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Today (September 16, 2020) the Animal Welfare Ombudsman Office Styria (TSO) invited to the annual exchange of ideas for animal welfare associations and official veterinarians in the knight’s hall in the country house.

In addition to numerous representatives of the Styrian animal welfare associations and the veterinary departments, animal welfare ombudswoman Barbara Fiala-Köck was also able to welcome the Deputy Governor Anton Lang, who is responsible for animal welfare. “This year’s extremely unusual year brought many new challenges with it. All of our living conditions have changed a lot as a result of the corona virus; many people have to tighten their belts due to the crisis it has triggered. At this difficult time, my special thanks go once again to everyone involved in animal welfare – from private individuals and employees in animal welfare associations to the animal welfare workers working in the authorities. The animals, which are well looked after in the Styrian animal protection associations, have certainly noticed as little as possible of the crisis. I would also like to thank our highly committed animal welfare ombudswoman, Barbara Fiala-Köck, for organizing the reception, which has already become traditional, and above all for her tireless commitment to the welfare of our animals « , LH Deputy Lang emphasized.

In addition to the daily worries and needs of the animal rights activists, the tense situation caused by COVID-19 was one of the main topics of this year’s meeting. In the last few months in particular, those involved in animal welfare in Styria have been confronted with previously unknown challenges – for example, maintaining the supply of pets in times of lockdown had to be mastered and access restrictions and special hygiene regulations had to be observed. Dealing with this exceptional situation has once again shown that it is only through joint efforts that the maintenance and further development of animal welfare standards in Styria is possible.

“I would like to thank the animal protection associations, whose personal and often voluntary commitment successfully reduces animal suffering in Styria, for their tireless commitment. I would like to thank the official veterinarians present on behalf of the constructive cooperation within the framework of animal welfare procedures. Problems relevant to animal welfare in Styria can only be solved successfully and permanently through good cooperation, « emphasized Fiala-Köck.

The animal welfare ombudsman would like to recommend a visit to the Styrian animal shelters to anyone interested in taking in an animal family member – dogs, cats and small animals of all ages are eagerly awaiting a loving place to live there.


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