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Brexit. What will really change from Saturday? – Insurance for Pets

At midnight French time on January 31, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union. But the effects of Brexit (for ? British exit) will, in reality, be barely visible the next morning. It will take until December 31, 2020, the end of the transition period provided for in the agreement between London and Brussels, to really cut the bridges. Unless there is a further extension, possible until the end of 2022, if both parties agree.

This reprieve should allow the British and Europeans to renegotiate one to one some 600 international agreements (trade, traffic, justice, defense, etc.).

For expatriates?

In this 1st In February, the 3.2 million EU nationals living in the United Kingdom and the 1.2 million British in Europe are obviously not asked to leave. They still retain all their rights (work, pensions, social security, etc.), at least until December 31, 2020.

Europeans expatriated across the Channel must, however, if they have not already done so, take steps to obtain a « settled status » (residence). So far, the European Parliament has worried, most have only obtained temporary and not permanent residence status.

For travelers?

Since the United Kingdom is not a member of the Schengen area, a passport or identity card is already required to get there. Nothing new, therefore, at first. Ditto for the European health insurance card, necessary in the event of hospitalization in the United Kingdom: it remains valid for the time being. And after that ? Everything will depend on the negotiations to come.

Note however a concrete change for the British: they will be able to benefit from this 1st February, a national passport, blue in color, which will no longer bear the words « European Union ».

The British will benefit from a national passport, in blue color, on which will no longer appear the mention « European Union ». | REUTERS

For pets?

Over 300,000 European cats, dogs, ferrets and other pets travel to the UK each year for vacation or to live there. And about 250,000 farts British do the opposite. Their conditions of entry or exit from the country will not vary, until December 31, 2020. Just barely will they, as before, be microchipped and up to date with their vaccinations. For the rest, everything is possible: new vaccines (rabies, etc.), quarantine at the border, etc. These arrangements will also be at the heart of the upcoming negotiations between London and Brussels.

For “duty free”?

The United Kingdom remains in the customs union until the end of the transitional period. So there is no question, for the moment, of re-establishing duty free: if product taxes are settled in the country of purchase, the EU does not impose any restrictions on the quantity of alcohol or tobacco. Customs will continue to ask, beyond 800 cigarettes and 10 liters of spirits acquired in the United Kingdom, if these products are intended for personal consumption, recalls the European Consumer Center.

For the driving license?

The European driving license will remain valid in the United Kingdom for the next few years, confirmed the British government. After the transitional period, on the other hand, the British could be forced to acquire an international permit to circulate in the EU, unless otherwise agreed.

For Erasmus +?

The student exchange program is maintained for the time being: Europeans who are already studying or doing an internship in the United Kingdom and British people in a Member State will be able to complete their studies under the same conditions, continuing to receive their scholarships. What happens next will also depend on the negotiations to come.

In 2016, in front of the University of Newcastle in the north-east of England, students hostile to Brexit were distributing leaflets to convince students to vote against Brexit. Their fear: the impact of the withdrawal on Erasmus programs. | David Ademas Archive, WEST FRANCE

For customs tariffs?

Nothing changes until December 31. Beyond that, Northern Ireland, the only British province to have a common land border with an EU country (the Republic of Ireland), will enjoy a special status. Goods produced in Northern Ireland will continue to flow to the EU without control. Those imported into Northern Ireland from Great Britain or a third country (non-European), and intended for the European market, will however be subject to customs controls in the ports or airports of Northern Ireland where they will arrive.

For fishermen?

The question of access to British territorial waters for European fishermen is already shaping up to be one of the main areas of tension to be feared in the upcoming negotiations between London and Brussels. But fishermen can continue as before, at least until December 31, 2020.

For the British in our cities?

757 Britons are elected to French municipal councils: it is the most represented nationality among the 2,500 non-French elected representatives of European origin. During the March 2020 elections, they will no longer be allowed to run on the lists, unless they have taken care to change their nationality, to acquire that of France … or another Member State. Same scenario for voters: the British will no longer have the right to vote in France.

For the British in Brussels?

