this day, a mystery.

Mutilated horses: « It evokes satanic rites »

Thierry delaunay

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