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Are boys more sensitive than girls to the loss of their pet? – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 10/26/2020 at 1:42 p.m.

Written by Anthony Pruvostin the category Miscellaneous facts

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Recently released study results show that losing a pet can impact children’s mental health for years to come. It also shows that boys are more sensitive to tragedies of this type than girls. The authors invite parents and specialists to be attentive to this distress.

The relation which exists between a child and his dog, chat or any other pet can be very intense. We see it almost every day, especially through the beautiful stories offriendship or the stories of rescues that we are relating here on Woopets.

Therefore, the animal death is a test extremely painful to live for his young human friend. The void left, as well as the incomprehension of the notion of death among the little ones, are all elements that make the difficult mourning. A team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital has just looked at theimpact from loss of an animal company on the child psychology, report Study Finds.

An impact over several years

Conducted by Katherine Crawford, Erin Dunn and their colleagues from the Harvard Medical School at Boston, it was published on September 10 in the magazine of the establishment. According to this work, the death of a pet can cause mental disorders in children. Their effects could even last through their adolescence, since in some cases they can be observed up to 3 years after the occurrence of the tragedy.

« The impact can be traumatic « , according to Katherine Crawford. Such an event is even likely to prepare the ground for a form of depression in adolescents. .  » We found that this experience of losing a pet was often associated with increased mental health symptoms in children. « , Continues the researcher, who adds that » parents and scientists need to recognize said symptoms and take them seriously, not just brush them off ».

Boys more affected

The authors of the study recall that 63% of children living with a pet face loss before their 7e anniversary. The psychological problems linked to the death of the animal can therefore affect a large number of individuals.

By analyzing the data on 6,260 children, as well as the responses provided by them and their mothers, the researchers made another surprising discovery. They have, in fact, found more mental disorders following the loss of a pet in boys compared to girls.

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Erin Dunn invites adults to give special attention to this sadness when it tends to last. According to him, this may be the manifestation of a « Complicated mourning « . He indicates that the fact of  » have someone to talk to […] could help the bereaved child a lot. »

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