They pack up. From this 1st February, the British no longer have the right to sit in European institutions, nor to take part in debates and votes. Their country, on the other hand, will continue, until the end of the transition period, to pay its contribution to the European budget, and will remain subject to all European rules and legislation.

The departure of the 73 British MEPs from the European Parliament leaves a big void. The number of elected officials rose from 751 to 705. Twenty-seven seats were also redistributed to demographically under-represented Member States. France recovers five…

For English in Brussels?

Among the 24 official languages ​​recognized by the European Union, according to the treaties (art. 352 of the TFEU and art. 55 of the TEU), English remains the most widely used within the institutions. According to European treaties, each new member state is free to indicate « its » language at the very moment of its accession. In theory, Brexit requires, English – chosen by the United Kingdom alone – could therefore disappear. But that would require a unanimous vote of the 27 states. It seems unlikely that Ireland and Malta – which had promoted Gaelic and Maltese when they joined – would give up English, the common language of their countries.

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You couldn’t miss it. Stop sending mittens to Australia! – Insurance for Pets

A koala injured in fires with mittens at the end of its legs. (AFP)

Australia no longer wants mittens for its Koalas. You know that the country has been ravaged by monster fires, that millions of hectares have gone up in smoke, that millions of animals have perished or been seriously injured …
Among them, the koalas. We have all seen these images of koalas, with burned legs.

The animal rescue collective craft guide has therefore launched an appeal: help us we need blankets, pockets and mittens for our injured koalas.
The idea is to put the cream on the legs of the koala and put the mittens on it so that it cannot touch it. Result, the appeal was heard.

And there is the beautiful story. In Canada, for example, a Facebook group employs almost 15,000 people to knit mittens. In France, in England too everyone started knitting. In short: generosity, mobilization, we love the world when it is like that. Except that our knitters may have invested a little too much in their mission.

Enough is enough ! We can no longer receive mittens, it’s super nice but we no longer know where to put them. The heads of associations, the volunteers when they see the mittens coming, they no longer want to say that it’s cute. They are at the end of the line.

The problem is that with this deluge of good intentions, there is no longer room to store everything. Some volunteers had to rent boxes at their own expense to put the mittens. An association did not go there by four paths and published this message: « Thank you for your support, your solidarity, your kind words and thoughts, and the items made so far. Please do not send items to Australia again. »

And don’t try to fall back on blankets or kangaroo pockets because it’s the same. Sometimes too many good intentions kill good intentions.

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The unreasonable human being and the unreasonable animal – Insurance for Pets

How many animals were killed, killed or killed in the last day, last month or last year? Worldwide at least 150 billion ‘consumption’ animals on an annual basis, 1.8 million animals per day in Dutch slaughterhouses and more than 1 billion animals in recent forest fires in Australia.

Most people don’t even dizzy anymore. To be honest, it makes little sense to call them. After all, the animal remains the object of our thinking, man is the center of existence. Political and social discussions rarely or never concern fundamental questions in the human-animal relationship. What can humans use the other animal for, what does it mean that animals have self-esteem, does the animal have rights and what interests must we weigh against each other?

Cc photo: Michael Strobel

In 2020 people are still unreasonable, activists are desperate and animals are unreasonable. The debate about the intrinsic value of the animal, the integrity and rights of animals can finally be held. If not, let’s be honest and definitively record that animals are simply goods forever and ever. The uncivilized occupation of the earth by humans is then the realistic reality in which slavery, exploitation and destruction of animals is the prevailing standard.

However, it is good not only to remove stone historical statues from their pedestal, but to raise living man from the height and to descend within the nature of which he is and remains a part.

Farewell to anthropocentrism
We still live in the collective delusion that actions towards animals have no moral consequences. (Western) society has not come much further than criminalizing individual animal abuse and establishing what welfare rules are. Institutional, cultural, religious and scientific atrocities against animals are commonplace. You could even call it a universal cultural heritage. Slaughterhouses are the largest places where blood flows from young animals, those who love bullfighting go to Spain, to see a cock on a pole for three days there is an island to be found, we allow the knife to be cut into a prayer without anesthesia and testing white bunnies to see if batteries are toxic is no moral problem. The dull person who is alienated from living nature and only moves within the walls of a created cruel cultural world where human interests are concerned.

