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Mario Kart Live shows images of all 24 grand prix courses – Insurance for Pets

Piranha Plants, water, fireballs and more!

Mario Kart Live may be the Mario Kart you dreamed about as a child. Place the gates, drive Mario or Luigi randomly through the gates and create your own race track in your living room! Do you want to have your pets in the circuit? Nothing is too crazy anymore.

In addition to the elements that you can change physically, such as building blocks on the sides of the circuit, there are also digital aspects that you can change. There are various circuits that influence the visual aspect of the game, such as an underwater track or even fireballs that shoot out of the ground.

But what options have we not yet seen and what types of cups are there actually? You can view these options in the video below:

A full list of all cups can be found below:

– Mushroom Cup
– Flower Cup
– Shell Cup
– Star Cup
– Banana Cup
– Leaf Cup
– Lightning Cup
– Special Cup

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