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Can pets transmit the corona virus? – Insurance for Pets

Pet owners do not have to worry: the corona virus is not a danger for dogs.

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Fri 06 March 2020

After reports circulated that a dog in Hong Kong is infected with the novel corona virus, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Nature Conservation gives the all-clear: Even if pets can carry small amounts of corona viruses, transmission by them is extremely unlikely.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Nature Conservation was quoted in a press release as saying, « There is currently no evidence that pets can be a source of infection for Covid-19 or that they become ill. » Hong Kong experts had found small amounts of viruses in quarantined samples from a dog’s nasal and oral cavity. They assume that the animal has become infected from its owner. This and another dog without infection, which was also in quarantine, were tested again before they were released.

Comply with hygiene measures

As a precautionary measure, the Ministry considers it expedient to extend quarantine measures to domestic animals in which someone has tested positive for the virus. Pet owners should also ensure good hygiene: hand washing before and after handling the animals and their feed, and not kissing the animals. Sick people should avoid contact with pets and seek advice from a veterinarian if the animal appears sick. « Aside from good hygiene practices, pet owners need not be overly concerned and should under no circumstances leave their pets behind, » the spokesman said.


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China has banned eating wild animals after the coronavirus epidemic. Ending trade will be difficult – Insurance for Pets

Although it is not known which animal transferred the virus to humans – bats, snakes and pangolin have all been suggested – China has acknowledged that it needs to master its lucrative wildlife industry if she wants to prevent a new outbreak. In late February, it imposed a temporary ban on all agriculture and the consumption of « terrestrial wildlife of significant ecological, scientific and social value », which is expected to be enacted later this year. But ending trade will be difficult. The cultural roots of China’s use of wild animals go deep, not only for food, but also for traditional medicine, clothing, ornaments and even pets. But today, dishes using animals are still eaten in parts of China. Public health experts say the ban is an important first step, but ask Beijing to seize this crucial opportunity to fill the gaps – such as the use of wild animals in traditional Chinese medicine – and start to change cultural attitudes in China around consuming wildlife.

Markets with exotic animals

The Wuhan seafood market, at the center of the new coronavirus epidemic, sold much more than fish. Snakes, raccoon dogs, porcupines and deer were just a few of the species crammed inside the cages, side by side with buyers and store owners,according to the images obtained by CNN. Some animalswere filmed being massacred in the market in front of customers. CNN has not been able to independently verify the images, which was posted on Weibo by a concerned citizen, and has since been deleted by government censors. It’s somewhere in this mass of wildlife that scientists believe the new coronavirus probablyfirst spread to humans. The disease has now infected more than 94,000 people and has killed more than 3,200 worldwide. The Wuhan market was not unusual. Across mainland China, hundreds of similar markets offer a wide range of exotic animals for a variety of purposes. The danger of an epidemic arises when many exotic animals from different backgrounds are kept nearby. These animals have their own viruses, « said Leo Poon, professor of virology at the University of Hong Kong. « These viruses can jump from one species to another, so this species can become an enhancer, which greatly increases the amount of virus on the wet market. When large numbers of people visit markets selling these animals every day, Poon said the risk of the virus jumping to humans is greatly increased. Poon was one of the first scientists to decode the SARS coronavirus during the 2003 epidemic. It was linked to civet cats kept for food in a Guangzhou market, but Poon says researchers are still wondering if SARS was transmitted to cats of another species. (Civet farmed cats) did not have the virus, suggesting that they acquired it from the markets of another animal, « he said.

Strength and status

Annie Huang, a 24-year-old student from southern Guangxi Province, said that she and her family regularly visit restaurantsthatserve wild animals.She said that eating wildlife, such as boar and peacock, is considered good for your health, because diners also absorb the animals’ physical strength and resilience. Exotic animals can also be an important status symbol. “Wild animals are expensive. If you treat someone with wild animals, you will be considered a tribute, « she said. A single peacock can cost up to 800 yuan ($ 144). Huang asked to use a pseudonym when talking about the newly illegal trade because of his views on the consumption of wild animals. She said she doubted the ban would be effective in the long term. « Trade could be weak for a few months … but after a while, probably in a few months, people would most likely come back again, » she said, she said Beijing did not publish a list full of wild animals included in the ban, but current wildlife protection law gives some clues to what could be prohibited. This law classifies wolves, civet cats and partridges as wild animals, and states that authorities « should take action » to protect them, with little information on specific restrictions The new ban provides exemptions for « livestock » and, following ruling animals, including pigeons and rabbits , are reclassified as allow their trade to continue.

Billion dollar industry

Attempts to control the spread of disease are also hampered by the fact that the exotic animal industry in China, especially wild animals, is huge. A 2017 government-sponsored report by the Chinese Academy of Engineering found that the country’s wildlife trade was worth more than $ 73 billion and employed more than one million people. Since the virus hitin December,nearly 20,000 wildlife farms in seven Chinese provinces have been closed or quarantined, including breeders specializing in peacocks, foxes, deer and turtles, according to local government press releases. It is not clear what effect the ban could have on the future of the industry – but there are signs the people of China may have already been turning away from eating wild animals even before the epidemic. A study by the Beijing Normal University and the China Wildlife Conservation Association in 2012 found that in major Chinese cities, a third of people had used wild animals during their lifetime to eat, feed or in 2004 However, the researchers also found that just over 52% of the total respondents agreed that wildlife should not be eaten. It was even higher in Beijing, where more than 80% of residents were opposed to the consumption of wildlife. In comparison, about 42% of total respondents were against the practice in the previous survey in 2004. Since the coronavirus epidemic, there has been fierce criticism of the exotic animal trade and calls for suppression. A group of 19 academics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and prominent universities have even jointly issued a public statement calling for an end to trade, saying it should be treated as a « public safety issue ». The vast majority of people in China react to abuse of wildlife like people in other countries – with anger and repulsion, « said Aron White, wildlife activist with the Environmental Investigation Agency . I think we should listen to voices calling for change and support those voices.

Escape from traditional medicine

The use of exotic animals in traditional Chinese medicine is a major obstacle to the total ban on wildlife trade. Beijing has strongly encouraged the use of traditional Chinese medicine under President Xi Jinping, and the industry is now worth about $ 130 billion. As early as October 2019, state media China Daily reported that « traditional medicine is a treasure of Chinese civilization embodying the wisdom of the nation and its people. » Many species that are consumed as food in parts of China are also used in the country’s traditional medicine. The new ban makes an exception for wild animals used in traditional Chinese medicine. According to the ruling, the use of wildlife is not illegal for this, but must now be « strictly monitored. » The announcement is unclear, however, how this monitoring will occur or what the penalties are for inadequate protection of wild animals, leaving the door open for abuse. A 2014 study by Beijing Normal University and the China Wildlife Conservation Association found that while deer are eaten as meat, the animal’s penis and blood are also used medicinally. Bears and snakes are used for food and medicine. Wildlife activist Aron White said that under the new restrictions there is a risk that wild animals may be sold or raised for medicine, but that they will then be trafficked for food. He said the Chinese government should avoid loopholes by extending the ban to all vulnerable wildlife, regardless of their use. (Currently) the law prohibits the consumption of pangolins, but does not prohibit the use of their scales in traditional Chinese medicine, « he said. « The impact of this is that, overall, consumers are receiving mixed messages. The line between animals used for meat and used for medicine is also already very fine, because people often eat animals for the perceived health benefits. In a study published in International Health in February, American and Chinese researchers studied the attitudes of rural citizens in southern China’s provinces to the consumption of wild animals. A 40-year-old farmer in Guangdong says that eating bats can prevent cancer. Another man says they can improve your vitality. I injured my waist very seriously, it was painful, and I could not stand the air conditioner. One day a friend of mine made snake soup and I had three bowls of it, and my size obviously improved. Otherwise, I could not stay here for so long with you, « a 67-year-old guangdong farmer told study interviewers.

Changing the culture

The Chinese legislature, the National People’s Congress, will meet later this year to formally amend the Wildlife Protection Act. A spokesperson for the agency’s standing committee said the current ban is only a temporary measure until the new wording for the law can be drafted and approved. Hong Kong virologist Leo Poon said the government has a big decision on whether to officially end the wildlife trade in China or simply try to find safer options. « If it is part of Chinese culture, they still want to consume a particular exotic animal, then the country can decide to keep that culture, that’s okay, » he said. (But) then they have to find another policy – how can we provide clean meat of this exotic animal to the public? Should it be domesticated? Should we be doing more checking or inspection? Implement biosecurity measures? « He said. An outright ban could raise as many questions and questions. Ecohealth Alliance pPeter Daszak, a resident, said that if the trade is quickly made illegal, it would push him out of the wet markets in cities, creating black markets in rural communities where it is easier to hide animals from the authorities. Underground, the illegal trade in wild animals for consumption and medicine could become even more Then we will see (virus) outbreaks not starting in the markets this time, but in rural communities, « said Daszak. » (And) people will not speak to the authorities because it is actually illegal « Poon said the ultimate effectiveness of the ban may depend on the government’s willingness to enforce the law. » Culture cannot be changed overnight hand, it takes time, ”he said.

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For eight months, the Australian forest burned – Insurance for Pets

At a charity concert for the victims of the fires on February 16 in Sydney. PETER PARKS / AFP

The end of this long sequence was sent in a Tweet, 175 characters and yet another photo of charred trees. « For the first time since early July 2019, there is currently no active bush or grassland fire in New South Wales », wrote on Monday March 2, the firefighters of the Australian state most affected by the fires, until the rain finally extinguished the last fire. A Tweet passed almost unnoticed in a country still groggy by the magnitude of the disaster and where everyone realizes that it will take many months before knowing the exact extent of the damage, and years to restore what can be.

« What will the future look like? Frankly, I don’t know, ”says Margaret Tadrosse

For 240 consecutive days, fires devoured the southeast of the mainland, killing 33 people, destroying more than 3,000 homes and devastating 12.6 million hectares of forest. « What will the future look like? Frankly I do not know « , mourns Margaret Tadrosse, 57, who lost 6,000 apple trees and 3 million Australian dollars in investments (nearly 1.8 million euros), on December 21, when flames swept over her orchard, in the small town of Bilpin, 80 kilometers from Sydney. « I cannot afford to restore my plots and despite all the steps I have taken, I have not received a penny from anyone. « 

Article reserved for our subscribers Read also « The whole landscape is like a match »: story of a week in the hell of Australian fires

While many Australians have turned to their insurance companies – which across the country could pay up to A $ 1.3 billion to compensate their customers -, Margaret Tadrosse, like many others, knows she won’t touch anything. « I was insured against hail but not fire. The risk seemed minimal to me and it would have cost me too much. « , she explains, distraught. However, it hopes to be able to count on some of the aid promised by the authorities. In particular, the federal government has set up an agency with a $ 2 billion envelope to support the reconstruction effort.

« The drama continues »

According to a study by the Australian National University, 75% of the population was affected by these fires, 3 million people directly and 15 million indirectly. Among them are the residents of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, who have repeatedly inhaled toxic fumes. The long-term consequences for their health remain unknown at this time.

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a label for the protection of elephants – Insurance for Pets

Among the beaches and temples, elephants are a must in Thailand. A national symbol, it is as much revered as it is used for tourist purposes. Sometimes chained on their two front legs or forced to carry tourists all day, Thai elephants are put to the test. This is why a certification was created for the elephant camps, in order to ensure the well-being of the pachyderms. Nicolas Dubrocard, a Frenchman, is on his initiative.

The elephant audit takes place with a local veterinarian. Mouth, legs, ears: everything goes there. 191 very strict criteria are necessary to obtain said certification. « We are going to find the trace of ill-treatment at the level of the elephant’s head, we can see that there have been impacts », remarks Nicolas Dubrocard. There are approximately 4,000 elephants that are used in the tourism industry.

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The other topics of the news

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With Mesdag TBS, farmers give a whole new meaning – Insurance for Pets

Last update February 26, 2020, 12:40 PM

The government fails to protect the citizen against this new « type of Landstorm » with tractors, who threaten everything and everyone

Farmers at the Mediapark

Let us conclude once and for all that farmers are not romantic heroes who provide us with food. That is larch cake. The farmers that the Dutch citizen now has to deal with are entrepreneurs, agricultural ones. With a very rich industry and Rabobank committed to it.

Their business model is: they import feed for their animals, thereby perfect their product and then sell it all over the world. They throw the shit that is the waste product from it on the doorstep of the citizen. Our government, too long dominated by CDA input in the field of agriculture, has for decades failed to do anything about it.

Now that it is no longer possible and the government can must intervene, farmers are calling into question the scientific figures of the government (RIVM) with a so-called Mesdag report. That is a dangerous and disruptive action. They are entrepreneurs, as are fireworks dealers and coal farmers. They have never received compensation for the redundancy of their business, why the farmers have?

The government fails to protect the citizen against this new « type of Landstorm » with tractors, who threaten everything and everyone. Even the opposite happens. The Christian parties in the House of Representatives are pre-empting large payments, by paying the government to the farmers but also to the fishermen. Farmers who have lost billions in European subsidies, and (shrimp) fishermen who have fished 50 percent too much, but because that is not immediately penalized, they seem to go unpunished. Explain that to the victims of the tax allowances?

Mesdag. The name of the TBS clinic is given a whole new meaning. Not the lawbreaker but the government itself seems condemned to be available (TBS) for the perpetrator, in this case the farmers, for 70 years.

Weird but true.

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« On World Wildlife Day the animals will also be well cared for » – Daily newspaper Suriname – Insurance for Pets

Wildlife stands for
all non-domestic plants and animals. Domestication was created by a
mutual dependence between humans and animals, causing animals through selection
as pets / farm animals. So these animals had one
specific function for humans, such as monitoring, hunting guidance, the
produce meat, eggs, wool, etc.

In the Paramaribo Zoo
more than 75% of the population consists of Surinamese wild animals that pass through
seizure, shelter (for example, injured wild animals) and as ex-pets
are housed or were born here from wild animals. Especially at the in
confiscated animals and ex-pets is the case with certain people in the
society is not yet clear what the difference is between one
domestic animal and a wild animal. An animal that gets out of the forest
and put in a cage or a rope is not immediately one
pet. Thousands of years correspond here. To give an example: at the
The dog started the domestication process more than 14,000 years ago.

Wild animals that anyway
being kept as pets can cause a lot of serious damage. This
can be both psychological and physical, because they are not their natural
have been able to express behavior with the right social provisions
received the wrong care. Many of these animals
would therefore not survive if they were put back in the
nature. They no longer understand their peers, they don’t know what food they eat
can eat and / or do not know the natural dangers. Although they are in the wild
cannot return, they are not immediately domesticated. A wild animal
remains a wild animal with all its dangers. We are then for example
also unable to safely enter the residence with the jaguars or with
a monkey to go the way you treat your dog or cat.

In the Paramaribo Zoo
They try every day to give all animals their own value as much as possible
and ensure that they maintain their natural behavior as much as possible
can express or learn again. In short: the animal as much as possible again
to let themselves be.

To people who
thinking about taking a pet (both wild and domestic!)
gives the Paramaribo Zoo the tip: Think
first carefully and find out what the relevant animal needs and set
ask yourself the following questions: Do you have sufficient time, sufficient resources, sufficient
offer social (animal specific) facilities? As well as: May I have the animal
keep it? Most wild animals are not even allowed by law
be like pets. Examples are the kwatta monkeys, howler monkeys, owls
and birds of prey and much more. With the LBB game wardens you can
Always gather information or you are not working illegally before you have an animal
purchase. During this World Wildlife Day there will be no specific
activities in the Paramaribo Zoo are planned. “During the World Animal Day in
October we commemorate every year all animals, and thus also the wild animals. The
animals will be looked after as well as they can every day
the caregivers can expect, with as much attention as possible to them
needs and the possibilities to offer them these ”.

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Animal rights activists in the Gießen district prepare themselves for the return of living gifts – Insurance for Pets

Good news: Since animal shelters are careful when arranging before holidays or do not hand in any animals at all, there were no returns. Photo: Zielinski

pour circle. Young animals are always cute. Dogs, cats, rabbits etc. are on the wish lists of many children, especially at Christmas time. Or adults think they can make their elderly parents happy with a new housemate. Giving a four-legged friend a new home is a very responsible task that is not only time-consuming but also cost-intensive. Many people underestimate this. Especially when everyday life starts after the relaxed holiday season, they realize how difficult it is to take care of an animal. At best, the new roommate will then be brought to an animal shelter.

The fact that fewer and fewer four-legged friends have been brought back in the past few years is due to the fact that many animal shelters made a placement stop during the Christmas period. After all, animals are living beings and not toys that you simply give away. The Gießen animal shelter does the same. « We close before Christmas and only open again in the new year, » explains Astrid Paparone. Only animals that have been in discussion with their new potential owners for a long time are allowed to move in the run-up to Christmas. For this reason, the Gießen animal shelter did not get any animals back this year.

House visit in advance

Moving always means stress for an animal, the expert emphasizes. Especially at Christmas, when there is more hustle and bustle than usual, it is not advisable to buy a new house mate. Towards spring and summer, more animals would tend to be taught. But here too it is carefully examined whether the interested parties are suitable for the respective animal at all. In the case of difficult animals, a home visit takes place beforehand.

« We are very careful about the placement in the run-up to Christmas, » emphasizes Ilse Toth from the « Tieroase » in Heuchelheim, which also has no returns. « ‘My grandma would like a cat’ – we can’t do that. » Over time you get a feel for whether a family or a person is able to take care of the respective animal sufficiently. In addition, preliminary checks would always be carried out. « If it doesn’t fit, we’ll take the animal back with us, » emphasizes Toth. Questions are clarified in advance, such as how long the new owners are at work, what happens to the animal when a vacation is due or whether there are other pets.

Another reason that hardly any animals are returned in the weeks after Christmas is that most hardware stores no longer sell living beings. The children’s eyes lit up here and the hearts of the parents softened in the run-up to Christmas. Because while a visit to a shelter is always planned, you can see the animals passing by in the hardware store. « It’s like having sweets at the checkout in the supermarket, » complains a mother, whose daughter was determined to take a hamster with her.

The animal protection organization Peta already revealed in 2015 that a large part of the pets sold in specialist shops came from breeding facilities that were cruel to animals. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and reptiles were particularly affected. If you want to give an animal a new home, you should think carefully about which four-legged friend suits you and always be aware that this companion – if everything goes well – will be preserved for many years.

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Global analysis of the animal health market of regions with the best suppliers, market dynamics, types, applications and forecasts 2024 – Insurance for Pets

The Animal Health Market Report 2020-2024 provides information on the main drivers, challenges and opportunities in the Animal Health industry with an analysis of suppliers, geographic regions, types and applications. The Animal Health market also provides industry situations, market demands, business strategies adopted by suppliers to the Animal Health industry and their growth scenario.

