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Are hens, roosters and chicks suitable as pets or not? Opinions on this are divided. One person thinks it is fantastic and wants a fresh egg from their own backyard for breakfast every day. The other thinks it is terrible and cannot hear the cackling and crowing. It can therefore cause the necessary neighbor quarrels. To nip such quarrels in the bud, we ask the question: can you keep chickens if you live in a residential area?

Keeping chickens is allowed in any garden in most municipalities – as long as it does not cause a nuisance. If not? In that case, this exception is described in the General Local Regulation (APV) of the municipality.

Chickens in Apeldoorn

Keeping chickens in your own garden is allowed in most municipalities. If not? Then this exception is described in the municipal bye-laws. In Apeldoorn, no words have been said about this, so the answer is: yes, you can keep chickens in your own garden.

A bunch of feather bales

Tip? Experts from the Kippenhuis recommend purchasing a flock of chickens. That is a group of three or more chickens. A rooster – which generally has the largest beak – is therefore not a sparrow in the hen house.

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