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A look inside Mireille: ‘Our taste is distinct. It can be a blast! ‘ – Insurance for Pets

From cozy apartments to spacious villas: Veenendaal has many special homes. In the section ‘Looking inside’ we take a look behind the front door of Veenendalers. This week Mireille shares her yellow-styled living room.

Upon entering you are immediately surprised by a four-meter poster wall. An eye-catcher in the living room of Mireille and her family. “The living room is fourteen meters long, so we were looking for one statement piece“Says the resident. That worked: you cannot ignore the photo. Mireille does not comment on exactly what is depicted. “That’s the nice thing about it,” she explains. « You can let your imagination run wild. »

Hidden garden

In her experience she sees a hidden garden or a ruin. “I keep seeing something different,” she shares. “We really wanted art on the wall, but that is often very expensive. This wallpaper is affordable and gives the room a different look. ” Not unimportant, she finds: “My husband, Robin, and I have chosen to keep all major areas neutral. That applies to the floor, the sofa and the long wall. ”

The other walls, including the one in the kitchen, are a lot more striking: yellow ocher. “That color combination – in combination with the furniture – radiates warmth. Apart from all styling, we find it especially important that people can live in a house. In contrast to houses in magazines, you usually see a ball or doll lying around here. ”