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– What are the market opportunities and threats facing sellers in the global market?
– What are the trend factors influencing the market shares of the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe?
– What are the main results of the analysis of the five forces in the global animal health market?

The 2020-2024 Animal Health Global Market Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Animal Health industry, providing detailed market data and in-depth information. Whether the client is an industry insider, a new entrant or a potential investor, the Animal Health market report will provide useful data and information.

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by main manufacturers with country, type, application and forecast up to 2026 – Journal l’Action Régionale – Insurance for Pets

With standard analytical accuracy and high data integrity, the report brilliantly attempts to uncover key opportunities available in the global pet and dog insurance market to help players reach a position strong in the market. Buyers of the report can access verified and reliable market forecasts, including those for the overall size of the global pet and dog insurance market in terms of income.
Players, stakeholders and other participants in the global dog and cat pet insurance market can gain the upper hand by using the report as a powerful resource. For this version of the report, the segmental analysis focuses on the revenues and forecasts of each application segment in terms of revenues and the forecasts by type of segment in terms of revenues for the period 2015-2026.

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Competition analysis

In the Competitive Analysis section of the report, the main players as well as the main players in the global pet and dog insurance market are widely studied based on key factors. The report offers a comprehensive analysis and accurate statistics on player income for the period 2015-2020. It also offers a detailed analysis supported by reliable statistics on prices and revenues (world level) by actor for the period 2015-2020.

Overall, the report has proven to be an effective tool that players can use to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and ensure lasting success in the global pet and dog insurance market. All findings, data and information provided in the report are validated and revalidated using reliable sources. The analysts who wrote the report have adopted a unique and industry-leading research and analysis approach to a deeper study of the global pet and dog insurance market.

Regional and national analysis

The report provides a comprehensive geographic analysis of the global pet insurance market for dogs and cats, covering important regions, namely North America, Europe, China, Japan, Asia Southeast, India and Central and South America. It also covers the main countries (regions), namely the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc.

The report includes the size of the market by country and by region for the period 2015-2026. It also includes the size of the market and forecasts by application segment in terms of revenue for the period 2015-2026.

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Pet insurance for dogs and cats Breakdown data by type
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non-life Insurance
accident only

Pet insurance for dogs and cats Distribution of data by application

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1 Report overview
1.1 Scope of the study
1.2 Key market segments
1.3 Actors covered: classification by pet insurance for the income of dogs and cats
1.4 Market analysis by type
1.4.1 Global pet insurance for dogs and cats Market size growth rate by type: 2020 VS 2026
1.4. 2 Lifetime coverage insurance
1.4.3 Insurance cover Non-life
1.4.4 Insurance accident only
1.4.5 Other
1.5 Market by application
1.5.1 Global pet insurance for dogs and cats Market share by application: 2020 VS 2026
1.5.2 Dogs
1.5 .3 Cats
1.6 Objectives of the study
1.7 years considered

2 Global growth trends by region
2.1 Outlook for the dog and cat pet insurance market (2015-2026)
2.2 Growth Trends for Pets for Dogs and Cats by Region
2.2.1 Pet insurance for dogs and cats Market size by region: 2015 VS 2020 VS 2026
2.2.2 Pet insurance for dogs and cats Historical market share by region (2015-2020)
2.2.3 Pet insurance for dogs and cats Expected market size by region (2021-2026)
2.3 Industry trends and growth strategy
2.3.1 Main market trends
2.3.2 Market drivers
2.3.3 Market challenges
2.3.4 Analysis of the five Porter forces
2.3.5 Growth strategy for the pet insurance market for dogs and cats
2.3.6 Primary interviews with major dog and cat insurers (opinion leaders)

3 Landscape of competition by the main players
3.1 World’s Best Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats by Market Size
3.1.1 Best Global Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats by


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« There are bonuses for those who kill the most », denounces a former employee of the Sobeval slaughterhouse – Insurance for Pets

Denounced by the L214 association, Sobeval’s practices are at the heart of a veterinary investigation. Activities are currently suspended. The slaughterhouse is suspected of cruelty to animals.

Employee of the Sobeval calf slaughterhouse of Boulazac in Dordogne for eight months, Chris decided to leave his post after the broadcasting of the video of the animal protection association L214, denouncing in particular on February 20 « dizziness carried out in violation of the regulations », reports Saturday, February 29, France Bleu Périgord.

With his face uncovered, Chris testifies to the working conditions on the slaughter line. « The barbarism, the slaughter, the awakening of animals on the butchering lines, it’s not normal », he denounces. He maintains that the video broadcast by the association « was a trigger in [sa] decision to leave [son] position. « 

I saw animals, their throats cut, vomiting by the neck, these are things that we do not forget.Chris a former Sobeval employeeat France Bleu

The former Sobeval employee criticizes his former company for a constant race for profitability, ensuring that a quota of 90 to 100 calves slaughtered per hour is required by management: « In cases of extreme cadence, it can go up to 140 », says Chris to France Bleu Périgord.

« Profit bonuses are distributed to the employees who kill the most », he points out. Chris says he « There is pressure from management, the hierarchy and the other employees to have a higher rate and there is pressure between employees not to speak, not to take photos ».

The Ministry of Agriculture asked Friday for the suspension of the slaughterhouse, ten days after the broadcast of the shock video and after an inspection of the slaughterhouse in Boulazac. According to France Bleu Périgord, in a press release published on Saturday, the meat sector requests the reopening of the slaughterhouse next Tuesday.

Insurance for Pets

Test panel Somfy Indoor Camera: what do our readers think of this camera? – Insurance for Pets

In recent weeks, three readers of Smarthome Magazine have started working with their family members on the Somfy Indoor Camera. What do they think of this smart camera? What are the most important plus and minus points? And would they recommend this camera? We list the most important conclusions from their personally written reviews.

Somfy Indoor Camera

The Somfy Indoor Camera is a compact indoor camera, equipped with various useful features to protect your home in a smart way. The camera can be installed within a few minutes and communicates directly with the Somfy Protect app on your smartphone.

The Indoor Camera is equipped with HD display with night vision so that you can always see clearly what is going on in the house, even at night. The camera also has a motion sensor. As soon as a movement is detected, the camera immediately starts recording and you will receive a notification on your smartphone. You can set the camera to ignore pets. Recorded videos can be downloaded for free or stored in your Dropbox account.

The camera is equipped with a viewing angle of 130 degrees, allowing you to view an entire space. You can also zoom in up to four times and talk to someone standing in front of the camera. Privacy has also been considered because as soon as you get home yourself, the camera lens disappears behind a slider. Finally, the Indoor Camera from Somfy can be integrated with other systems through support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Apple HomeKit.

Three different families

Together with Somfy, Smarthome Magazine and FWD have offered three families the opportunity to test the Somfy Indoor Camera at home. They were allowed to use the camera extensively for a period of four weeks. The results have now been received and below you can read the most important conclusions per family.

Introduction of families

Who are the families who have tested the Somfy Indoor Camera?

Family 1 (family Slaats)

We are a family of 3 people, male (31), female (31) and son (3). We live in a village in a quiet neighborhood. There are no pets in our family, but there is a second son attendance. That is also a reason that we wanted to test the Somfy Indoor Camera. I (Ruud) are a baker by profession and therefore always work at night. To offer our family some safety, we wanted to test this camera. It is always on at night, but also during the day when we leave home. My wife has also installed the app so that the camera also responds to her when she comes home or when she leaves.

Family 2 (family Janson)

Security, it seems to be an issue everywhere nowadays. Safety on the street, safety at home and digital safety. Similarly at our home, another family of 3: Leonie, Marc, our 2 year old son and a small one coming. From the moment we knew that number two is coming, you start thinking in terms of solutions. Where should the little one go, how are we going to arrange it and how do we do it with baby monitors? Where we took a baby monitor via radio frequency at number one for safety reasons, I now wanted to look a little further. So I moved my search area to IP cameras. Preferably one that I can connect to Home Assistant and can disconnect from the internet. When I saw the opportunity to test the Somfy Indoor Camera for Smarthome Magazine, I volunteered for this reason.

Family 3 (Deetman family)

Our family consists of myself, Coenraad, and my wife Annelie, 27 and 24 years old and now a little girl named Liesa. We do not have any pets. Because of the arrival of Liesa we wanted to have camera view in both the baby room and the living room. This stylish camera fits perfectly with our interior and will also be approved by my wife. I have done my house with a Domoticz system, running on a Raspberry Pi, which can also be controlled by Apple HomeKit and Siri. For some time I have been looking for a camera with the right functionalities that can also be connected with HomeKit and also looks stylish.

General impression and installation

The first impression of the camera upon arrival is very important. What do the families think of the installation, assembly and design of this camera?

Family 1 (family Slaats)

The camera is a nice little device that you can place in many places in your home. He does not stand out among the plant pots or in the bookcase. The camera can be moved in height and low on the holder to determine the ideal angle. The camera has a wide angle lens to get a wide view. Installing the camera is very easy and fast via the Protect app from Somfy. This tells exactly what to do when installing and installing the Somfy Indoor Camera.

Family 2 (family Janson)

The camera comes in a stylish box, with an adapter, cable (micro-usb) and a foot attached. This foot can be attached magnetically to the camera. If you want to hang the camera, you can order a mounting kit for this for around 30 euros. The camera looks stylish and does not look out of place in your house. The housing is made of plastic and generally feels sturdy. However, the privacy hatch of the camera feels a lot less robust and you have to be careful how you handle the camera when moving. The cable is 1.5 meters long. You have to take this into account when thinking of a location for the camera.

Family 3 (Deetman family)

The installation was effortless. In addition to the Somfy Indoor Camera, the box contains two parts, namely a long white mini USB cable and a 5V power adapter for the camera. The camera base is equipped with a magnetic base that places the round shape flat on a surface. Thanks to the magnetic attachment, it is easy to adjust the camera slightly forwards and backwards to the space that you want to have in view. With the Quick user manual in which you can easily follow all the steps, you have connected the camera to your wifi network within five minutes and have it visible in the Somfy Protect app.


The ease of use is of course an important part of a smart camera. Which functions are most used by families and is the app user-friendly? And why does the camera fit perfectly into daily life?

Family 1 (family Slaats)

The camera can be used in various ways. There is a calendar in the app that allows you to set the times and days that the camera must be activated or deactivated. It is also possible to work with GPS so that the camera knows when you leave home or when you arrive again. The camera activates itself when I leave the house and starts filming after 30 seconds. An advantage of the Somfy Indoor Camera is that the camera has a slider on the front that closes itself in front of the lens when the camera is not activated. This is a great feature for our privacy. The Somfy Protect app is also clear and easy to operate.

Family 2 (family Janson)

Where the camera can distinguish itself from other cameras is the privacy aspect. When the camera is not active, the shutter automatically slides in front of the lens. This was definitely a plus for the girlfriend of the camera, because it gives you certainty that nobody can watch when the camera is not being used.

Where can a manufacturer distinguish itself? This can be done on the functionality of the camera, or on ease of use and functionality in the accompanying app. Somfy has clearly focused on offering easy-to-operate total solutions for home security. The Somfy Protect app is easy to use and has enough settings to control the camera. You can, for example, set the motion sensitivity and the surveillance area of ​​the camera. But the most important function for us was to set the time periods in which the motion detection is active and of course to view the images from the camera. Setting the time slots is fairly simple.

Family 3 (Deetman family)

An extra good feature is the slider that slides in front of the lens when people are present. This guarantees optimum privacy. This is great for visitors who may be very fond of their privacy. The option to let the slider work automatically goes via the GPS location of the phone on which the app is installed. It is possible to add several family members on this app. On the other hand, the app can be manually clicked on « activate privacy » and the slider for the lens will also drop.

The motion detection function is very good. There must really be a good movement before something is passed on. This can also be adjusted in three different sensitivities. I would like this to have been more sensitive for the baby. When you leave the house, you will be asked if you want to switch on motion detection in order to optimally monitor your house, after which the slider slides in front of the lens again when you return home. Downside is that this is also asked while there is someone in the house who also uses the app. The app should not ask the question.


Of course we want to know everything about the quality of the camera. How is the image quality? How good are the notifications? What were the pros and cons? And what is the added value of the camera in the specific situation?

Family 1 (family Slaats)

The video display is of high quality, everything can be seen perfectly on both photos and videos. And both during the day and during the night there is sufficient detail visible to see what happens and who is in the house. It is also possible to watch the app live and to be able to zoom in and zoom out with your fingers. The quality of the image may decrease, but you zoom in on the phone and not with the lens of the camera.

A downside of the Somfy Protect app was that if I wanted to set the sound as an alarm, that I had to do this via the app settings of my phone and that it was not possible to be able to set this in the Somfy app itself. I figured this out myself and also took a while to find out.

Family 2 (family Janson)

The bedroom has sufficient range in itself, but this turned out not to be enough to stream the images in FHD quality. Only when we placed the camera in the living room could we make good use of it. The images from the camera are good, but the white balance in daylight is not optimal. If someone is in full sunlight, his or her face is not clearly visible. Furthermore, the set time slots worked very well. For example, the privacy mode entered before we came down in the morning and went out again when we went to bed. The camera is really made for monitoring your property, although you have to be careful which emergency number you set in combination with the sensitivity of the system.

Family 3 (Deetman family)

The camera is equipped with three video quality modes, the middle (HD) of which is best for speed and sharpness. Full HD is very slow on your WiFi network and is far behind reality. At night, infrared LEDs support the camera with excellent visibility for spaces such as your living room. Everything is easy to distinguish in the space, even if it is pitch dark. Sound is picked up loud and clear by the microphone that is built into the camera and everything is easy to understand via the app. It is also possible to talk back. This is unfortunately quite fast and cannot be adjusted in terms of volume. Video material is stored in the cloud, but if you want to keep it for a long time you have to pay for it. Unfortunately, you cannot save videos locally, for example on a NAS.

Smarthome integration

The Somfy Indoor Camera can be used in combination with other platforms or devices, which is useful for automating the camera with the rest of your smart devices. Think of Apple HomeKit, voice control or another platform. How did the families do this and how did you like it?

Family 1 (family Slaats)

We have not used functions such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or IFTTT.

Family 2 (family Janson)

The part that I was really looking forward to was testing the camera with a smart home system. I myself have Home Assistant running and for the test I still have a Google Home Mini, so I could test these two systems. The integration of the camera with Home Assistant is via the Somfy Open Api plugin. When the camera is integrated, you get the status of the camera and motion detection at your disposal. I had hoped that I could reach the images via an rtsp / ONVIF protocol so that I could see them directly via Home Assistant. With that I could close the camera off the internet. However, this was not the case, so I left it at a number of automations with motion reports.

I also wanted to see what options I had to combine the camera with Google Home and use it via the app, or by voice control. In the Somfy app you can link the devices to an Alexa, HomeKit or Nest account. Since your Nest account is not a Google Home, you have limited options. The main purpose of the coupling is to have the Nest thermostat switch on automatically when it is present. However, I could not test this, since I do not have a Nest thermostat. Also the solution that was offered online, to connect the Somfy camera via Google Assistant itself, did not help. Here the command « talk to Somfy » must be given, after which you must be able to link it. For me, however, only the search results were given where I got that command, and not the action to link the camera to Google Assistant.

Somfy response: With regard to Google Assistant, the Somfy Indoor Camera is only compatible with IFTTT. This has to do with a language restriction. The « Talk to Somfy » command can only be used at this time if your smartphone’s language settings are in English, French or German. In this way the app is also installed automatically in that language. Somfy expects to integrate the Dutch language into Google Assistant soon.

Family 3 (Deetman family)

Because we have a Domoticz home automation system running on a Raspberry Pi that can also be controlled via Apple HomeKit via Homebridge, I registered the camera in Apple HomeKit. As we are used to from Apple, this went effortlessly within a few minutes. There is a QR code on the box of the camera, scan it with the iPhone to add it in HomeKit and within a few seconds you can find the camera in Apple’s Home app. You can also start actions when the Camera detects Motion, which is ideal.


After four weeks of intensive use, all three families come to a conclusion. What is their opinion about the Somfy Indoor Camera? And would they recommend this smart camera?

Family 1 (family Slaats)

The camera is recommended for anyone who wants to have it a bit safer at home. A friend of mine also purchased the camera in our test period, after I told you about it. A plus is that the camera closes itself upon arrival or if it is set in advance via the agenda. A downside is that if you want to set the alarm that this should go outside of the Somfy app. I give the product four stars. If the alarm could be set via the app, I would have given it five.

Family 2 (family Janson)

The Somfy camera is a good camera if you are looking for an easy total solution with which you want to protect your entire house and you have not eaten too much cheese from « smarthoming ». The camera is easy to install and the use of the app is easy.

If you want something more, I would still look further. The camera is quite pricey (from 125 euros) and if you want to hang the camera, you’ll have to spend a few more tens for a wall mount. In addition, the camera in combination with Home Assistant is not recommended. The information that you have at your disposal is fairly brief and not an extension of what you already get from the app. You can taste everything that Somfy actually prefers to buy the entire Protect package (central, door and window sensors, indoor siren, motion detector and keyfobs). We give the Somfy Indoor Camera three out of five stars, but our search for a good camera, with rtsp / ONTIF, continues as normal.

Family 3 (Deetman family)

The camera looks stylish and when the slider in front of the lens is not immediately visible in the room. The function with that slider appeals to us most in terms of privacy. The app is easy to use and is well-arranged. The smarthome integration is a big plus because you can give the camera even more substance in existing systems. Some minuses are the delay when full HD option is selected in image quality, the request to activate the alarm while someone is still at home and the lack of the possibility to store video material on a NAS for example. We give the product four stars.

Full reviews and more information

After more than a month of testing, we can say that the three families are moderately positive to very positive about the Somfy Indoor Camera, but that the camera does not satisfy all wishes of everyone. Do you want to know if the camera meets your needs? More information about this smart camera can be found on the Somfy website. Also read the full reviews of the families who have tested the Somfy Indoor Camera;

Family Slaats
Janson family
Deetman family

Insurance for Pets

Coronavirus attacks first dog: pet infected with COVID-19! Are our animals contagious? – Insurance for Pets

The corona virus continues to rage! To date, over 83,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide – and there is still no end in sight to the infections. Now the COVID-19 virus is said to be the first dog have affected. Now we have to worry about ours in this country too Pets do?

Suspected coronavirus in dogs in Hong Kong

As currently in the British « The Sun » can be read, was also the first dog in Hong Kong positive for that coronavirus tested. According to the report, the animal was infected with the disease by its owner. Accordingly, the virus can also be transmitted from person to animal and not just the other way around.