Where nature comes into the picture, it is there for humans. Debates about whether or not to eat meat are mainly related to the climate crisis. Even with regard to climate, environmental and nature issues, there is the pitfall of the anthropocentric paradigm. Let us tackle the crises for us, humanity, to give the children a future. The non-human animals are additional damage. The farewell to anthropocentrism is too painful for modern people. God has been declared dead in the West, alive and kicking out there, rational science has been embraced, but animals still act in our minds based on their instincts. People have freed themselves from their gods, started to behave like a new god with dominion over all the biological results of evolution. Man is seen by man himself as a supernatural creative force with « reason » and « free will. »

What do we not want to know and why not?

Animals are not machines and people are not gods – perhaps with the exception of Pele, Maradona, Cruijff and Messi – because it is certain that many other « higher » animals have an urge to explore and are eager to learn in a way that goes far beyond their instinct. The animal is a feeling, knowing and willing creature. Your human is less unique than you think. Animals other than you feel pain, experience stress and anxiety. An animal has knowledge about its environment and acts to investigate and find. The animal also has an intrinsic value.

This means that animals, irrespective of their usefulness for humans, have an self-esteem that is not automatically subordinate to human interests. This legal recognition means that the interest of the animal must be made transparent and must be weighed against other relevant interests.

Even if animals do not suffer, the question is whether everything is allowed by what humans want. It is about respect and integrity. Integrity means that the wholeness and integrity of an animal must be respected. Respect the uniqueness of the animal to prevent it from being a parts factory for the purposes of humans. And not to mention the species-specific behavior of the animal: being able to move, play, reproduce, investigate and so on. Everything animals cannot or hardly do in intensive livestock farming. It is about more than just the meat. About the entire relationship between humans and other animals.

Can it be about more than one ounce of meat?
In this first 20 years of the new century, the terms intrinsic value, integrity, species-specific behavior have shifted to the distant background and have been forgotten. Not to mention the echo of animal rights, what is that again? Health and well-being are sometimes discussed, but it is mainly about saving the planet so that people can go to amusement and nature parks in a reasonable climate in 2050 and afterwards probably eat cultured meat, 3D-printed meat or vegetable meat substitutes with the taste and bite of meat.

The debate about the self-esteem of animals, their integrity, the rights of animals and the trade-offs between interests must be conducted. Back in the west and of course the earth keeps on saving and fighting the climate crises is important, but don’t do it only for your own species. What do we miss within the social movement?

In the Netherlands there are a number of excellent animal interest organizations. Encourage animal protection and Wakker Dier that encourage people to consume more consciously. Yes, we know, animal-friendly meat does not exist, but you also do not believe in mirror fairy tales that everyone will become vegan? Only calling « Go Vegan » does not save the planet and few animals. There are many organizations that enter the field of animal suffering in many ways to bring about a change. Because there are many types of consumers and therefore many strategies are also desperately needed.

But the social movement is missing something. There is a political branch, the PvdD, but something is needed outside of it. An (inter) national organization that puts animal rights on the agenda and achieves more successes. A well-known man or woman who, with the help of many, in a professional structure and open culture, loosens the discussion from the anthropocentric old classical view. I don’t care much who jumps in the gap within the social movement. Although I hear a song in my head: Go, Go, Marianne, lead us, deliver the animals, now from the tyrants and set us free! And make us free! Perhaps a new non-parliamentary association or foundation, with an already familiar face, achieves much more than fairly repetitive discussions with positions taken within a political system.

Man, God, Darwin and Animal. In 2020 people can start again with the downing of stuck human placards that we will be ashamed of 100 years later. Life is worth everything and life is about the quality of life for people and for all other animals.

Let’s tear away a tear from all animal suffering and then decide that we will do it differently, better and above all more morally. The animal is entitled to it. It is about more than one ounce of meat or a slice of vega sausage.

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Police « rescue » six abandoned dog puppies in cardboard boxes in Toledo – Health Insurance





Alerted by the residents of the area, agents of the Local Police of Toledo went on Monday to a street in the Historic Center of Toledo where they had abandoned a litter of dogs young, barely one month of life. The animals, with black hair, were in cardboard boxes.

