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Man injured by « stage diver » at Agnostic Front concert obtains $ 2 million in compensation – Insurance for Pets

A man who was seriously injured by a “stage diver” (someone who jumped from the stage into the audience) during a Punk Rock concert in 2017 was awarded $ 2 million in compensation.

According to the New York Post, Jason Kooken, 46, was temporarily paralyzed after another spectator fell on his head at the end of a concert given by Agnostic Front (with Supertouch’s Mark Ryan as guest singer as Roger Miret could not do the concert).

Mark Morris, Mr Kooken’s lawyer, said:

This individual walked past security, got on the stage, and walked towards the singer of the group. Then he did a twist somersault and landed directly on Mr. Kooken’s head. He immediately fell to the ground and lost all sensation in his extremities.

Mr Kooken underwent emergency spinal surgery at the University of Jersey Shore Medical Center and spent months in a rehabilitation center.

In March 2019, Mr Kooken sued Asbury Audio, Inc. which organized and produced the Doing It For Dave charity concert on April 2, 2017, claiming the company was negligent in allowing the stage dive. The company eventually agreed to pay $ 2 million, the maximum amount allowed by its insurance company.

Mr. Morris added:

People who go to concerts shouldn’t have to worry about someone falling on their head. It is important that concert halls and promoters make comprehensive safety plans and hire safety knowledgeable people who don’t let these kinds of things happen. We hope that by achieving this result, we can prevent this kind of thing from happening to other people in the future.

Doing It For Dave featured performances by over 20 groups in memory of Dave Franklin. Mr. Franklin, lead singer of American hardcore punk band Vision, died in January 2017 at the age of 47.

Funds raised during Doing It For Dave were donated to the North Shore Animal League and Rock to the Future, a nonprofit that provides music education to underprivileged youth in the Camden and Philadelphia area.

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