First pet apparently tested positive for COVID-19

The dog’s owner, Yvonne Chow Hau Yee, who lives in Hong Kong with her beloved Pomeranian, also tested positive for COVID-19. The four-legged friend was picked up at his owner’s house on Wednesday after the woman was diagnosed with coronavirus. A spokesman confirmed that nasal and oral specimens of the pomeranian were weakly positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Was the dog infected by its owner? Further tests should clarify

However, the spokesman added: « Currently, the AFCD (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Nature Conservation) has no evidence that pets are infected with the COVID-19 virus or can be a source of infection for humans. » Doctors now want to do more testing on the animal to make sure that the dog was actually infected with the disease or that the positive coronavirus test is due to environmental pollution of the mouth and nose. The dog was quarantined in an animal shelter that contains no other animals, the Hong Kong government said.

Coronavirus suspected in dogs! Is there now a danger from our pets?

Not much is known about the virus, which first appeared in China last year. It was initially thought that the coronavirus was transmitted from bats to humans. However, the Hong Kong Agriculture Department stated that there is no evidence that pets are infected or can be a source of infection for humans. Nevertheless, the department urged the population to also quarantine pets of confirmed virus patients. If the dog from Hong Kong is actually suffering from the coronavirus, this would be the first officially confirmed case of coronavirus in a pet.

If you believe a recent pandemic simulation, the corona virus could cost 65 million lives in the next 18 months. We can only hope that this forecast will not be confirmed.

Also read: Suspected Coronavirus Infection? You should do that!

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Coronavirus: 19 new cases in France, « a milestone has been reached » – Insurance for Pets

  • China, where the new coronavirus appeared in December, released a new toll of 327 new cases and 44 deaths in the past 24 hours on Friday.
  • In France, 19 new cases of infection have been confirmed, a total of 57 since the end of January.
  • In Hong Kong, the dog of an infected woman tested positive and placed in quarantine.
  • A case of contamination with the new coronavirus is confirmed in Nigeria, the first in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the threat from the virus has been raised to « very high ».

»Relive the events of the day on Friday 28 February:

9:20 p.m.. 83,853 cases worldwide, including 2,873 deaths, in 56 countries. The number of cases of new coronavirus worldwide amounted to 83,853 in early afternoon Friday, including 2,873 deaths, in 56 countries and territories, according to a report established by AFP from official sources (national authorities and World Health Organization).

China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), where the epidemic broke out at the end of December, had 78,824 cases, including 2,788 deaths. Elsewhere in the world, 5,029 cases were listed on Friday, including 85 deaths and 966 new cases.

The virus is now spreading the fastest in South Korea, with 571 new cases in the past 24 hours. This country is the second most affected after China, with 2337 cases and 13 deaths. Italy (650 cases, 17 deaths) followed by Iran (388 cases, 34 deaths) and Japan (210 cases, 8 deaths). Japan has also recorded more than 700 cases on the cruise ship Diamond Princess moored off Yokohama.

The Netherlands, Nigeria, New Zealand, Belarus, Mexico, Azerbaijan and Lithuania joined the list of affected countries.

9:10 p.m.. Swiss Post has suspended shipments to China. The sending of mail and parcels to China is temporarily suspended due to « logistical constraints », assured La Poste, while many airlines have adjusted their offer in the face of the coronavirus crisis. “Since February 17, letters and parcels to China have been temporarily suspended. This suspension is linked to logistical constraints, ”said the company. According to La Poste, « the export flows processed by Colissimo are no longer prioritized by the airlines which still provide connections to China », while « the import flows are maintained ».

However, Chronopost shipments to China, outside quarantine zones, are still possible, added the group.

21 hours. The international tourism fair canceled in Berlin. The Berlin International Tourism Fair (ITB), the industry’s biggest event, scheduled to take place March 4-8, has been canceled by authorities due to the risks associated with the coronavirus epidemic in Germany. This fair was to welcome more than 160,000 people and 10,000 exhibitors from 180 countries. The organizers deplored the “impossibility” of “verifying that each participant has not recently gone to a risk zone” or “has not had contact with a person” in this situation, a condition posed by the authorities for maintain the living room.

8:50 p.m.. Blanquer could go « to close an establishment ». Almost 2,000 students had not resumed school on Friday because they were returning from an area affected by the epidemic. The Minister of Education indicated on BFMTV that he would not hesitate to go « until closing one establishment, or several, in a given area », after a case by case analysis by the Regional Health Agency .

19.45. France has 19 new cases. « We have 57 cases this Friday evening », 19 more than on Thursday, announces Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health. “No new deaths have been reported. Six patients are listed in Annecy, among travelers returning from Egypt. 18 patients were diagnosed in the Oise, six more than on Thursday.

A new stage in the epidemic has been reached, « we are now going to stage 2 », added the Minister, explaining that « the virus is circulating on our territory and we must curb its spread ». Several clusters have been identified, « whose chains of transmission remain identifiable and the contamination explicable, » he reassures.

The Minister ended his intervention on prevention messages. “I now recommend avoiding the handshake. […] It’s the little gestures that make the big protections. « 

VIDEO. Fear of the coronavirus wins the inhabitants of Crépy-en-Valois

7:10 p.m.. Debate Wednesday in the Senate. The government has requested the inclusion on the Senate agenda, Wednesday March 4 at 9:30 pm, of a government statement followed by a debate, « on public health measures facing the risks of an epidemic of coronavirus Covid-19 in France, « announced the Senate. The president of the Senate Gérard Larcher (LR) had asked for the organization of a debate on the coronavirus during the meeting on Thursday in Matignon of the leaders of parties represented in the Parliament, presidents of parliamentary groups and presidents of assemblies.

19 hours. A Defense Council and an « exceptional » Council of Ministers on Saturday. The Elysée Palace announces that a Defense Council will take place on February 29 at 10 am, followed by a Council of Ministers at 11 am, shortly before a new point from the Minister of Health on the epidemic.

18.50. Uncertainty about the death toll in Iran. The number of patients who died in Iran could far outnumber the authorities. The country reported 34 dead on Friday morning, but sources within the health care system told the BBC that the death toll could be as high as 210. These figures were denied by Iranian ministry spokesman of Health, Kianouche Jahanpour.

18.30. Two French people detained in a hospital in Brazil. Brazilian justice has authorized the municipal authorities of Paraty, a seaside town near Rio, to keep two French tourists suspected of having coronavirus confined in a hospital against their will. The town hall of Paraty (South-East) explained to the G1 news site that the French couple had arrived in Rio from Barcelona on February 20, before going to the seaside town on Monday. On Thursday, they were admitted to the municipal hospital after showing symptoms of the flu. The fact that the two French have repeatedly expressed their desire to leave motivated the request for a judicial decision authorizing the extension of their hospitalization, according to the municipality.

18 hours. Meeting of EU health ministers on March 6. They had already met on February 13. EU health ministers will meet again next Friday in Brussels « to discuss measures regarding the coronavirus, » a European Council spokesman said on Friday.

5:40 p.m.. A second Covid-19 patient in Mexico. Earlier in the day, Mexican authorities announced their first confirmed case: a 35-year-old man from Mexico City, considered the zero patient. He is in « stable condition », « he has no pneumonia, he has symptoms similar to those of a cold ». The epidemiological survey of people who had been in contact with this patient indicated that another 41-year-old man, located in the state of Sinaloa (North-West), had been infected. The contamination of the two men probably took place in Bergamo, in Lombardy, a hotbed for the spread of the epidemic.

17.20. First case reported in Iceland. The Icelandic authorities report a first case of coronavirus contamination in the Nordic country, a man returning from Italy but having stayed « outside a risk zone ». The man, a forties from Iceland, « is not seriously ill but has symptoms typical of Covid-19 disease, » said the department of civil protection in a statement. He is currently being treated at the Landspitali University Hospital Center, in the capital Reykiavik.

5:10 p.m.. A contaminated doctor from Rouen. A doctor who works at the Rouen University Hospital and also gives consultations to the SNCF medical office was declared positive at Covid-19, says France 3 Normandie. He is confined to his home in Bois-Guillaume. It is the first confirmed case in Normandy. Five SNCF agents and a medical secretary from the firm’s office were placed in the fortnight.

4:55 p.m.. The virus had been circulating « unnoticed for weeks » in Italy. Researchers at a specialized hospital in Milan have managed to isolate the Italian version of the new coronavirus, which « has been going unnoticed for weeks » in the peninsula, according to these specialists who are trying to trace the source of the epidemic. « The virus has been present for a long time, perhaps already since mid-January, » said Professor Massimo Galli, director of the Sacco hospital in Milan. And to specify that the Italian version « is certainly the result of a mutation, especially since this virus is modified from person to person ».

4:35 p.m.. WHO raises the international threat to « very high ». The World Health Organization (WHO) announces to have raised to « very high » the level of the threat related to the new coronavirus, which contaminated some 79 000 people in China and more than 5000 in the rest of the world. « We have now increased our assessment of the spread and impact risk of Covid-19 to a very high level globally, » said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

4:25 p.m.. Wall Street sees red at the opening. The New York Stock Exchange plunged at the start of the session Friday, preparing to end its worst week since the global financial crisis of 2008 against a background of heightened fears around the coronavirus. Around 3:15 p.m. GMT, its flagship index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, collapsed by 3.71% to 24,811.92 points, after having released more than 4% a few minutes earlier. The Nasdaq, with a strong technological coloring, lost it 2.93% to 8,315.70 points, and the widened S&P 500 index fell by 3.47% to 2,875.53 points.

4:15 p.m.. Can pets catch and transmit coronavirus? A first case of domestic dog tested positive for Covid-19 was identified this Friday in Hong Kong. Not enough to alarm the WHO or the specialists. Our article to read here.

Shanghai (China), February 16, 2020./REUTERS/Aly Song

16 hours. The patient hospitalized in Brest in a « stable state ». The 72 year old Breton contaminated by the coronavirus and hospitalized at the CHRU of Brest in medical intensive care is now in « a stable state ». « His wife, who traveled with him to Egypt, is also hospitalized in Brest in the infectious diseases department to be diagnosed, » said the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Brittany.

3:45 p.m.. More medical teleconsultations to limit the epidemic? The union of liberal specialists Avenir Spé claims that a « massive deployment of teleconsultation tools » could « avoid the overcrowding of emergencies and calls to the Samu » and « limit the spread » of the coronavirus. « In the event of an epidemic, the 15th will be quickly overwhelmed, like the toll-free number » put in place by the government, said the president of Avenir Spé, Patrick Gasser. This gastroenterologist believes that remote consultation via the Internet could be useful in order to « identify patients at risk » without exposing healthcare professionals to potential contamination.

15:30. How « investigators » trace the thread of contamination. While the number of cases declared in France doubled Thursday and raises fears of a wider contagion phenomenon, specialized services are responsible for diving into the diaries of patients to understand the origin of their contamination. And list the people they may have infected. How are these investigations carried out? The answer in our article.

3:25 p.m.. The government is fighting fake news. The government took stock this Friday in Bercy with the main search engines and social networks on the fight against false news on the coronavirus. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Qwant, TikTok were present at this meeting, which also included government side Sibeth Ndiaye (government spokesperson), Cédric O (digital) and Adrien Taquet (solidarity and health).

Social networks and search engines have acted to highlight government information sites, in response to requests from Internet users for the coronavirus, according to the government. They have also put in place measures to prevent the dissemination of advertisements on so-called miracle cures.

3:15 p.m.. The Basel watch fair adjourned. Faced with the decision of the Swiss authorities to ban events gathering more than 1000 people, the organizers of the Basel watch fair decided to postpone the event. It was to be held from April 30 to May 5.

15.05. Why the number of cases doubled in one day in France. Thursday evening, the health authorities announced 20 new cases in our country. It was expected and there is nothing to worry about, say the specialists. The explanations in our article.

15 hours. A first case in Mexico. Mexican authorities announced on Friday that a first patient had tested positive for Covid-19. « The individual is in a stable state […], he has no pneumonia, he has symptoms similar to those of a cold. He is a young man, ”said the under-secretary for prevention of the Ministry of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

He is the second patient identified in South America. The coronavirus arrived in Latin America earlier this week, with a first individual diagnosed in Brazil: a 61-year-old man who was returning from Italy.

2:45 p.m.. All you need to know about the Covid-19 in an infographic to print. Given the increasing number of cases of coronavirus in France and worldwide, Le Parisien offers you a summary of good practices. It allows you to take stock of the transmission of the virus, its symptoms, its duration of incubation, the good reflexes to have to protect yourself and especially how to react if you return from a risk zone or if you think you are affected. .

TO PRINT> Infographic to download in A4 to learn all about the coronavirus

2:40 p.m.. Death of a Briton. It is the first Briton to succumb to the new coronavirus, announced the media across the Channel. Hospitalized in Japan, he was one of the travelers in quarantine on the liner Diamond Princess. Five other cruise passengers – all Japanese – died, while nearly 700 people who left this boat, docked in the port of Yokohama, were declared positive at Covid-19.

VIDEO. Doctor denounces « chaos » aboard the Diamond Princess

2:25 p.m.. A Formula 2 driver in quarantine in Tenerife. Danish Christian Lundgaard, 18, is in quarantine on the Spanish island of Tenerife after the discovery of cases of Covid-19 in his hotel – four Italians-, announced his team and the sector of young drivers of Renault, of which he is a part. . Two other Renault Sport Academy drivers, the French Hadrien David and the Brazilian Caio Collet, as well as the manager of the sector Mia Sharizman, are also in quarantine.

14.15. A special show by Michel Cymes on Tuesday evening. The PAF star doctor will offer a special live broadcast on France 2 on March 3 at 9:05 p.m. to answer questions from the French on the coronavirus. For more than two hours, viewers will be able to question specialists on the set via SMS questions, to which Michel Cymes, Professor Eric Caumes, head of service at Pitié-Salpêtrière, and his colleague Arnaud Fontanet, epidemiologist at Institut Pasteur, will respond. .

14 hours. Still canceled sports competitions. The last two stages of the UAE Cycling Tour (UAE Tour) scheduled for this Friday and Saturday were canceled after the discovery of contamination by coronavirus from two members of a team management.

1:50 p.m.. New assessment in Iran: nearly 400 cases. The country reported this morning the death of eight people infected with the virus among 143 new cases detected in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 34 dead. In total, 388 people were infected and the 143 new cases were detected in majority in the Tehran province (64) of Gilan (25) as well as those of Qom (16) and Isfahan (10).

13.30. Reassuring news from Nantes. The 58-year-old patient infected with the coronavirus after having been in contact with a patient in the Oise is hospitalized at the Nantes University Hospital (Loire-Atlantique) and shows « no sign of seriousness », assured Jean-Jacques Coiplet, Director General of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Pays de la Loire, during a press conference. And to specify: « There is no chain of transmission in Pays de Loire ».

1:20 p.m.. Switzerland postpones a day of football championship. In the wake of its decision to ban at least until March 15 any public event involving more than 1000 people in Switzerland, the Football League (SFL) announces the complete postponement of the 24th day of the Championship which was to take place this week -end. « The SFL shows understanding for this ban and postpones all matches for the 24th day, » said the Federation in a press release. The SFL will inform on the future course of the championship during the next week in close collaboration with the authorities and the clubs.

1:10 p.m.. First case in Azerbaijan. The former Soviet Republic has announced the first confirmed case of Covid-19. He is a Russian citizen who arrived via Iran in this Caucasian country bordering the Caspian Sea. « He has been placed in solitary confinement, » the government said in a statement, adding that his condition is « stable ». Earlier, Belarus had also announced a first case on its territory: is an Iranian student who arrived in the country via Azerbaijan last week.

12:50. Government at the bedside of businesses. After a meeting organized this morning with the social partners, the Ministers of Economy (Bruno Le Maire), Labor (Muriel Pénicaud) and Health (Olivier Véran) took stock of the French economic situation in this context of coronaviruses. Bruno Le Maire notably declared that the virus was considered « a case of force majeure » for companies.

This means that « for all public procurement in the state, if there is ever a delay in delivery on the part of SMEs or companies, we will not apply a penalty « Said the Minister.

Muriel Pénicaud also announced « possibilities of recourse to partial activity » and « the spreading of social and fiscal charges for companies that will need it » for companies in difficulty.

VIDEO. « A case of force majeure for companies », announces Bruno Le Maire

12:45. Urssaf in support of companies in difficulty. While the epidemic shakes the stock markets and slows the economy, the Urssaf explain in a press release that they will « take into account the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the activity of certain companies ». And to detail: « The support of the Urssaf network for companies in difficulty is reflected in particular by the granting of deadlines (payment installments) and the delivery of surcharges and late penalties over the target periods. « 

12:30. Japan at the « crossroads ». Norio Ohmagari, specialist in infectious diseases and adviser to the Japanese government, is rather confident about the management of the crisis in Japan in an interview with AFP. « We are now at a crossroads to contain the Covid-19, » he said in particular. If we continue like this, we have a good chance of containing or eliminating this Covid-19 ”.

12:05. The concern of the inhabitants of Lagos, economic capital of Nigeria. In this sprawling megalopolis of 20 million inhabitants, pharmacies and supermarkets are taken by storm by Lagosiens looking for hand sanitizer and masks, after the announcement of a first case of coronavirus. Health Minister Osagie Enahire announced that he was an Italian working in Nigeria, where he returned from the Italian city of Milan on February 25. « The patient is in stable clinical condition and has no disturbing symptoms, » said the minister.

11:50. Black week for the world stock exchanges. They show their worst fall since the 2008 financial crisis. Most European markets have lost around 12-13% since last Friday. At this time, the CAC 40 unscrews by more than 3%.

11:35. The Geneva Motor Show canceled. As a result of the Swiss decision to ban any event bringing together more than 1000 people, the Geneva Motor Show, which was to be held from March 5 to 15, is officially canceled.

11:20. AT Hong Kong’s sick pets will be quarantined. After the discovery of traces of the coronavirus on the dog of a sick woman, the Hong Kong authorities announce that all the pets of the affected people will be placed in quarantine for 14 days.

11:05. The United Arab Emirates Cycling Tour stopped, riders stranded at the hotel. Two masseurs from an Italian team are positive for the coronavirus, which led to the cancellation of the cycling event and the confinement of the riders, including the Englishman Christopher Froome.

10:55. Pakistan suspends flights with Iran. Pakistan has suspended all direct flights to Iran, officials said on Friday, two days after detecting its first two cases of the new coronavirus, travelers recently returned from the Islamic Republic.

10:40. Brussels Airlines is reducing its flights to northern Italy. The airline Brussels Airlines announces that it was reducing its flights to the north of Italy due to the drop in demand due to the coronavirus, which also forced it to study « economic measures ».

« Brussels Airlines will reduce its flight offer to northern Italy by 30% for the next two weeks (March 2-14), namely to Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Rome, Venice and Bologna », indicates the company Belgian.

10:20. Switzerland bans all major events due to the coronavirus. Switzerland decides to ban at least until March 15 any public or private event bringing together more than 1000 people, due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus which has contaminated nine people on its territory.