It was a neighbor who noticed what happened and immediately notified the Local Police, that in his facebook networks he reconvened these attitudes of annihilation to citizens. Agents picked up the puppies and they were transferred to a protective of animals of the city.

Police say they are unaware of the reasons for this abandonment, but remember that « it is a crime to abandon domestic animals in conditions that endanger their lives or their integrity, » and they appreciate citizen collaboration.

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Therapy dogs to help students with learning difficulties in Tres Cantos | BE North Madrid | Time 14 North Madrid – Health Insurance

Bea, Ro Ro and Vega they are the names of the new friends for many Tres Cantos schoolchildren. They are the 3 dogs that are part of the R.E.A.D ‘Dogs and Letters’ program that is developed in four educational centers of the municipality. They are the CEIP City of Columbia, Aldebaran, Tierno Galván and the Our Lady of Mercy school.

They are reading dogs that they work for 20 minutes with 28 students with Special Educational needs and TGD (Generalized Developmental Disorders) classrooms, these correct children when they are wrong With the narration. At the same time they stimulate reading, improve their understanding and lose their fear of reading in public accompanied by animals.

From the town hall, the initiative stands out as ‘a way of offering the best training for schoolchildren’ and ‘giving an educational response to students who need special means and methodologies’.

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Dog therapies to calm students during exam time | Radio Granada – Health Insurance

In the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Granada, with the impulse of the Deanery and the direction of the Library, the first activities of the « Stress-less: take my paws » program have begun to be developed (No Stress: take my legs), to promote the welfare of students at the University of Granada through assisted intervention with dogs.

As the promoters of the project explain « the problem of increased stress among university students is beginning to be recognized as a challenge for educational institutions and, especially, for universities. As part of a stressed society, university students are no stranger to states of anxiety and high stress when faced with exam periods.  » So they are promoting the use on the campus of domestic animals and, especially, dogs trained for therapy or intervention with humans, thus trying to combat the stress of the exam time, reduce distress and avoid early abandonment that can Go associated with these processes.

« Some examples of these innovations can be found in universities such as Yale or Harvard, which have relaxation rooms with dogs, so that students can visit them and rest interacting with animals. Perhaps among the universities that have advanced the most in this innovative process We can highlight the Kennesaw State University of Georgia, in which there is the traveling program « Dog on Campus », which uses therapy animals for interaction with students of all its colleges, and that of Stephens College of Columbia (Missouri), which it has become the first “pet friendly” campus (accepts pets) worldwide, ”explains Marisa Hernández Ríos, Vice Dean of University Extension and Social Responsibility of the Faculty of Education Sciences.

In Spain this type of program has not yet been generalized, there is a pioneering example at the Complutense University « Compludog », with the support of the Affinity Foundation, which has been studying stress reduction in students, PDI and PAS for several years, by using therapy dogs. A similar pilot study has also been carried out at the UNED in Orense.

The project at the Faculty of Education Sciences is based on promoting an innovation process in the organization of learning environments at the University of Granada, through the application of assisted interventions with dogs (IAP), carrying out a parallel research to know its real impact, both with qualitative instruments – questionnaires and interviews applied to students – as well as quantitative -measures of physiological variables of students and dogs-.

Project promoters

The professors of the University of Granada that promote this project are José Gijón Puerta, full professor of the Department of Didactics and School Organization, and Miguel Botella López, emeritus professor of the Department of Legal Medicine, Toxicology and Physical Anthropology. Likewise, Marisa Hernández Ríos, Vice Dean of University Extension and Social Responsibility, and Margarita Ramírez Reyes, Head of Service of the Library of the Faculty of Education Sciences, participate in the organization. The dogs that have intervened with the students have been trained by the Hachiko company directed by Nicolás Montes, a student graduated from Pedagogy.

This project requires the participation and support of the students, in addition to the active involvement of the libraries, and the participation of the management bodies of the centers, in order to develop intervention activities with dogs.

