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In France, fur farms are to be banned from 2025. The French Fur Association criticized the ?? unprecedented ?? Ban sharp.

In France, fur farms are to be banned from 2025. Environment Minister Barbara Pompili announced this last week. From now on, no new farms may be opened. Society’s relationship with wildlife has changed, Pompili said. The animals are no longer seen only as threats or prey, but are increasingly understood as fellow creatures that must be respected and protected. This development is the hallmark of a society that is increasingly aware of its responsibility to nature and its dependence on the environment.

In addition to the ban on fur farms, there are plans to limit the use of wild animals in traveling circuses and the keeping of dolphins and killer whales, and also to improve the keeping conditions in zoos. The French Fur Association (FFF) sharply criticized the « unprecedented » ban. An industry and its jobs would be sacrificed to meet the demands of a social minority. The association announced that it would bring the ban to the French constitutional court. According to the FFF, there are currently four mink farms across France, with 2,500 jobs connected.

The German Animal Welfare Office urged Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner to also ban fur farms. According to the organization, the farms in Austria, Belgium and Great Britain have not been allowed for years. In Germany, the last mink farm was closed in North Rhine-Westphalia last year; without a ban, however, a business could open again at any time.

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