10:05. A dog tested positive for coronavirus placed in quarantine in Hong Kong. The dog of a woman affected by the coronavirus is placed in quarantine in Hongkong after samples taken from the animal have tested positive for coronavirus, announce this Friday the authorities, even if there is no risk of contagion of the pet to man is not proven. The dog has no symptoms of the disease, said the Hong Kong Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environmental Protection.

9:50. White plan triggered at the Dijon CHU. This exceptional health system will make it possible to isolate the contaminated patients in this CHU where four people have tested positive for the coronavirus.

VIDEO. Coronavirus: the daily life of our journalist confined since his return from reporting

9:38. First case confirmed in Nice. Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, informs on Twitter that a first case was confirmed this Friday morning at the Nice hospital. It is a woman returning from Milan.

9:25. A distance education system is ready according to Jean-Michel Blanquer. The Minister of National Education assures on Europe 1 that a distance education device could be deployed on a large scale if necessary: ​​“We have been preparing for it for several weeks with the Cned. From the large kindergarten section to the Terminale there can be 7 million connections at the same time. « 

9:15. The Paris Bourse fell 3.36% to 5,310.82 points at the opening. The market is still by the progression of the coronavirus in the world and its consequences on the economy. Since the beginning of the week, the index of main stocks has dropped by nearly 11%.

Similar declines are recorded in London, Milan, Madrid and Frankfurt.

9:12. 571 new cases registered in 24 hours in South Korea.

9:10. New Russian measures against Iran and South Korea. Russia announces the introduction of entry restrictions for Iranian citizens and travelers from South Korea.

8:28. Nearly 2,000 quarantined students announced Jean-Michel Blanquer. The Minister of Education announces on Europe 1 that nearly 2,000 pupils returning from risk areas, such as China or Italy, were confined to their homes for 14 days.

Jean-Michel Blanquer indicates that this figure will « of course increase next week ».

8:10. Closure of all public establishments in La Balme-de-Sillingy. « I am very concerned about the situation, » said François Daviet, the mayor of this commune of 5,000 inhabitants after the detection of two new cases of coronavirus. « We made the decision to close the crèche, the leisure center and all the municipal halls, » he continues.

7:58. Two new cases at La Balme-de-Sillingy, in Haute-Savoie. François Daviet, the mayor of this small town in Haute-Savoie, said this Friday morning on BFMTV that two new cases are detected. A total of six residents have contracted the coronavirus and others are awaiting test results.

7:45. The Tokyo Disneyland / DisneySea complex closes two weeks. The Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea theme park complex, in the suburbs of the Japanese capital, will close for two weeks due to fears of the spread of the coronavirus, the operator announced on Friday.

This decision is not the first of its kind, but it is one of the most significant, from a place that receives some 32.5 million visitors per year.

7:35. K-pop megastars, BTS, cancel four concerts. In South Korea, K-pop megastars, BTS, are canceling four giant concerts slated for Seoul in April.

7:30. About fifty affected countries. Outside of China, the coronavirus now affects around fifty countries around the world, with more than 4,000 infections and more than 60 deaths.

Coronavirus. Macron on the epidemic: « We will have to face it at best »

7:22. 256 additional contaminations in South Korea. This Friday, South Korea reported 256 additional infections, bringing the total to 2,022, including 13 dead.

7:15. First case of coronavirus in Belarus. Belarus announces this Friday morning that it has registered its first case of coronavirus. He is an Iranian student who arrived via Azerbaijan last week. The Ministry of Health indicates that the patient’s condition was « satisfactory ». The people with whom he has been in contact since his arrival in Belarus on February 22 have been placed in quarantine at the Minsk Hospital for Infectious Diseases.

7:10. The Tokyo Stock Exchange plunged 3.67% at the close. The Tokyo Stock Exchange recorded another massive fall on Friday, weighed down by the repercussions of the coronavirus. At the end of the transactions, the Nikkei index of 225 star stocks dropped 3.67%, or more than 800 points, to 21,142.96 points, and the widened Topix index fell in similar proportions (-3 , 65%) at 1,510.87 points.

6:50. 44 new deaths in China. China, where the virus had appeared in December, released a new toll of 327 new cases and 44 deaths in the past 24 hours on Friday. This is the lowest death toll in the country since January 24.

A total of 78,824 cases and 2,788 deaths have been recorded in mainland China since the start of the epidemic.

6:45. Fear of a pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls on all countries still spared to prepare for the arrival of Covid-19.

6:40. First case in sub-Saharan Africa. A case of contamination with the new coronavirus is confirmed in Nigeria, in Lagos, economic capital of 20 million inhabitants, recalling the fears triggered during the Ebola epidemic.

6:30. 20 additional cases in France. Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, announced Thursday evening that the number of people infected in France has increased to 38 confirmed cases, against 18 the day before.

In particular, a household of twelve people, probably in contact with the first patient who died in the Oise, was identified.

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Pet Insurance Market 2020 Global Industry Size, Segments, and Factor Growth Research Analysis Report 2022 – Insurance for Pets

World Pet Insurance Industry 2020 Research Report Provides Information on Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Cost Structure, Capacity, Revenue and Forecast 2022. This report includes Also the comprehensive and comprehensive study of the Pet Insurance market with all of its aspects influencing the growth of the market. This report is the comprehensive quantitative analysis of the Pet Insurance industry and provides data for making strategies aimed at increasing market growth and efficiency.

This report studies the market for Pet Insurance, pet insurance is a type of specialty property and damage insurance policy that pet owners buy to cover non costs contingencies that arise in the provision of care for a pet, including veterinary services such as surgical procedures, injuries caused by accidents, and prescribed medication for company. Pet Insurance is only a reimbursement program. A form of property and damage insurance, pet insurance reimburses the owner after the pet has received the required care and the owner applies to the insurance company.,

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Global Market Study Pet Insurance 2020 provides an overview of the industry, including definitions, classifications, applications and the structure of the industry chain. Global Market Analysis Pet Insurance is planned for international markets, including development trends, competitive landscape analysis and key developing state regions. Development policies and plans are discussed, as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures are also analyzed. This report also shows import / export consumption, supply and demand figures, cost, price, earnings and gross margins.

Pet Insurance dissemination of the market research report on several pages with the largest manufacturers of keys and the list of tables and figures.

competition in the global Pet Insurance market by TOP MANUFACTURERS, with production, price, revenue (value) and each manufacturer, including

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This report examines key producers and consumers, emphasizes product capacity, production, value, consumption, market share and growth opportunities in these key regions, covering

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Global Market Pet Insurance providing information such as company profiles, product image and specifications, capacity, production, price, cost, income and contact information. Upstream of raw materials and equipment and downstream demand analysis is also carried out. Trends in the development of the global Pet Insurance market and marketing channels are analyzed. Finally, the feasibility of new investment projects are assessed and the conclusions of the global research offered.

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The objectives of the study in this report are:

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email leak that bothers the department – Insurance for Pets

At the Agriculture Show on February 26, we saw Minister Didier Guillaume confiscate a journalist’s microphone and get upset. In question: an email leak from his ministry, which seems to contradict public statements about a slaughterhouse in Dordogne. The 8 pm eye compared official and unofficial speeches.

It all starts with the broadcasting of videos that the animal welfare association L214 says they shot in the Sobeval slaughterhouse in Dordogne, in November and December 2019. In these images, the association denounces breaches of regulations, such as the absence of cattle at the time of stunning. Consequence according to the association: increased animal suffering.

In a press release, the Dordogne prefecture reads these images quite differently: “the first time you view the association’s videos, there is no evidence of non-compliance with the regulations.”The same day, identical speech by the Departmental Director of veterinary services, Frédéric Piron in front of the camera of France 3: « I have no information to say that we have shortcomings, anomalies, non-compliance with regard to animal protection in this slaughterhouse. »

Internal message leak seems to say otherwise

No elements, really? A leak of messages internal to the Ministry of Agriculture, revealed by L214, seems to indicate the contrary. The day before the interview, an adviser in the minister’s office said: “Certain nonconformities can be identified on this video”. Then an agent from the office of the slaughter establishments writes: « I have made the list of undeniable, even major nonconformities noted! »

For Sébastien Arsac of the L214 association, these internal discussions demonstrate that the administration’s discourse changes when it is addressed to the general public. « We really have double talk, we have a factory of doubt to try to discredit the work of the association, we have a lie that will try to reassure the consumer. « 

Contacted, the Ministry of Agriculture today admits an incomplete communication. Officially, last week: no problem. Now, the cabinet acknowledges the abattoir’s breaches of regulations … but minor. “We talk about nonconformities when they are major. There is no major non-compliance visible on the video, that’s what it means … It’s sure, the Prefecture’s press release lacked precision, ” one admits in the entourage of the Minister of Agriculture.

The slaughterhouse has filed a complaint against L214 for defamation. The ministry opened two investigations for him: a first on the practices of the establishment, and another, internally to understand the origin of this leak … a bit annoying.

The News

The other topics of the news

Insurance for Pets

Veterinarians: Emergency service fee has been in effect since February – Insurance for Pets

The plight in the veterinary emergency service has long been known: More and more veterinary practices have stopped their emergency service because neither the staff could be paid nor cost-effective work for resident veterinarians.

The consequences of this are overcrowded veterinary clinics, which also work on the human and economic upper limit. As a result, more and more veterinary clinics are being closed nationwide and fewer and fewer veterinary practices are ready for an emergency service. A new emergency service fee schedule for veterinarians has been in effect since February 14.

Anyone using emergency veterinary services must pay an emergency service fee of 50 euros (net). This applies equally to hamsters and sheepdogs. To this end, veterinarians can now calculate their services at least twice the rate, up to four times. « This is a good start, but it doesn’t solve all of our problems, » said Andrea Buller, clinic manager for personnel and organization at the Oßweil animal clinic in Ludwigsburg. « The regulation suits us very well, because up to now we could not work to cover costs due to the human resources. »

According to Buller, a five-fold rate would only be really economically viable, but we’re happy that the new regulation is finally in effect. Most pet owners who already had to pay the emergency service fee are understanding. « In general, this is well received. » Anyone who has a regular appointment at the veterinary clinic in the evening from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. or in the early hours from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. does not have to pay an emergency service fee. In the veterinary practices, the emergency service fee applies to the daily night emergency service from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m., on weekends from Friday 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. the following Monday and from 0 a.m. to midnight on a public holiday. If a veterinary practice offers a regular consultation until 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. or at the weekend, this is not an emergency service. In principle, the emergency service fee should help veterinarians to be able to afford the emergency service in the future.

Not yet covering costs

So far, the costs in the emergency service within the permitted fee settlement framework could not be generated through a higher settlement and were therefore not cost-covering for the veterinary practices. For Dr. Karen Huber from the Neckarmühle veterinary practice in Ingersheim, the new regulation is an important step: « It was overdue for at least 20 years, » said the veterinarian. In their experience, the pet owners are quite willing to pay the emergency service fee. Huber also hopes that animal owners will rethink what is really an emergency and what is not. A problem that all veterinary practices, as well as in human medicine – have to an increasing extent. « An emergency service is basically there to convert life-threatening conditions into a non-life-threatening condition, » says Huber.

The emergency service is not the alternative for a complete diagnosis or treatment, that is what the regular office hours are for. The Federal Chamber of Veterinarians has made the flyer « Quick help for dogs, cats & Co. » available for download online to inform pet owners about the veterinary emergency service for small and domestic animals.

info In the district of Ludwigsburg, the small animal emergency service can be reached outside the office hours of the veterinary practices on telephone (07141) 29 01 01. The announcement tape announces the name and telephone number of the veterinarian who is on call.

Insurance for Pets

Veterinary health for pets market Analysis of the strategy for 2020 and forecasts for 2025 – Insurance for Pets

Pet Animal Health 2020 Market Research Report so useful for investors who want to invest and grow the business in the Pet Animal Health Market. Intuition and experience can be useful at all times, but the real facts often provide a more accurate picture of your market. This Animal Health 2020 presents the industry report in full detail with market size, real cost, profits and the growth opportunities of Animal Health 2020 pet industry by manufacturers who received positive feedback from customers using different types of products, applications in different © various countries and regions.

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mà © medicines

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Insurance for Pets

Home loan: how to renegotiate your borrower insurance – Insurance for Pets

Almost one in three households, or nine million French people, is currently paying off a mortgage. Did you know that it is possible to make substantial savings of several thousand euros by changing your borrower insurance? Banks are often reluctant, but the procedure is completely legal. Discover in the video above some advice.

This subject was broadcast in the 8 p.m. television news of 02/24/2020 presented by Gilles Bouleau on TF1. You will find on the program of the 8pm news program of February 24, 2020, reports on economic, international and cultural political news, analyzes and rebounds on the main themes of the day, regional topics as well as surveys on topics concerning the daily life of the French.

Insurance for Pets

VIDEO. Hungry, sick, injured lions… a Sudanese zoo can no longer care for its animals – Insurance for Pets

« There were five lions, three of them in really critical conditions. They were malnourished and it was clear that they needed urgent care, food and care. medical. « 

While Osman Salih was walking with his son in the Al-Qureshi Zoo in Sudan, he did not expect to make this grim discovery. Among the consequences of the economic crisis in Sudan: the managers of this zoo claim they can no longer afford to care for all animals.

Alarmed by these hungry and very weakened animals, Osman Salih then decides to launch the alert on social networks. In a few hours, its publication went viral. « The good thing is that we got an immediate response from the authorities. Within 12 hours, all the representatives, the government representatives, the park representatives, were on site. We met them and we started to look for urgent solutions to improve the conditions of the lions« says Osman Salih.

But on January 20, one of the sick lionesses died. Alerted, the NGO Four Paws decides to intervene. A few days later, an NGO team arrives on the spot with the veterinarian Amir Khalil. They took care in priority of the lioness Kandaka and the lion Mansour who seem in great danger. After examining the lions, they put Kandaka on a drip to rehydrate her. After 2 weeks of treatment, Four Paws publishes new photos of the Mansour lion showing « great progress ».

Insurance for Pets

Van Arendonk argues for room for innovation in breeding – Insurance for Pets

Better livestock breeding gives a more radiant animal life. With that goal in mind, according to Johan van Arendonk of Hendrix Genetics, it is necessary to nurture the diversity of solution directions. « But leave room for the use of innovative technologies. »

For Johan van Arendonk, head of innovation and technology at Hendrix Genetics, it is clear what breeding organizations are all about: sustainably feeding the world’s population. With the breeding of cattle, the ecological footprint of dairy and meat has been further reduced.

‘For pigs and poultry, that footprint has been halved in 40 years. The modern pig and the modern chicken need half the protein raw materials compared to their counterparts in 1980, « says Van Arendonk. He was one of the speakers during the Vaarkample lecture on 30 January in Utrecht.

Right direction of development

The innovation manager labels this direction of development towards a smaller footprint as the right one. ‘So we stick to what we already do and try to improve other characteristics. But I do not deny that things have gone wrong in the past when breeding animals, « he says.

Gene technology can offer welfare-friendly solutions

Johan van Arendonk, head of innovation and technology at Hendrix Genetics

‘Nevertheless, there must always be room for changes in breeding. Pushing boundaries is and will always be necessary to make food production even more sustainable with breeding, « says Van Arendonk.

Life-size difference in livestock and companion animals

Breeding animals whether it concerns farm animals or companion animals, it is always in the interest of humans. The importance of animal welfare in those two animal sectors is very different. In cattle breeding, the goal is to get more productive and efficient animals that are healthy and perform in certain farming systems. Animals that are intended to feed humans and with which the farmer earns his income. Professional organizations are responsible for breeding. When breeding pet animals, it is often about individual interests. For example, people are charmed by extreme features such as short snouts, bald or miniature animals. Bread breeders fulfill those market wishes, but the welfare and health of those animals does not always benefit. The popularity of pure-bred animals can have inbreeding as a result of which genetic defects are passed on. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University has developed Fit2Breed to steer the breeding of healthy companion animals in the right direction. Diseases of breeding animals are recorded centrally and mating advice is given based on DNA testing and genotyping.

No limit on numbers

‘Suppose a limit is drawn for the maximum number of piglets born per litter. That number would be different 30 years ago than it is today. Sows today are more self-reliant, the nutrition has improved and the stables are more comfortable, « emphasizes Van Arendonk. ‘That’s why I never think in terms of limits purely on numbers. It’s about finding the balance and continuing to develop. « 

Van Arendonk sees new technologies playing a prominent role in breeding. Among other things, the use of techniques to make desired changes to genetic material.

Gene editing

‘Gene editing is a fantastic development for science. In this way, researchers can advance in understanding the functions of DNA, « argues the innovation manager.

‘But space must be provided to understand animal genes and to experiment with them responsibly. Europe must embrace gene technology. It takes at least five years before gene editing is ready for practical application. In the meantime, a dialogue can take place about what can and cannot be done. « 


According to Van Arendonk, sustainability has many dimensions and is challenging for breeding organizations. « There is never a single solution for responsibly responding to the demand for animal products in different parts of the world. Diversity is needed to match local conditions. « 

An example are slow-growing broilers with more living space per animal for the Northwestern European consumer. These animals score a plus on animal welfare, but it costs extra feed per kilo of meat. With chickens in Kipster and Rondeel we can learn from how that animal thrives in that way of keeping and then can take another step in breeding.


‘Breeding organizations are constantly responding to the sustainable feeding of the world with a wide range of solutions. Suppose the demand for animal products decreases, then the task remains how you want to do it responsibly, « says the innovation manager.

‘For example, breeding no longer has to do anything like interventions such as beak treatments or castration. Gene technology may offer a welfare-friendly solution to the social problem of killing day-olds. « 


Sensors and the collection of individual animal data play an increasingly important role in animal husbandry. Sensors make it easier for farmers to better manage large groups of animals. In this way they are able to detect sick animals earlier. That serves animal welfare and they need to use fewer antibiotics.

Van Arendonk welcomes innovations such as the Family Pig. « That farming system will never be the solution for a sustainable food supply, but monitoring self-reliant sows and their piglets via sensors in that system provides a lot of information, » he says.

Social pigs

« We can learn a lot about the behavior of individual animals in a family group and we can use that data stream to breed healthy social pigs. »

Enter into dialogue and become the world animal welfare champion

The Vaarkamplezing was held for the fourth time in Utrecht on 30 January and was all about breeding. The first edition took place in 2014. The lecture was created as a tribute and memory of Henk Vaarkamp, ​​who died suddenly in 2011. He was, among other things, chairman of the Council for Animal Affairs and professor at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. In the eyes of the scientist, the Netherlands should become world animal welfare champion. He pursued more ambitions: positioning the Netherlands as an international leader and innovator in production-oriented animal husbandry. But a better animal welfare is not at the expense of productivity, sustainability and performance, Vaarkamp wondered. And what is everyone’s responsibility in the search for sustainable animal husbandry? From now on, entering into a dialogue without taboos and entering difficult areas was called a Henk-Vaarkamp dialogue. Social acceptance of animal husbandry is central to the lectures. The aim is to connect the animal keeper and veterinarian, science and practice and politics.

Insurance for Pets

An apprenticeship as a zookeeper: more than just petting animals – Insurance for Pets

Scratching posts, litter boxes, blankets, toys and three cats are all around us. Mietzi, an old cat lady limps across the room and meows loudly. Sarah Fehr (32), zookeeper at the Pfötli animal shelter, takes her in her arms. «I’m particularly sorry for animals like Mietzi. It is very difficult to find a new home because they are older and need more care. »

Fehr did an apprenticeship in KV and then went on to IT. It was the beginning of a good career, but one thing was missing: passion. She quit and went on a trip. In Bolivia, South America, in the Senda Verde animal reserve, the planned two weeks of volunteering became three months of intensive life school. « From then on it was clear to me that I wanted to be an animal rights activist. »

Insurance for Pets

Bedbugs: our tips for getting rid of them – Insurance for Pets

The proliferation of bedbugs is believed to be « an increase in international travel and the development of resistance to insecticides, » according to the health ministry. They settle wherever humans live (apartments, houses, hotels, public transport, cinemas …), and not only in unhealthy places. Here’s how to avoid their occurrence and try to prevent their proliferation.

Prevention is better than cure

The best solution to avoid being confronted with bedbugs is … to avoid bringing them home. To do this, you must take precautions while traveling (thoroughly inspect the hotel rooms, do not leave your clothes lying around) and, in case of doubt, wash all your clothes at 60ºC, bedbugs will not survive beyond 56ºC . Another solution is to place suspicious objects in the freezer at – 20ºC for three days.

Vacuum, hot-cold and biological solutions

If despite these initial precautions the bedbugs have taken up residence with you, the important thing is to act quickly … but not in any way. It is not recommended to throw yourself on the first anti-insect aerosol or on any smoke smoke, at the risk of dispersing them, promoting their resistance, and, ultimately, making the problem worse.

The association 60 Million consumers advise, as a first step, to thoroughly vacuum « on the entire mattress, the box spring, and in every possible corner around the bed ». Better not to omit anything around: carpets, curtains, furniture, clothes, books, carpets, drawers, baseboards, wallpaper, cushions, plush, door frames, tables … and electrical outlets! After confining the room, by placing tape on all entry and exit points, we vacuum meticulously. Then close the bag tightly before disposing of it. Again, do not hesitate to wash your sheets and all your linen at 60ºC and freeze as a precaution, in trash bags, objects likely to be infested, at -20 ° C, for at least 72 hours. Bedbugs, their larvae and eggs will also not stand up to 120ºC steam cleaning. Biological solutions can also be considered. Natural insecticide, diatomaceous earth is readily available commercially and, in low doses, between 10 and 200 micrometers, is a good tool against bedbugs. It is often used in homes where pets live, so as not to endanger their health. Please note, however, it should be used sparingly.

The use of pest control by professionals

Unfortunately, if the infestation is already advanced, it is necessary to resort to pest control by professionals. The latter will have to use strong products, which are not available on the market, and which require leaving the accommodation for at least 5 hours. A solution that has a cost, since on average, the treatment price per m² is estimated at 7 to 10 euros. It is important that the company employed holds the Certibiocide certificate issued by the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition for less than 5 years. It is also recommended to make several quotes to avoid that certain companies inflate the price of their travel costs or their intervention. Please note, if you are a tenant of your home and this mishap occurs after you have invested it, any costs to overcome your six-legged hosts will be your responsibility.

Three reflexes to banish

Shake your textiles (sheets, mattresses, covers, clothes …) on the terrace or in the house. There is nothing worse in moving the colony and invading its entire home.

Move the bed or infected objects in another room … which will invariably be invaded.

Don’t say anything to your neighbors. Better to prevent than to face a generalized invasion of an entire building!

Insurance for Pets

Wamiz Run 2020: Assur O’Poil, an expert who supports Chiens Guides Paris! – Consumption – Insurance for Pets

On March 29, the fourth edition of the Wamiz Run will take place. The opportunity to meet tons of dogs, ask questions to experts and even participate for a good cause!

For the fourth consecutive year, the Wamiz Run will take place this year on the last weekend of March. It is THE sporting and canine meeting place under the sign of solidarity! By participating in the cani-cross or the cani-walk, you and your dog help to collect donations for the benefit of the association Chiens Guides Paris.

But that’s not all. The Wamiz Run also offers you a village with many activities to do with (or without) your dog! This is an opportunity to meet the experts at Assur O’Poil who will be able to answer many questions, but also to recover the Assur O’Poil connected medallion for free!

Assur O’Poil X Wamiz: joint commitments to serve animals

Assur O’Poil is the company that helps individuals take care of their animals! What could be more like the values ​​of Wamiz? It was therefore obvious for Wamiz to join forces with Assur O’Poil for this 4th edition of the Wamiz Run.

At Assur O’Poil, like at Wamiz, employees and managers practice pet at work, a symbol of openness and love for the animal world! Sensitive to the health and well-being of their pets, employees enjoy playing sports with their doggies! For example, always fascinated by animals, Hubert (CEO of Assur O’Poil) takes his Afghan greyhounds to run very regularly!

Combining the useful with the pleasant, playing sports, while sharing an accomplice and privileged moment with your dog, this is the start of any great relationship with your pet! Value that Wamiz obviously shares.

Having animal expert people to speak and educate dog owners during the Wamiz Run was a real necessity for Wamiz. In fact, the two players support responsible adoption and therefore encourage owners to anticipate the costs related to the health of their 4-legged friends. Assur O’Poil responds to this need with his expertise, his knowledge but also his desire to help and advise. Finally, sensitive to the cause of the Wamiz Run, Assur O’Poil wishes to support the Chiens Guides Paris by joining this solidarity race.

Assur O’Poil in a few words

Founded in September 2002 by a family that owns animals, the Assur O’Poil brand is health insurance for dogs and cats that reimburses veterinarian costs in the event of an accident or illness.

Their mission: to ensure the tranquility of animal owners by offering them 5 protection formulas that reimburse up to 100% of veterinary costs, without waiting period for the accident.

Today, more than 200,000 members trust Assur O’Poil in France, in Belgium since 2009 and in Italy since 2016.

Composed of a team of enthusiasts, Assur O’Poil offers adapted and ultra-competitive offers.

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Nearly 900,000 pangolins sold illegally worldwide in twenty years, according to an NGO – Insurance for Pets

The small mammal, an endangered species, is the most poached in the world, especially for its scales widely used in traditional Asian medicine.


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Massive poaching. Nearly 900,000 pangolins, an endangered animal, have been sold illegally worldwide over the past two decades, an NGO monitoring illegal animal trafficking channels said on Thursday (February 21st).

The NGO Traffic estimated that around 895,000 pangolins sold illegally between 2000 and 2019 worldwide. « Not a day goes by without seeing a seizure of wild animals in Southeast Asia and often the volumes are impressive », noted Kanitha Krishnasamy, director of the NGO in the region. Some 96,000 kilos of scales were thus confiscated between 2017 and 2019, in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

The small mammal is the most poached in the world, for its scales which are widely used in traditional Asian medicine, for virtues which have not been proven, and its flesh appreciated by gourmets.

The shy ant-eating animal, which curls up in front of predators, occurs in the wild in Southeast Asia and tropical Africa. It is also increasingly hunted in this part of Africa. In 2016, the International Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) strictly prohibited its trade.

Despite this measure, traffic continues. The NGO called for tougher sanctions against traffickers to close markets and platforms for the online trade in wildlife.

Franceinfo is a partner in the « Let’s act together for the environment » consultation with If you want to participate, you can propose your ideas and vote on that of the other participants in the module below.

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Animal welfare check: Japanese Wagyu citizen more animal-unfriendly than Dutch variant – Insurance for Pets

Photo: Pixabay

Animal Welfare Check conducted research into the meat of civilian tents in Amsterdam. According to the organization, more than half scored poorly in the area of ​​animal welfare. In addition, the organization concludes that Japanese Wagyu meat has a good reputation.

The researchers at the Animal Welfare Check examined the menus of 36 civilian tents in Amsterdam. They found a wide variety of citizens. From vegan to conventional meat – usually from milked Dutch dairy cows – to luxury exotic products such as Japanese Wagyu meat.


Wagyu is on the menu of many restaurants. This meat has a luxurious reputation. According to Animal Welfare Check, Japanese Wagyu meat scores poorly in the area of ​​animal welfare. « Japan has hardly any laws and regulations regarding the welfare of farm animals. That is why the animals are kept inside their stables all their lives, sometimes even tied up. The calves are almost always deceived and castrated without anesthesia. There are also virtually no rules or regulations. controls at the time of slaughter « , the organization said. The organization gives Wagyu from Japan a 3 in the field of animal welfare.

This only applies to Wagyu meat from Japan. The Wagyu meat from the Netherlands scores much better with a 7. « Fortunately, the Wagyu cattle are doing a lot better in the Netherlands. They are only in the winter months in the stable, the calves stay with the mother for at least six months and they are dehydrated with anesthesia. « 

Meat from milked dairy cows

Most burgers in Amsterdam restaurants made from the meat of milked dairy cows. This label-free meat is the most on the menu according to the Animal Welfare Check. The organization gives this meat a 5.

This is followed by the very popular Black Angus meat, which according to the organization is difficult to trace. Beef types that score well are Palmesteyn, Lindenhoff, Brandt & Levie and of course the organic beef. In addition, more and more items offer vegetarian or fully vegetable burgers.

Animal Welfare Check

The Animal Welfare Check is an initiative of the Foundations of Pigs in Need and Animal & Law. The aim of the organization is to encourage consumers, owners and employees in the hospitality industry to make animal-friendly choices.

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All Time Low releases song and video // Smash Press – Insurance for Pets

Written by Stephanie van Gerven.

All Time Low releases song and video

Early this week announced All Time Low his new album: “Wake Up, Sunshine« . Today there is another taste.

The men of All Time Low have the track “Sleeping In”Posted online with accompanying video. With the clip, the band wants to immediately call attention to adopting pets.

MORE: Check all info about the new All Time Low album!

Below you can listen to “Sleeping In » from All Time Low. What do you think of the new track and video? Let us know via Facebook and Twitter.

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Global nail clippers for the pet market study 2020-2026 Safari, Millers, Epica, GoPets, Resco – Möckern24 – Insurance for Pets

2020 nail clippers for pets world market (applications – home use, pet stores; type – for dogs, for cats, others) size, proportion, growth, demand, trends, analysis, forecast until 2026.

The global report Nail clippers for pets is a careful watch of the global pet nail clipper market, detailing the trendy details of the market. It also predicts its growth in the following years. The report assesses several factors that determine the growth and volume of the global pet nail clipper market. It also offers a firm company outlook on the market on the side of some of the leading players.

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The report covers product contributions, revenue segmentation, and business valuation for leading companies in the pet nail clipper market. It uses the latest developments in the global pet nail clipper market to assess the market share of outstanding market players in the coming period. The report highlights the limitations and strong factors of known manufacturers through SWOT analysis. This research report also discusses the major product categories and segments, as well as the subsegments of the global pet nail clipper market.

The valuation is estimated using in-depth market research. It also shows the impact of Porter’s Five Forces on market expansion. This market research focuses on analyzes of the global market for nail clippers for pets in terms of size and sales. The report also analyzes the global pet nail clipper market based on product type and customer segments. It also calculates the growth of each segment in the pet nail clipper market over the forecast period.

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The Global Nail Clippers for Pet Market Report provides detailed information on key market participants

JW Pet
Master grooming tools

Global nail clippers for segmenting pets by type

For dogs
For cats

Global nail clippers for segmenting pets by application

home use
pet shops

Checkout Free Report Example of nail clippers for the pet market report 2020-2026:

The current report contains an in-depth analysis of past and future market share and forecast trends. The segmentation of the market for nail clippers for pets is specified according to type, market size, end-use industry, mode of transport and application. This report focuses primarily on the factors that can affect the growth of the market with positive or negative components. The current report includes detailed records of the global pet nail clipper market, consisting of manufacturing analysis, processing techniques, network management, services offered, related software market, social media marketing, cost structure, supply chain, development management techniques, retail analysis, financial support, trading company strategies, marketing channels, market entry strategies, economic impact and CAGR.

The report briefly mentions the global regional statistical study. The statistical study gives a rough overview of regional industrial growth and the income generated by the growth and development of the market. The regional segmentation of nail clippers for the pet industry is also included in the report. The global research report on pet nail clippers includes facts collected by various regulators to assess the growth of each segment. The study also evaluates the global pet nail clipper market from a geographic perspective.

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Cameras, feeders, candy dispensers, trackers and more – Offside – Insurance for Pets

We love our pets, and while we may not always be willing to shell out a handful of money for our own health and safety, when it comes to our furry friends, we often go overboard. Because they are worth it.

Up front, pet technology is expensive – it’s going to cost you a little to connect your pet, but there are a lot of benefits, including convenience, safety, and health. You can put the smart home at work to help take care of your pet and help out with things like making sure Fido is fed on time, knowing when your puppy has escaped, keeping an eye on your cat’s activity level and make sure everyone is entertained while you’re away.

Of course, one of the main uses of smart home cameras is to record your dog at work – just to say « hi » or to make sure he doesn’t chew the couch. In addition, much of the connected technology available for your pets fits perfectly into your automated home: you can order your pet feeder with Alexa, use your pet’s IFTTT channel to synchronize its aisles come and go with your smart home and let your pet sleep with your smart door lock.

Here we bring together some of the best pet technologies we have tried and tested, so you can keep spoiling your precious fur packs, even when you can’t be with them.

Best pet tracker

Whistle GO

$ 129.99, Amazon |

A pet GPS tracker is the smartphone era’s answer to your dog’s microchip (which you should always do, of course). When a microchip is a great tool when your pet gets lost and is found, a GPS tracker is a much more immediate solution. It works by keeping an eye on the location of your pet, then, if it crosses a predetermined border, it sends an alert to your smartphone.

Whistle is the leader in this space, making the smallest device with the most durable battery on the market. As a bonus, Whistle also acts as a pet activity and behavior tracker – like a Pet FitBit. We are testing the original Whistle and the new Whistle GO Explore that has been improved for a few months and we are very impressed.

Whistle GO: Design and features

A small thick brick that you attach to your pet’s collar, Whistle GO has two models, GO and GO Explore. It is available in a variety of colors depending on the model (pink, gray and blue or black, green and magenta), and is charged using a standard USB cable.

Both models will monitor the location and activity of your pet, plus it has a new health feature that tracks itching, sleeping and licking. They are both waterproof, but the Explorer has a slightly higher rating (IPX8) and twice the battery life (up to 20 days). Explore also has a built-in night light that you can activate when you are out for a night walk or to help with tracking, otherwise the two models are identical.

Although it is marketed as an activity tracker, unless you are seriously concerned about your pet’s lack of excursiveness, the main reason for getting one is as a safety net if your dog or cat ( yes, you can put it on a cat’s collar too – any animal over 8 lbs) escapes or gets lost. In the application, you configure safe places and if the tracker crosses the border of one of these places, the GPS comes into play. When this happens, you receive an alert on your phone like this one that we have tested: « Be careful, Gus is 0.3 miles from the house near Clearview Drive. »

Whistle GO in use

We tested the Whistle GO Explore on our two-year-old 60-pound Wirehaired Griffon who is an expert escape artist, and it has come in handy several times to find it (even outside of our tests! ). The alert appeared about 2 to 3 minutes after the dog crossed the border – which is long, but more signal than we would have received otherwise. Once it crosses the border, a big button « track » appears on your phone and it starts in the GPS so that you can follow it and locate it with more precision.

While in the Wi-Fi limit, the GPS turns off and a less precise Wi-Fi location is used to save battery. Therefore, the battery life of the GO Explore is impressive. When we tested the third generation Whistle, we had to recharge it every four or five days; the GO Explore went 26 days before we needed to charge it (the GO has a 10-day battery life). However, the more you take your pet out of the “safe place”, for example for a walk, the more often you will need to charge.

Regarding activity monitoring, the application shows you a chronology of your animal’s activity, the amount of ground it has covered and an estimate of the number of calories burned, as well as the duration of its activity. . You can set daily goals and be alerted when it reaches them, but it would be nice to receive an alert around 5 p.m. to tell it if it needs more exercise (you can connect Whistle to IFTTT to get functionality like this one).

When you, or someone with the Whistle app on their phone, walk the dog, you receive an alert saying « Enjoy your walk » and then another when he gets back home – a good way to keep track of all dog walkers and make sure they do their due diligence. However, you do not have a detailed map of your walk, but rather a point-by-point overview.

New with Whistle GO is a health tracking feature – which uses the device’s accelerometer to monitor licking, scratching and sleep. You cannot access this information in the app, but you do receive a weekly report via email that includes the time your dog spent doing these favorite activities. As someone who has often sat in front of my vet saying that my dog ​​was scratching but couldn’t answer questions about frequency and duration, this is actually useful information. Plus, long-term monitoring compares activities week by week, so you can monitor potential problems.

The biggest drawback to Whistle is the $ 10 monthly subscription for cellular data that allows GPS tracking, and if you have two dogs, it’s through Whistle. You can’t use the device without the cell phone plan, so if you just wanted activity and health tracking, it’s not an option. It’s expensive considering how little you’ll actually use the data plan, but it’s basically an insurance policy, and all of the features you get with the Whistle app are fun and informative, so probably worth it. pay something.

However, during our tests, the GPS tracking was quite uneven. This would mean that Gus had returned from his walk about 800 feet down the street or tell me that he was out of the border when in fact he was right at the back of the yard. However, we have very poor cell service in our neighborhood, and given that, it has in fact done a decent job. One downside here is that if you enjoy walking in the woods or camping in remote areas with your dog, you can’t count on that to keep track of your puppy as these places rarely have decent service either.

Best Smart Pet Charger

PetSafe Smart Feeder

$ 194.99, Amazon |

Life is busy and sometimes you can’t go home to feed Felix or Fido, or you have so many other mouths to feed that maybe he or she is forgotten and it isn’t until you don’t finally drop on the couch and iron back you remember that awful face.

An automatic pet feeder may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it is actually a very good tool for animal care. Your pet is fed on time, every time and gets the right portion – which is crucial to the pet’s health. From a smart home perspective, the PetSafe we ​​tested also allows you to feed your pet with your voice using Alexa, which is very convenient. Plus, you can feed them from a distance, perfect if you’re not at home and want to make sure they’re taken care of.

PetSafe Smart Feeder: design and functionality

PetSafe is a big device, it won’t easily blend into where your little food bowl was – but that’s because it serves as both a food storage system and a food bowl. The stainless steel bowl can be removed for cleaning, and there’s a button on the top that will dispense food if you don’t want to use the app – although it is quite slow.

Features include the ability to remotely plan, monitor and adjust your pet’s diet. The PetSafe automatically dispenses the correct portions and sends you alerts when food is weak. You can also connect to the Amazon Dash Replenishment service to make sure you never run out of food (this is a new feature on the model that has just been released). Voice control with Alexa allows you to distribute food with your voice.

The PetSafe operates on AC power, which means there is no food in the event of a power failure, so you will want to insert batteries for backup.

PetSafe Smart Feeder in use

Controlling the charger with the app is simple, the main screen has a large button that you press to feed on the fly, prompting you to choose how many. There is also access to scheduling options and the choice to feed your dog slowly rather than all at once, which is good for voracious dogs that miss it all – can’t be good for digestion! A chronological view shows you all the food your pet has received and when you set up the device for the first time, it asks if you have a dog or cat and provides a feeding schedule that you can change.

App notifications include options for sending alerts when your pet is fed, when there is an error, and when you run out of food or food. The latter two are a new addition to the latest model; the previous version did not have one and it was easy to think that your pet had been fed when in fact nothing had come out. You can also attach the charger to Amazon’s Dash resupply service, but we couldn’t test it because they don’t carry the food we use.

You can place about 24 cups of dry or semi-wet food in the feeder – no wet food as it would just be messy. You can feed up to four cups per meal, which is enough. We really like the slow feed option, which distributes pieces of the total serving over 15 minutes – it was great for our hungry dog ​​and kept him very attentive!

The charger only works on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, but it does not connect to our dual-band router without problems. The biggest problem here is that you have two pets who don’t like sharing. You can control two feeders from a single application – but it’s a big expense. In our scenario, we have one dog in a cage and the other one not, so we simply programmed the feeding of the smallest dog for the moment when the largest dog is in its kennel. There are pet feeders that use wireless tags that you attach to your pet’s collar to open only for the right pet, but we haven’t tested them yet. They are also a little more expensive.

Our only problem with the PetSafe was the fragility of the bowl attachment, as our larger dog could easily tear it off in its quest for more food – it didn’t do any damage to it, but it meant that the food just spilled on the floor because he had overturned the bowl. We would like a way for it to be more securely attached. Fortunately, he was unable to enter the food dispenser, despite his efforts. So it’s a bonus.

Best Pet Cameras

Anyone can take advantage of this to be able to monitor their pet at home and make sure it has been picked up by dog ​​walkers. There are a number of specialized pet cameras on the market, as well as regular viewers for the smart home with decent pet features.

When you buy a pet camera, you will want to consider factors similar to what you would have for a conventional smart home camera. Video quality, resolution and frames per second (fps) are all essential here. You should really be looking at 1080p quality at 30 frames per second – it’s the optimal experience, and nothing less is a compromise.

As we mentioned, standard smart home cameras are also an option here. Devices such as the Wyze Cam, the Nest Cam Indoor (which can alert you specifically if he hears a dog barking) and the Hive camera allow you to monitor your pets and even communicate in both directions. In addition, they can fulfill the role of being a standard smart home camera. You get something that gives you both options.

Animal-specific cameras have interactive features designed especially for your furry friends, such as the ability to distribute treats or play games with them – either on their own or when driving orders from your desk. Most of these gadgets are designed for dogs and cats, and several have additional features that come with a subscription.

Petcube Bites 2

$ 249.99, Amazon |

Petcube Bites 2 is a camera and candy dispenser in one, with built-in Alexa. In addition to being able to see, talk and send a treat to your pet using a mobile app, Petcube Bites’ Alexa skill allows you to do it all with your voice. Plus, you can use Alexa for all the other fun and useful things the voice assistant is great for.

Petcube Bites: Design and functionality

The Petcube is a tall and slim device with a brushed metal body which should ideally be mounted on a wall, but can also be placed on a table or low counter (if you place it too high, you will not be able to see your pet On the ground). Features include a 160 degree camera view that you can stream live in Full HD, two-way audio that lets you chat with your moggy or dog from afar, and a fun and interactive tool to launch Angry Birds treats.

As a smart camera, you can program the device to turn on or off at certain times, or just be active when you open the app. Motion and sound alerts are free, but you’ll need to sign up for the company’s Petcube Care plan for smart alerts (animal, human, barking and meowing), longer video history (you get four hours free) and the ability to download your videos. It starts at $ 3.99 a month.

The configuration is simple: plug it in, load it with treats, download the Petcube app and connect to your Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). As we mentioned, Petcube Bites should ideally be attached to the wall, or you will end up having trouble seeing over surfaces if you just support it. You can balance it on the edge of a table or piece of furniture very well – but unless it is at the edge, you will have a darkened view.

Petcube bites in use

We tested Petcube Bites with two dogs, a small terrier and a larger dog, and they both loved it – obviously. They quickly recognized the sound from the camera when you open and connect to the app, which means they run on the camera as soon as you turn it on. It is a classic conditioning by click and processing and adding sound is a smart idea to bring them as soon as you want to record (you can turn off the sound if you prefer).

The interface of the app to launch the treat is well thought out and fun. It only works in landscape mode and the interface is superimposed on the live view of your house. Click on a small dog bone, then swipe up to launch the treat, choosing from three distances. You can also choose to film the interaction or take a photo. In addition, there is a microphone button to activate the two-way conversation if you want to hear your puppy or make it heard.

What else works with Alexa? The 35 best Amazon Alexa compatible devices you can buy

You can also schedule treats to distribute to your pet during the day, if you don’t have time to interact, or you can share the camera with your friends and family so they can register and to play. You can also make your camera public and let strangers on the Internet treat your pet, but that is not something we would recommend and the social feed of the app showing all shared cameras is not something that we were fans (one reviewer mentioned seeing a naked man walking past a camera – uh, no thanks). Although you can’t turn off the stream, you can change the settings so you don’t see it every time you launch the app.

As a pet monitoring device, Petcube works well, sending you an alert when motion or sound is detected, which brings you directly to a live stream from your camera. The alert is a purring, cute, but very silent sound. With the subscription, you can receive alerts for a specific activity of an animal, a bark or a meow and / or a person, and you can also filter your video clips by these.

The video quality is decent, not sharp, but clear enough so you can see what’s going on and talk to your pet, but the night vision is very grainy and often takes a long time to trigger, letting us watch a black screen a bit. We had our test unit installed a few meters from our dog’s kennel, where it goes when we are out of the house (he is a 60 lb puppy and I like my leather sofa). We were able to throw the treats far enough for them to land in his kennel (and if they didn’t make it, our 11-year-old Border Terrier was happy to come and clean up the mess.

There is a bit of a mess with the discarded treat, because the debris comes out with it, so you won’t want to put it near your best mat. You also need to be picky about the treats you put in here, or it can get really messy and won’t work properly. Petcube says they should be round, no smaller than 0.3 inches and no larger than 1 inch, which limits you a bit. They have a list of « recommended » treats on the Petcube website.

The built-in Alexa is great if you don’t already have the smart speaker in the room, it will come in and make the price a little more palatable. However, if you have an Alexa in the same room, you will want to turn off the voice assistant. As with many third-party Alexa devices, it lacks a few features, such as music grouping and ESP, where only the closest Alexa will be streamed – making it more boring than useful. We (especially our children), however, liked to use the Petcube skill to send treats with our voice.

Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

$ 299.99, Amazon |

If you just want to keep an eye on your pet but aren’t interested in the treats or other more fanciful features of a pet camera, the Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor is our favorite option. While there are much cheaper smart home cameras that will send you sound and motion alerts, Nest Cam can send you specific alerts for barking dogs, or it can zoom in and track your pet as it passes .

Google Nest Cam: animal-friendly features

Bulky and white, the Nest Cam won’t blend in perfectly with most settings, but a magnetic mount and a swivel head will likely allow you to place it in a good place to spy on animals. It has by far the best camera specs, including 1080p, 30fps, a 4K sensor, and HDR imagery – that means you’ll see Fido in all clarity. Night vision is also quite clear and very usable.

The three features we love about the Nest Cam IQ that make it a great pet camera are: superb two-way conversation, thanks to three microphones with echo cancellation and noise cancellation; a 12x digital zoom, so you can get close and see what your dog is chewing; and the Nest Aware subscription plan, which sends you barking alerts, a « great view » – a zoom and tracking feature that zooms in and tracks your pet as it passes the camera – and 30 days of footage and continuous recording, so you can watch your beast all day long.

Like the Petcube, Nest Cam has a smart assistant, this time Google Assistant, so your Nest Cam doubles as a smart speaker. However, there are no animal-specific commands that you can give it and there are certain restrictions, for example, it will not play music.

Google Nest Cam: as a pet camera

The Nest app is very responsive and by clicking on a “dog barking” alert, you go directly to a live view of the Nest Cam, where you can jump into two-way conversations to calm Fido, hopefully, or see what is happening. past. Of course, you can have multiple Nest cameras in one app, so you can track your pets wherever they can roam, both in your home and outdoors with the Google Nest IQ Outdoor Cam, which has all the same functionality as the indoor version.

We also really like that Nest Cam knows when you’re at home or on the go (thanks to geo-tracking and your smartphone) and will turn on and off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about setting schedules or turn off the camera when you are at home, but you will know that you will hear about it if there is a kerfuffle at home while you are away.

Of course, as a smart home camera, you can use Nest Cam for much more than just spotting animals. Read our full review of this device here.

Ring Spotlight Cam

$ 199.99, Amazon |

As we noted in our review of Nest Cam, it may be necessary to have an outdoor camera if you want to keep an eye on your pet and they spend a lot of time in your garden. The Ring Spotlight Cam is a very good solution here and is much cheaper than the Nest IQ Cam Outdoor, the more it is powered by battery so that you can place it in the best place in your yard to catch your pet’s antics.

More Camera Information: Best Outdoor Security Cameras

One downside is that it has no specific bark detection, but what we like about it as an animal camera is that it has a built-in projector that turns on at night when it detects movement. We are not cash here The Ambient, and it is clear that this function would be useful for keeping an eye on a certain number of creatures. We use one in our backyard to monitor our chicken coop – if a predator prowls at night, the bright spotlights act as a deterrent.

Ring Spotlight Cam: Animal-Friendly Features

The Ring Spotlight Cam is available in white or black, and has two battery slots so you don’t have to charge too often, or opt for the solar panel and hopefully never have to worry to keep it up to date. Two LED panels on each side of the camera light up when motion is detected, and you can define motion zones and adjust the sensitivity. To observe the animals, you will want to activate all the movement zones.

The app will ping you on the move and you can watch a live stream and use two-way chat to chat with your pet. The 140-degree field of view is decent and the 1080p HD video gives you a pretty clear picture, but not a lot of detail, and the zoom is a bit blurry. Night vision is also quite good. What you really pay for here is portability – being able to place it anywhere makes it a great pet camera, although you do need a decent Wi-Fi connection wherever it is.

Ring Spotlight Cam: as a pet camera

We have placed the Ring Spotlight on an oak tree near our chicken coop, so that we can keep an eye on the birds and be alerted of any suspicious movement at night that could signal a raccoon or fox sniffing around. Using our 25lb and 60lb dogs as testers, the searchlights reliably activated during movement, lighting the coop to potentially scare away predators. The video quality is a little disappointing, because even if the camera is only about 20 feet from the cage, we can’t really see it very well, just enough blurry shapes to know that the chicks are still alive .

For a pet camera that lets you see your pet outside, know when it’s running, talk to it, and check if it’s outside at night, Ring Spotlight is a good option . It also doubles as a decent security camera, with a loud siren that you can activate from the app. Read our full review here.

Other pet cameras to consider

Although we haven’t tested these devices, they do get good user reviews and have features that our choices may not suit you.

Furbo Dog Camera

$ 199.99, Amazon |

The Furbo Dog Camera has a 1080p camera with an impressive 160-degree field of view, although there is only one lens facing forward, so you’ll want to place it against a wall. There is room in the bank for 100 treats, which she ejects one at a time. We have not yet tested the Furbo to verify video quality or process speed.

There’s night vision so you can always keep an eye on your pets after dark, and two-way sound too. Furbo also listens to barking and will notify you of any distress during your absence via push notification, which is a nice feature.

There’s also the new Furbo Dog Nanny service, available in the U.S. and Canada only, which uses AI to give you even more functionality. These include dog activity alerts and dog selfie alerts, which basically let you know that the dog is looking at the camera and may want a treat. There are also person alerts, so if you have a dog sitter who walks your best bud, you will know.

Enfin, Dog Nanny a un Doggie Diary, qui vous donne les moments les plus adorables de la journée de votre chien en 60 secondes. Vous obtenez un essai gratuit de 90 jours lorsque vous achetez un Furbo, ou payez 99,99 $ pour trois mois, puis 6,99 $ par mois ou 69 $ pour un abonnement annuel.

Caméra pour animaux de compagnie Pawbo Life

149,99 $, Amazon |

Pawbo propose une vaste gamme d’appareils photo pour animaux de compagnie sous sa marque Theme Park, ce qui explique en quelque sorte la gamme folle d’appareils photo, de jouets interactifs et de distributeurs de friandises.

Le Pawbo Life principal est une unité soignée et compacte, bien qu’il soit à la traîne de ses rivaux en termes de qualité vidéo. La caméra opte pour la HD 720p plutôt que la 1080p. Cependant, le Pawbo compense ses lacunes techniques avec une multitude de jeux et d’options de divertissement.

Le Pawbo standard dispose d’une communication bidirectionnelle et d’un jeu de poursuite au laser, que vous pouvez jouer manuellement ou configurer pour qu’il s’exécute automatiquement, ce qui le rend utile lorsque vous êtes à la maison.

Le Pawbo Munch est un chargeur plus complet que vous pouvez associer au Pawbo Life. Vous pouvez récompenser votre animal de compagnie via le tiroir à nourriture, qui pourrait contenir un plus gros repas si vous courez tard, ou si vous voulez vous assurer que votre chat est nourri pendant votre absence. Le tiroir à friandises comprend deux éléments: le plateau lui-même et un distributeur intérieur, ce qui signifie que les friandises peuvent être distribuées lentement au fil du temps pendant que votre animal joue avec le Munch.

Petzi Treat Cam

À partir de 84 $, Amazon |

La caméra la moins chère de notre liste est la caméra Petzi Treat Cam. Et, comme son nom l’indique, c’est assez simple dans ce à quoi vous pouvez vous attendre ici.

Les propriétaires peuvent surveiller leurs animaux de compagnie tout au long de la journée en utilisant leur téléphone ou leur tablette et en utilisant le haut-parleur intégré, ils peuvent leur crier de cesser de manger des aliments sur le comptoir. Sachez simplement qu’il n’y a pas de microphone, alors même s’ils peuvent vous entendre, vous ne pouvez pas les entendre.

Il y a donc quelques petits sacrifices que vous devrez supporter pour le prix inférieur, mais vous bénéficiez d’une plage de visionnement élevée et d’une option de vision nocturne pour la faible luminosité. Si vous souhaitez récompenser votre animal de compagnie, l’option de traitement à distance vous permet également de déclencher des collations de jour comme de nuit.


  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1 To, Avec 1 manette sans fil DUALSHOCK 4 V2, Châssis G, Noir (Jet Black)

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Insurance for Pets

Municipales 2020. The Animalist Party presents its complete list in Le Havre – Insurance for Pets

They are between 28 and 79 years old and are gathered around Béatrice Canel Depitre. In Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), who are the candidates on the Animalist Party list?

On February 10, 2020, Béatrice Canel Depitre filed for the Animalist Party, the first complete list for the Municipalities in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime). (© Archives M-B / 76actu)

It’s the first time that Animalist party , which was created three years ago, therefore presents a list for municipal at Haven (Seine Maritime). Gathered around Béatrice Canel Depitre, university lecturer who are the 59 candidates and two alternates?

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Runners aged 28 to 79

« We can see that the animal cause is a real societal expectation, we must respond by presenting lists », indicated the head of the list of the Animalist Party in Le Havre, Béatrice Canel Depitre to 76actu last November. The latter, already a candidate for European women, therefore submitted her list to the sub-prefecture on February 10. « This is the first complete list to be recorded, » says campaign director Patrick Verneuil.

« According to a 2019 IFOP survey, 72% of French people find it important that the candidates for the municipal elections of March 2020 commit to concrete measures in terms of animal protection. This strong expectation of the population has so far found no favor in the eyes of the political parties that have succeeded each other at the Town Hall. The Animalist Party, by carrying the Le Havre Animaliste list, will finally allow the people of Le Havre to express themselves in this sense, « explains the head of the list again.

Read also: Municipal 2020: in Le Havre, LO unveils a list « like the working class »

The list presented by the Animalist Party in Le Havre

1. Béatrice Canel-Depitre, 65, 65, lecturer at the University,
2. Verneuil Patrick, 65, retired,
3. Pascaline Wittkowski (57 years old),
4. Joachim
Legendre (32) host host,
5. Audrey
Yon (37) English teacher,
6. Nicolas
Saint-Martin (29 years old) sales promoter,
7. Annie Potter (73 years old) retired,
8. Yoann Lamy,
9. Elisabeth Leblond (65) retired,
10. David Pareÿt (49 years old) civil servant,
11. Sarah Dehier (44) saleswoman,
12. Kewin Cavelier (28) gardener,
13. Erika Lucas,
14. Guillaume Mol (38) health insurance executive,
15. Maureen Yon (33) lawyer,
16. Steeve Lemoine,
17. Marielle Jean (48) commercial assistant,
18. Bruno Sautet (51) prevention advisor,
19. François Roux (76) retired,
20 .Eddy Marchet (48 years old) logistics team member,
21. François Pareÿt (55 years old) retired,
22. Jean-Marc Miquet (51) senior attaché,
23. Hélène Rose (28),
24. Frédéric Lecomte (52) engineer,
25. Cynthia Levacher, carer,
26. Christophe De Bray (49) caregiver,
27. Nathalie Letulle (56) architect,
28. Pascal Jacq (69) retired,
29. Catherine Troplain,
30. Kevin Monnier,
31.Elodie Dufresne (31) administrative manager,
32. Jonathan Boivin,
33. Brigitte Larue (54) maritime employee,
34. Dimitri Boivin (33) industrial cleaning,
35. Rozenn Piolet caregiver,
36. Claude Rats (67) retired,
37. Mélusine Lau (31 years old) restaurateur,
38. Yvon Piolet (79 years old) retired;
39. Christelle Goupil (51) nurse,
40. Kevin Anquetil d’Alençon,
41.Parveen Hack (61) English teacher,
42. Gérard Canel (66 years old) retired,
43. Marine Gherram,
44. Patrick Gaillard (70) retired,
45.Ingrid Verneuil,
46. ​​Gilles Goudmand (60 years old) retired,
47. Micheline Villey (77 years old) retired,
48. Fabien Groult,
49. Alexandre Palfray (29) healthcare professional,
50. Thibault Goudmand (28) operator,
51. Morgane Delaroche (32 years old) carer,
52. Bruno Chatillon (59) electrician,
53. Françoise Colinet,
54. Charles Leroux,
55. Marie-Rose Mauger,
56. Jean Turpin,
57. Carole Douville (43 years old) school teacher,
58. Didier Linquier (61) unemployed,
59. Valérie Billard (45 years old) carer,
60. Jose Romao,
61 Mireille Donnédieu.

Priorities on the list

“Many city council decisions have an impact on animals. The creation of an animal protection delegation is therefore fundamental to defending their interests, « said the list’s press release.

Its objectives will be:

  • Create a “SOS Animaux” municipal unit;
  • Insert an animal protection clause in public procurement: no animal products from intensive farming or animals killed in a slaughterhouse practicing slaughter without stunning;
  • Install caniparks in strategic places (Le Havre beach, Rouelles park, etc.);
  • Ban circuses with animals;
  • Provide financial and material assistance to animal protection associations;
  • Not grant any subsidy to activities that cause suffering for animals;
  • Sterilize stray cats and create living spaces for free cats;
  • Establish a partnership between the pound and the shelters to avoid killings;
  • Facilitate the admission of pets to nursing homes and shelters.
Insurance for Pets

in Florida, a city closes part of its park to let snakes mate – Insurance for Pets

The animals have been identified as harmless local aquatic snakes. « They are an important part of the ecosystem and should not be disturbed, » insisted the parks and gardens department of the city of Lakeland, Florida.

A decision made « to protect the public and snakes ». In the United States, a city in Florida closed part of its park on Thursday, February 13. The reason ? Residents have spotted dozens of snakes there. « It seems that they have gathered to mate « , the parks and gardens department of Lakeland, between Tampa and Orlando, explained on Facebook with a photo of a snake seen near Hollingsworth Lake.

« They are not poisonous and generally not aggressive, as long as people do not bother them », said the city’s parks and gardens department on Facebook. « Once mating is complete, they should start on their own. »

The animals have been identified as harmless local aquatic snakes. « They are most often found resting on tree branches above the water or basking in the sun on the banks », according to the municipality. « They are an important part of the ecosystem and should not be disturbed. »

Insurance for Pets

doctor fish « Dory » changes from cannibal to herbivore – – Insurance for Pets

Unique vegan fish food in Blijdorp

Herbivorous (herbivorous) fish in aquariums are fed worldwide with fish food with animal ingredients. That must have been thought differently Blijdorp Zoo. The zoo took action and is now developing its own, more natural diet for the herbivorous marine fish in the Oceanium. Everything aimed at improving the welfare of the animals.

Photo via

Ingredients fish food

The existing fish food of marine fish differs greatly from the diet of their species in the wild. All over the world they receive food of mainly animal origin, such as fishmeal. The plant-based ingredients in these foods are grown on land and not in the sea, such as corn, grain, soybeans and other beans. That’s pretty strange. There is a suspicion that this « unnatural » food is the cause of various fish diseases. An adequate diet could at least suppress various fish diseases such as marine head and line erosion. A new feed is therefore being developed in the Oceanium.

100% vegan from the sea

Animal and farmed products are omitted from this new, natural feed. It only consists of vegetable products from the sea. With this, not one but more steps are taken in the right direction. After all, avoiding the use of soy also protects the Amazon region.

Grazing fish

Most herbivorous fish are « grazers ». For example, doctor fish (known as Dory from the Disney movie) eat algae that grow on the hard surface of reefs. This natural grazing behavior is also stimulated in the Oceanium. The new fish feed is not bound with the usual gelatin of animal origin but with agar made from red and brown algae. This is spread over our artificial corals in liquid form. This gives the fish the chance to show their natural grazing behavior. For the other fish in these aquariums it is more difficult to eat with this because their pelvis is unsuitable for scraping or pulling away the food. In this way only the herbivorous fish can be added. Now they can graze longer, just like they do in nature.

Various herbivorous fish such as doctor fish, argus fish, pennant fish and bat fish swim in the coral tunnel of the Oceanium.


Insurance for Pets

Madrid wants to kill 12,000 argentine parrots – Insurance for Pets

© Stock

This was announced by the councilor for Environment and Mobility of the municipality. He emphasized that the company that will kill the parrots will do so entirely in accordance with the applicable animal protection laws. According to the latest counts, the population of Argentinian parrots has grown 33 percent in three years. The total number went from 9,000 birds in 2016 to 13,000 last year, according to data from the Spanish Association for Ornitology SEO / Birdlife. The municipality states that the parrots’cause various problems for the preservation of the urban ecosystem and for public health.  » The birds’ nests would pose a danger to the residents of the city because of the risk that they might fall.

Most Argentinian parakeets live in the Madrid region. This is followed by the Catalonia region. In these two regions together, 73 percent of the entire population lives in Spain.

Argentinian parakeet

It is about the small tropical bird species Myiopsitta monachu. The bright green critters were brought to Spain by people who wanted to sell them there or keep them as pets, but have released them. Because the bird is often kept as a pet, it is also called Argentinian parakeet. Then the birds reproduced rapidly in freedom. According to a Pacma spokeswoman, they are very « intelligent, affectionate animals that become extremely attached to the people with whom they live. People who see the birds as a plague, rather speak of their noisy and aggressive nature. Pacma is strongly opposed to the parrots being killed.

The socialist opposition in the municipality of Madrid finds the amount of 260 euros per sacrificed parrot excessive. Above all because in 2017 a plan from the same party that cost 50 euros per bird was rejected because of its ‘excessively high costs’.

Insurance for Pets

Dogs for a DNA test – The New South Tyrolean daily newspaper – Insurance for Pets

Photo: 123rf

The environmental assessor of the municipality of Bolzano is preparing for the introduction of the legally required DNA database for dogs. This year saliva and hair samples have to be submitted, penalties will be imposed from 2021.

By Thomas Vikoler

You can imagine it in a pictorial way: environmental guards from the municipality of Bozen discover dog feces on the Talfer meadows. The find is bagged and sent to a laboratory for DNA testing.

With great chances that the originator of the rubble will be identified there. The dog of Ms. X or Mister Y who failed to dispose of the faeces. A penalty of over 100 euros then flaps into the house, which also covers the costs for the DNA analysis.

This somewhat bizarre-looking scenario should already become reality in Bolzano in 2021, as the environmental department of the city council announced yesterday.

The environmental assessor is currently preparing for the introduction of the legally required DNA database for dogs. All four-legged friends registered in Bolzano will have to take the gene test later this year. A saliva or hair sample has to be given, the DNA is finally stored in a database. For comparison with the finds from the environmental guards.

The cost of the test – between 20 and 30 euros – must be borne by the dog owners. « That is logical, » said the responsible state councilor Arnold Schuler in September 2019 after the law was changed.

The state parliament had decided on the introduction of a « pet registry » through the Omnibus Act. The state administration is currently working on the implementing provisions, in which the cost issue and the exact schedule are to be regulated.

In Bozen’s town hall, however, it is assumed that the registration requirement for dogs will come into force in a few months. Afterwards, the dogs are asked to take the DNA test.

State Councilor Schuler also defended its not uncontroversial introduction by saying that it can be used to clarify whether tears or wolves were responsible for animal tears. In the former case, the animals could be identified by name.

Pile of droppings – unless they are genetically unrecognized dogs from abroad – of course as well.

The City of Bolzano will in any case become cleaner with the DNA determination, the Environmental Assessment Board is convinced. Another question is whether it is wise to launch this innovation in the election campaign for the local council elections.

Photo (s): © and / or / with © Archive Die Neue Südtiroler Tageszeitung GmbH (if no information available)

Insurance for Pets

10 times SpongeBob SquarePants tackled deep issues – Insurance for Pets

It’s hard to believe that the show that many 90s babies grew up watching Nickelodeon continues to produce new episodes. SpongeBob SquarePants is currently in its 12th season and has touched children’s lives for 21 years.

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SpongeBob is the adorably eccentric sponge living in Bikini Bottom. Each episode shows everyone’s favorite sponge with their best friends Patrick Star and Sandy Cheeks, their boss M. Krabs, their pet snail Gary and even their hateful neighbor, Squidward. And although this is a children’s show, it is mature enough that adults can sometimes enjoy what their children are watching.

But not all episodes revolve around Krabby Patties and underwater rainbows. There have been quite somber themes that tackle deep problems, a testimony from writers who incorporate the problems of life with childlike wonder. Let’s take a look at 10 episodes that have delved deeply into the problems of adults.


In the episode “Are you happy now?”, SpongeBob reads a book that contains a list of his fondest memories. Squidward, as usual, laughs at SpongeBob when he realizes that he doesn’t have a single happy memory. SpongeBob then goes on an epic expedition to create happy memories for Squidward.

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Unfortunately, all of these attempts failed, which allowed Squidward to realize that he was not a happy person. Sad and depressed, he hid at home until SpongeBob organized a party for him. But it didn’t go well either because no one came. SpongeBob ended up making life-size copies of himself to fill the space, causing Squidward to panic and destroy them – which ultimately cheered him up. It was a relatable episode for those who feel alone among a sea of ​​happy people,


The subject of a missing pet is never easy. Children are easily confused and do not know where their pet could have gone. Adults have similar emotions. In « Have you seen this snail? », Gary feels unloved and underestimated when SpongeBob is too caught up in a match. He tries to get the attention of SpongeBob but is ignored. Gary decides to leave SpongeBob in the hope of a better life without SpongeBob noticing.

This episode highlights a dark theme of humans being so consumed by technology that they can forget things that really matter (like the well-being of their pets). SpongeBob ultimately finds Gary safe and sound, but it’s a lesson we can all learn.


Squidward can work at Krusty Krab but he has never tried a Krabby Patty before « Just One Bite ». This episode shows themes of peer pressure and addiction when SpongeBob presses Squidward to try something he had no interest in trying in the first place. In the end, Squidward ended up loving Krabby Patties and became addicted to the fat burger.

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Without wanting to satisfy SpongeBob, Squidward did everything he could to sneak up a Patty Krabby without getting caught. He ended up getting so obese that he exploded and – understand that – went to hell. Talk about darkness.


There is unnecessary pressure on men to appear « manly » and strong. While this is great for those men who like to be buff, it doesn’t mean that a guy who isn’t buff is less than a man. SpongeBob hits the groundwork on this in the episode “MuscleBob BuffPants”. Sandy unintentionally insults SpongeBob by telling him that he is not strong enough. To “fit in” with other men and impress Sandy, SpongeBob buys inflatable arms that he can wear to look buff. SpongeBob liked his fake character but it wasn’t really him. He had to learn to love himself and accept his body – something that is all too real for many of us.


SpongeBob is constantly trying to impress others. He doesn’t feel the need to impress his best friend Patrick but when it comes to his job, SpongeBob will do anything to be considered an all-star fries cook. Likewise, many of us try to impress our bosses, sometimes to no avail.

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In « The Original Fry Cook », SpongeBob becomes a starstruck when Krusty Krab’s first fry cook comes to visit. SpongeBob does his best to impress him, but when he fails, he fears that he will have to quit his job and quit Bikini Bottom. In another episode, Squidward strangely surpassed SpongeBob at work, which made SpongeBob jealous that someone was being celebrated for him.


In the « Frankendoodle » episode, SpongeBob creates DoodleBob to play with Squidward. However, DoodleBob ends up being the complete opposite of SpongeBob, and is actually terror. This episode is a reminder that the things we create in existence can have consequences. The things we write, draw and say can have a lasting effect on those around us.


SpongeBob is such a cute sponge that the hardest thing he can do is probably to leave the Krusty Krab and stop cooking delicious Krabby pancakes. But in « Nasty Patty », SpongeBob takes a dark turn when a health inspector comes to town. Mr. Krabs got the impression that this so-called health inspector is fraudulent in search of free food, so they made him a disturbing version of the Krabby Patty.

Before the inspector takes a bite, he chokes on the fly and passes out, causing Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob to believe that he died from their burger. In fact, this guy was not a fraudster – he was a real health inspector. To hide what they have done, they decide to bury the body.

Contaminated food, impostors and murder? It’s a lot to manage for a children’s show.


Bullying is a dark subject for children, but it is important that they learn about bullying from an early age so that they do not become bullying themselves, and that they know what to do in case they are bully victims. SpongeBob touches the foundation of this dark theme in the cleverly titled “The Bully” episode.

In the episode, SpongeBob returns to boating school when he meets his classmate, Flats. In class, Flats the Flounder tells SpongeBob that he is going to « kick his ass », which scares SpongeBob out of school. He finally returns to where he is joined by the students after facing his bully and becoming a hero.


Making friends can easily happen to children, but as we age, it can be incredibly difficult. It can be difficult to connect with other adults and find things in common. It is even more difficult to reach out to someone who seems to need friends but who is not receptive to the concept.

In « F.U.N. », SpongeBob tries to befriend Plankton because he is concerned that Plankton may be alone. After all, Plankton doesn’t have too many people on his doorstep to be friends with him. And while SpongeBob’s friendship has had an impact for a short time, plankton is too mean to be friends with someone so sweet.


The spread of illness and disease is a serious matter, which can be too difficult to understand when you are a child. But SpongeBob SquarePants has done a great job of showing how quickly germs spread in “Fungus Among Us”.

After the SpongeBob is eaten by a fungus, it continues to grow throughout the day. Instead of dealing with it, it goes to work where it eventually spreads to customers eating its burgers. The illness becomes so uncontrollable that SpongeBob must isolate himself. This episode is a great lesson from the flu season and how easily germs (and fungi) spread.

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Star Wars: 10 Hilarious Kylo Ren Memes That Are Too Funny

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Layne is a nomad who travels the world in search of his next adventure. Passionate about being outdoors (and finding the best café au lait in town), Layne enjoys writing about her favorite subjects and shows. When you can’t find her playing outside, you can find her writing in the nearest cafe.

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Pet Insurance market sales, income, price and gross margin 2020-2022 – MillauJournal – Insurance for Pets

Pet Insurance Industry 2020 World Market Research Report presents an in-depth analysis of the Pet Insurance market size, growth, share, segments, manufacturers and technologies, key trends, drivers of the market, challenges, standardization, deployment models, opportunities, future roadmaps and 2022 forecasts.

This report examines the market for Pet Insurance, pet insurance is a specialty property and damage insurance policy that pet owners buy to cover non costs contingencies that arise in the provision of care for a pet, including veterinary services such as surgical procedures, injuries caused by accidents, and prescribed medication for company. Pet Insurance is only a reimbursement program. A form of property and damage insurance, pet insurance reimburses the owner after the pet has received the required care and the owner applies to the insurance company.,

Request a copy of the report at

World Market Insurance Pet Insurance 2020 provides an overview of the industry, including definitions, classifications, applications and the chain structure of the industry. Global Market Analysis Pet Insurance is planned for international markets, including development trends, competitive landscape analysis and key developing state regions. Development policies and plans are discussed, as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures are also analyzed. This report also shows import / export consumption, supply and demand figures, cost, price, earnings and gross margins.

Global Pet Insurance Industry 2020 Market Research Report provides exclusive demographic statistics, data, information, trends and details of the competitive landscape in this niche industry.

competition in the global Pet Insurance market by top manufacturers, with production, price, revenue (value) and market share for each manufacturer; TOP players including

Petplan UK (Allianz)
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  Anicom holding
 ipet insurance
  Japan Club Animals

The report also highlights the main industry leading players in the global pet insurance market providing information such as company profiles, product image and specifications, capacity, production, price , cost, income and contact information. Upstream of raw materials and equipment and downstream demand analysis is also carried out. Trends in the development of the global Pet Insurance market and marketing channels are analyzed. Finally, the feasibility of new investment projects are assessed and the conclusions of the global research offered.

With tables and figures to help analyze the global pet insurance market, this research provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction to companies and interested individuals. By the market.

Buy this report @

Pet Insurance Breakdown of data by type

Lifetime coverage
  Non-life Cover
  Accident only

Pet Insurance breakdown given by the application


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Mouse quarrel, economic crisis in Lebanon, Covid-19 … a week of news in pictures – Insurance for Pets

The subway platform is almost deserted. Two mice come to paws in London (United Kingdom). Rodent quarrel for a small crumb. Men face off in a pitched battle in Lebanon, a country plagued by the economic and political crisis. A Canadair cuts through the air of Corsica in the middle of winter to put out a fire. The Corsicans are angry. Fires in the maquis and temperature record: almost 28 ° C in February.

They say they want to bring warmth, by transforming balls of wool into hats or slippers for children. Moselle’s knitting grannies have a new challenge: to make soft beds for Australian koalas. When the epidemic crosses the borders in South Korea, weddings are held at the time of Covid-19. Photos of the masked bride and groom before the ball.

The News

The other topics of the news

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Crafty Ponies big winner of Horses Product of the Year election – Insurance for Pets

Crafty Ponies horse cuddle + instruction booklet was named overall winner of the Horses Product of the Year election tonight. At the festive award ceremony at Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn-De Cantharel, this educational horse hug emerged as the best product of all 63 nominated products and services. « The quality exudes from it, a great concept, » the jury said.

Category Services & Knowledge

Crafty Ponies horse hug + instruction booklet first came out as the best in the Services & Knowledge category. When the overall winner was announced from all ten category winners, Rob Wip, the man behind Crafty Ponies Netherlands, was once again allowed to take the podium.
With Crafty Ponies, children can learn more about ponies and horses in a playful way. This is done through realistic miniature horse hugs, grooming and equipment sets, but also with the help of online videos and pony lessons in the Crafty Ponies Pony Club. The public thinks this product is a wonderful way to introduce children to the care and treatment of horses in a playful way. The enthusiastic professional jury gave Crafty Ponies a unanimous ten for innovation and appearance.

“Wow! Really incredibly cool! ”, Responds Rob Wip, the man behind Crafty Ponies Netherlands. “Our horse hugs are focused on knowledge, to teach children from an early age how to deal with horses. We focus a lot on safety. We have spent months and months making everything right. Because we want to teach children everything the right way! It is very cool to win these prizes with that now! ”

The book « Think first, then save! » Came in second in this category. In this book, former firefighter Harko Kwakernaat shares his forty years of experience in rescuing horses from emergencies. The public finds this book groundbreaking with practice-oriented information and the jury praises it for its employability and innovative character.
Find your Buitenrit, a platform for finding and reserving outrides, came third.

Category Training

Team by Jill, the online platform of international Grand Prix rider Jill Huijbregts, won the award in the Training category. Through instructional videos, Jill Huijbregts gives online dressage training for anyone who wants to develop in equestrian sports, from beginner to Grand Prix. The public is enthusiastic about its educational videos with clear explanations. The jury judges this service as a well-applied concept in the dressage world with broad accessibility.

Jill Huijbregts appears on stage with a big smile. “I’m not used to telling anything without a horse! I started as a little girl at the riding school and eventually, through a very big dream, I grew up as an international rider. Very often I was asked if I wanted to teach other riders. And that is why I came up with something that is very widely accessible and educational for the general public. « 

One Switch Equestrian Coaching coaches riders from all disciplines in the field of equestrian vitality and thus achieved second place. With guidance in the field of rider-specific training, nutrition, work-rest ratio and mental well-being, the enthusiastic One Switch team makes a difference for riders on both a technical and personal level. The jury therefore considers this service to be a good, affordable supplement for riders.
Third came SURE FOOT Equine Stability Pads, an innovative way to increase the balance and movement of your horse. By placing the horse on different SURE FOOT stability / balance pads, a new consciousness is activated in the horse’s brain.

Category From the tack room – saddles

The Graziozo saddle with pelvic analysis is the best in the category From the tack room saddles. This innovative dressage saddle has been developed to create an optimal pelvic position and mobility. Together with the physiotherapist / pelvic specialist, a computer pelvic analysis can be made to gain a better insight into where the points for improvement lie. And the specially developed tree contributes to more freedom of movement for the horse. Consumers are very enthusiastic about the service and notice a positive difference in their own attitude. The professional jury finds the saddle with the analysis a great combination.

“A good start to your sitting starts with your saddle and the balance and stability of you as a rider. That is why we have involved the flexchair with the Graziozo saddles to make the saddle fit perfectly. Of course we also adjust the saddle to the horse to complete the puzzle ”, says co-developer, physical therapist and Heavy Tour rider Dimphy van Oss.

Dressage saddle Rococco was the number two in this category. This saddle has a high positioned knee and thighs to support the rider even better. To maximize the comfort of the horse, the tree has been developed according to the latest knowledge. Consumers praise this saddle for its good location and beautiful finish. The jury believes that the broader twist responds to the demand of many combinations.
Third came Build My Baines, an application that gives you as a rider the opportunity to compile your handmade Frank Baines saddle completely yourself.

Category From the tack room – other

In the category From the tack room – other, the anatomical bar and bar bridle Equitus Gamma received the highest rating. The curved noseband bypasses the sensitive nerve at the head. The bite bit is attached to the noseband with a button nail and the rod is attached to the extended baking pieces, so that the bits lie more stable in the horse’s mouth. The public is very enthusiastic about this contribution to horse welfare. The jury believes that this anatomical bridle has a beautiful appearance and appreciates the innovative cooperation with the faculty in Berlin during the development.

“The anatomical bridle bridle is already known, and we also wanted to realize this with a bar and bridle bridle. That is more complicated than with a bridle bridle and we have developed this bridle together with the faculty in Berlin, « said Patrick Jurriens, representative of Schockemöhle Sports.

The Kettner Clip was second in this category. This innovative bridle number tightens itself securely by simply sliding the clip onto the cover or the bridle. A nice and solid product, according to jury and public.
Third was the bridle TB Pro, which is designed to minimize strain on the horse’s head.

Category Care – health

Werkman BLACK was head and shoulders above the other products in the Healthcare – Health category. With this mobile gait analysis system for farriers it is possible to monitor gait change over a horse over time. High-precision sensors digitally record the smallest hoof movements and convert them into a 3D animation with easy-to-interpret overviews. Both the public and the jury label Werkman BLACK as a valuable addition to the farrier.

Christel Werkman: “With this we think we have a revolution for farriers. It has been developed together with farriers and has therefore become very easy to use. « 

High Power Laser, a device with which high power laser therapy can be carried out, took second place. The use of red and infrared light can promote the recovery of wounds and injuries and alleviate chronic or acute pain. The jury believes that this laser has a good price-quality ratio.
Third was the Magnetic blanket of Magnetic Healthcare. The magnets in this blanket are stitched in the neck and back around important muscle groups, which can improve blood circulation. The jury is enthusiastic about the quality of this magnetic blanket.

Category Care – other

The Kettner Plaiting Kit is very useful if you are braiding your horse and is therefore the winner of the Other care category. This handmade braid bag made of genuine cow leather is a handy solution for anyone who wants to braid his horse easily and quickly, because you have it practically at hand. Consumers call this braid bag practical and fashionable and the jury describes it as an efficient product.

“I really did not expect to win! Many people put their horse’s braids in their pockets and then they lose things or fall to the ground. The Plaiting Kit has all the handy compartments for all braid stuff, with which you can work very well, « says Elise Kettner.

Leovet Leather care product, a very complete leather care line, finished second. The products from this line are free from petroleum and contain high-quality fats and oils to ensure that the leather remains smooth and beautiful. The jury is enthusiastic about the focus on sustainability.

Category Equestrian equipment

The award in the Equestrian Equipment category went to uvex elexxion. The built-in shell and hardshell are the two most important technologies in this riding helmet, creating a lightweight helmet with the highest impact resistance. The helmet’s individually adjustable shield ventilation system keeps your head cool and is an absolute lightweight at 460 grams. The audience is very enthusiastic about the light weight, the good fit and the good quality. The jury finds it interesting how two techniques merge into one helmet and describes the product as a safe, beautiful helmet with a good price-quality ratio.

Patrick Jurriens, representative of uvex: “This helmet has only been on the market for about four months and is already very well received. Great to also win this prize! ”

Second place in this category was also won by a product from uvex, namely the crx 700 glove. The functional materials on the palm ensure high functionality while driving. Thanks to the Schoeller® softshell, these riding gloves are ideal in wind, humidity and cold. Consumers praise these gloves for their good grip.
Quick Jodphurs & Easy Chaps from Sergio Grasso finished third. This riding footwear is environmentally friendly and made with innovative, high-quality and non-animal materials.

Category In and around the stable

In the category In and around the barn, the Aqua2Go mobile competition shower won the prize. An ideal shower for taking summers with you on competitions, but also for spraying your horse with warm water in the winter. Thanks to the adjustable spray position, the Aqua2Go can be used for both the horse, the driving cart and trailer. Consumers find the product super handy and user-friendly. The jury finds the shower very well thought out and innovative.

“A little hobby of mine created this product. And now it has become a very handy shower for competitions! ”, Says Alfred Mulder, who is standing on the stage smiling.

In second place is the Dekenhoes, which was developed to protect a horse blanket against dirt, moisture and to minimize the spread of diseases and fungi. There are two models: one for the blanket racks on larger stables and one for the suspension brackets mounted on barn doors or in the trailer. Consumers are happy that the blankets with this product remain dust-free, clean and tidy.
The MAYO Horse mattress became third. With this hygienic surface, substantial savings on the costs of the litter are possible. The soft structure and compressibility of MAYO products offer maximum grip in all circumstances.

Category Supplements

The award in the Supplements category came in the name of Phytonics Gluco balance. This supplement focuses on healthy sugar management. In horses with a lot of fat storage, always hungry and never satisfied or having to be in the danger zone, the glucose balance is possible, due to an excess of sugars in food. Gluco balance can help to get the sugar balance in the body back in the right direction. It contains herbs, minerals and vitamins for a good function of the stomach and pancreas and supports the cleansing effect of the liver, the hormonal balance and the conversion processes in the body. Consumers are enthusiastic about the results achieved. The professional jury calls the supplement a proven product with good results.

“We see that horses get a lot of sugars through food and grass. This supplement can be regulated better with this supplement. It ensures that the glucose can be better absorbed into the cells, « says Irene Rol, the director / owner of Phytonics (NML Health).

Bonpard Resistance won second place in this category. This supplement has been specially developed for horses that lack resistance, such as horses with itching, skin bumps, mug, eczema or an autumn dip. Bonpard Resistance has been compiled on the basis of scientific knowledge by veterinarian and animal nutrition specialist Anneke Hallebeek. Consumers have many positive user experiences and appreciate the scientific basis. The jury points out the social relevance by guarantee via the vet as a positive point.
Natural’Digest, a prebiotic that is used for an improved intestinal flora, came third. This supplement acts as a buffer in the stomach, which reduces stomach ulcers.

Category Enter

Pavo FiberBeet was unbeatable in the Feed category. Pavo FiberBeet has been specially developed for conditional horses and ponies. It is a carefully assembled combination of SpeediBeet (beet pulp flakes), alfalfa and highly digestible fibers from soybean hulls with a touch of Fenugreek (fenugreek) for the palatability. The product is completely grain-free and also contains a very low sugar and starch content. The public describes Pavo FiberBeet as a high-quality product that is quick and easy to prepare. The jury appreciates that the product is very well developed in consultation with the target group and also sees the quick preparation as an advantage.

“FiberBeet has been developed to bring horses back to weight in a healthy way. Because we have a lot to do with older horses that are difficult to maintain their weight and suffer from sugars ”, says content manager at Pavo Liselotte Bosch and food advisor Ragne Verhoeven.

OerBalans became second in the Feed category. This product is full of herbs, vitamins and minerals for your horse. They contain fibers and substances that support digestive processes, waste disposal and the overall metabolism. Consumers notice that horses are literally better in their own skin and fur and use it as a nice addition. The jury also sees it as a good product.
EquilinGROW – « Feeding the new » became third. Current statistics on horses with colic, stomach ulcers and stereotyped behavior confirm that at least 1.5% of the body weight in dry matter (DS) of fiber / roughage per day must be given to prevent this. From the age of one year, horses have no extra need for energy, with sufficient suitable roughage. There is, however, a need for easily absorbable minerals, good proteins, natural vitamin E and probiotics, which EquilinGROW provides.

Explanation about the election

In this eighth edition of the Horses Product of the Year election no less than 63 equestrian products and services have been nominated, subdivided into ten categories. The election was organized by Eisma Horsesmedia, publisher of Bit, Dressuur, Paardenkrant and, and made possible by Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn-De Cantharel.

At the end of 2019, horse lovers could vote for their favorite products and services via the website At the beginning of January the jury of experts met in Apeldoorn to assess the products and services. The jury panel consisted of chairman Dirk Willem Rosie (chief editor Paardenkrant and, Solange Schrijer (physiotherapist and horse chiropractor), Bastiaan de Recht (Grand Prix rider), Hank van Campen (veterinarian), Wendy Scholten (equestrian journalist and horsewoman) and Mariëtte van der Zande (nutritionist). The consumer votes and the opinion of the professional jury both counted – 30% and 70% respectively – in the final result.

Equestrian package winners

Eisma Horsesmedia was able to raffle off two rider packages among the voters of the Horses Product of the Year Award at the Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn-De Cantharel. This package consists of:
– An overnight stay for two people
– Dinner with live cooking and breakfast
– 2 luxury horse boxes
– Including all the facilities of the Paardenhotel

The winners will receive a personal message.

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Kiniver procession Leivere – Nederweert24 – Insurance for Pets

Friday, February 21, 2020, the annual Kinjer procession of Primary School De Zonnehof in Leveroy is in Leveroy.

Kiniver procession Leivere

The children are already thinking about what they want to become and are busy tinkering. Like other years, it will be a beautiful parade.

Pay attention!!
The route will be different from other years.

The procession starts this year at 13.11 in the parking lot at room Wetemans. From there the procession goes to Haveshof / Liesjeshoek / Kerkstraat / Reulisweg / Huitje / Sillenhoek / Kapelstraat / Kerkveldstraat / Barbarastraat / Past. de Fauwestraat / Dorpstraat / Room de Pestoeërskoel.

Without an audience it is not nice to show your creations. Everyone can come and watch, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, pets you name it … Everyone!

« We look forward to seeing you along the route, if it is busy along the route, it is more fun for the children« The organization said.

Insurance for Pets

Nestlé: dividend increase of over 10% is strongest since 2010 – buy it! Stock Analysis (Vontobel Research) | Shares of the day – Insurance for Pets

Zurich ( – Nestlé stock analysis by analyst Jean-Philippe Bertschy from Vontobel Research:

Jean-Philippe Bertschy, stock analyst at Vontobel Research, continues to advise in a recent stock analysis to buy the share of the food company Nestlé S.A. (ISIN: CH0038863350, WKN: A0Q4DC, ticker symbol: NESR, SIX Swiss Ex: NESN, Nasdaq OTC symbol: NSRGF).

Organic growth met expectations: 3.5% organic growth with a RIG of 2.9% and a price level of 0.6%. Except for the Waters division, which had a strong 4Q, all regions and departments had met analyst expectations with regard to RIG and prices.

Margin +60 bp: This corresponds to the analyst’s forecast. Here, too, there are hardly any differences compared to given analyst expectations; the exception is Waters, where there has been a slight decline offset by PetCare’s continued strong profitability. The underlying EPS forecast increased by 11.1% in constant W., a strong performance.

Only cash is true: The strong free cash flow rose by 10.9% to a record level of 11.9 billion or 12.9% of sales, an increase of 250 bp compared to the FY17. Main reasons: more effective investments and an inflow of working capital (VontE: outflow). The ROIC rose by 20 bp to 12.3%.

All projects on track: Sale of the US ice cream business on January 31 completed (analyst forecast: March 31); Exit from the US DSD business (pizza and ice cream) six months earlier than planned.

Outlook for 2020: Increase in organic sales growth (against consensus expectations of 3.9%), margin improvement (consensus: +60 bp), restructuring costs of CHF 500 million; it was too early to quantify the financial impact of the coronavirus.

Investors could now focus on slightly lower organic growth and the operating profit margin. Bertschy would rather highlight the underlying sustainable improvements over the past year. All projects are on track. Since 2017, over 50 transactions have been carried out, which corresponds to 12% of sales and a contribution of 35 bp to organic growth in FY19: This demonstrates highly efficient portfolio management. In addition, Nestlé anticipates a stable free cash flow as a percentage of sales of 12% and an ROIC that will increase towards 15%. The case is far from being discussed.

Jean-Philippe Bertschy, Vontobel Research stock analyst, confirms his « buy » rating for the Nestlé stock. The target price was CHF 116.00. (Analysis from February 13th, 2020)

Please also note information on the obligation to disclose in the event of a conflict of interest within the meaning of Directive 2014/57 / EU and corresponding EU regulations for the analyst house mentioned at the following link.

Stock exchanges Nestlé shares:

L&S share price Nestlé share:
97.82 EUR -2.38% (13.02.2020, 15:06)

SIX Swiss Exchange share price Nestlé share:
104.18 CHF -2.71% (13.02.2020, 14:51)

ISIN Nestlé share:

WKN Nestlé share:

Ticker symbol Nestlé share:

SIX Swiss Exchange ticker symbol Nestlé share:

Nasdaq OTC ticker symbol Nestlé share:

Brief profile of Nestlé S.A .:

Nestlé (ISIN: CH0038863350, WKN: A0Q4DC, ticker symbol: NESR, SIX Swiss Ex: NESN, Nasdaq OTC symbol: NSRGF) is the world’s largest food manufacturer and the recognized number one in nutrition, health and well-being. Nestlé products are available all over the world. In addition to frozen products, various beverages (coffee, tea, mineral water, etc.), dairy products and confectionery, pharmaceutical products, special foods and products for pets are also manufactured. The best-known brands of the group include Nescafé, Nesquik, Maggi, Thomy, KitKat, Buitoni, LC1, Smarties and many more.

With the takeover of the baby food division from Pfizer in 2012, the group is also active in this area. In addition, Nestlé is testing the health benefits of its products in the sports nutrition area of ​​the company’s high-tech center in Lausanne. Here, Nestlé Health Science works on the development of special foods that should help with diabetes, cardiovascular problems or Alzheimer’s. The company has manufacturing facilities around the world. (02.13.2020 / ac / a / a)

Disclosure of possible conflicts of interest:

You can view possible conflicts of interest on the website of the creator / source of the analysis.

Insurance for Pets

Analysis of the cost structure of the market for pet health products in Europe, application, type of investment and regional forecasts by 2025 – Insurance for Pets

QYReports publishes known statistical reports in a huge database called Europe Pet Health Products Market. Market research is organized using primary and secondary research techniques. Analytical reports also include various key aspects that shape the future of the business. It also offers several approaches to frequently increase customer growth. New market research reports provide relevant information on the Europe Pet Health Products global market. Researchers are also paying attention to current market scenarios, historical records and forecasts of future market growth.

Get a sample copy of this report at

Key strategic manufacturers: Nestle
John Morrell
K9 Natural
Bayer Health
Ark Naturals
Liquid Health

Japan, India, China, Vietnam and Australia have been the subject of numerous surveys based on the productivity of several leading companies. In addition, a better understanding of the key factors affecting market growth highlights the drivers and constraints. The growing demand for Europe Pet Health Products is an important approach to move the market. To discover global opportunities, the markets highlight specific sales methodologies. The main part of the research report describes the main operational steps which have an impact on the progress of the Europe Pet Health Products market.

Get a reasonable discount on this premium report at

It details the drivers and constraints of the global industrial market and helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Market analysis tools such as SWOT and Porter’s Five model are widely used to assess business strategies. This study provides an overview of the main market players to better understand the business. The main industries mentioned in this survey report are Europe Pet Health Products. Includes Europe Pet Health Products global market segmentation so you can explore the market in detail. The report provides a wide range of key approaches followed by better performing companies.

The Europe Pet Health Products global market report includes the key points from the table of contents:

Section 1: Presentation of the Europe Pet Health Products world market

Section 2: Impact on the world economy

Section 3: Competition by manufacturer

Section 4: Regions of production, income (value) (2019-2024)

Section 5: Supply (production), consumption, exports and imports by region (2019-2024)

Section 6: Price trends by production, income (value) and type

Section 7: Analysis of manufacturing costs

Section 8: Industry chains, supply strategies, downstream buyers

Section 9: Analysis of the marketing strategy, distributor / trader

Section 10: Global Analysis of Europe Pet Health Products Market Factors

Purchase a copy of this report at

In this study, the following years are considered to estimate the size of the Europe Pet Health Products market:

Historical year: 2014-2018

Reference year: 2018

Estimated year: 2019

Forecast for 2020 to 2027.

About us:

At QYReports, a leading market research report published, we welcome more than 4,000 famous customers worldwide, which enhances them in today’s competitive world through our understanding of research . Our client list includes prestigious Chinese companies, multinational companies, SMEs and private equity companies that we have helped develop and maintain through our factual research. Our business study covers a market size of over 30 sectors providing flawless analytics to rethink your business. We specialize in forecasting to invest in a new project, revolutionize your business, become more customer-centric and improve the quality of production.

Contact us:


Jones John

+ (1) 786-292-8164

204, Professional Center,

7950 NW 53rd Street, Miami, Florida 33166