Phase 1 is currently being developed, which includes the presentation of the project and recruitment of participants during the first semester of the 2019/20 course. Assisted intervention sessions with dogs have already been developed in the Library of the Faculty of Education Sciences, during the exam period.

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Snakes, civets, dogs, bamboo rats … the market menu where the Chinese epidemic began – Health Insurance

Pablo M. Diez

Shanghai correspondent



Snakes, crocodiles, civets, porcupines, bamboo rats, wolf pups, dogs, ostriches, peacocks … So up to a hundred species, a real zoo was served in the Huanan fish market in Wuhan, where the new pneumonia coronavirus has been discovered that has already claimed 80 lives in China, almost all during the last week. Suspecting that said coronavirus comes from bats and would have mutated in snakes before passing to the human being, the authorities have banned the trade and consumption of wild animals, quite popular in China.

Due to its supposed medicinal properties and even aphrodisiacs, not proven by science, live specimens of exotic species that delight the Chinese. Because of its taste for the fresh, live fish are sold in supermarkets and restaurants that are slaughtered and cooked instantly.

But all that can be finished as of now because this epidemic, which has already infected 2,800 people and frightens the world, it is not the first that emerges from an animal market in China. Between 2002 and 2003, SARS (acute and severe respiratory syndrome) killed 774 people in about thirty countries after having originated in southern China, where they left the highest number of fatalities along with Hong Kong. The coronavirus of SARS, which is from the same family as the current one, also it came from bats and mutated in the civets that were sold in a market in Guangzhou (Guangdong).

Although the authorities promised to curb the trade in wild animals, and many of them were removed from restaurants and markets in major cities, the custom has continued to be extended due to the lack of controls and the lucrative smuggling of prohibited species. With the animals caged together with each other in poor hygienic conditions, in these markets their feces and urine are mixed with blood and water and the breeding ground is created so that new viruses can be transmitted that can be transmitted to humans.

« Consumers should fully understand the health risks of eating wild animals, avoid game meat and eat healthier ”, warned this Sunday the Ministry of Agriculture along with the Special Administration for Market Regulation and Forestry. These last two will be responsible for the fulfillment of the veto preventing the trade of wild animals and quarantining their farms.

According to the newspaper « South China Morning Post », the decision echoes the petition Friday of 19 leading scientists, who advocated on the Weibo social network for « the elimination of consumption and trade of wild animals. » A measure they considered urgent because the last deadliest epidemics have had animal origin: the SARS, bird flu and the MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). « Controlling or even eliminating the food of wild animals and their trade is not only necessary for ecological protection, but also of great significance to reduce public health risks, » warned the group of experts.

Although environmental organizations salute the measure, they remember that the ban must be permanent and effective so that wild animals do not return to the markets after the epidemic. To monitor the fight against the disease and encourage doctors in Hubei, the province with almost 60 million inhabitants Quarantined as the source of the outbreak, Prime Minister Li Keqiang has visited his capital, Wuhan, on Monday. « You are doing everything possible to save lives, » he has praised the doctors at Jinyintan hospital, as state television has shown. As the medical staff is overwhelmed and a doctor has already passed away infected, he reminded them that « when you are turning all your efforts to save lives, you also have to protect yourself. »

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February, the month of fear of greyhounds … and thousands of dogs | BE Toledo | The Window of Castilla-La Mancha – Health Insurance

February is considered as the ‘month of the greyhound fear’ and many other dog breeds that with the end of the hunting season are abandoned in our country and many of them, in Castilla-La Mancha.

According to data from ‘Affinity Foundation’ more than 100,000 dogs are abandoned in Spain every year; they are the ones that were collected by shelters and protectors, but they are not collected to those who are killed.

As it is tradition, every first Sunday of February, they will take place demonstrations in many cities in Spain against hunting and abandonment, mistreatment and killing of dogs. In the case of Castilla-La Mancha they will take place from 12:00 noon in Real city, from the Plaza Mayor, Basin, starting at the train station, in Guadalajara, from the Infantado Palace and in Toledo where it will start from the Parque de la Vega.

Poster manifestations Castilla-La Mancha
/ NAC platform

Demonstrations convened by the ‘NAC Platform (Not on the hunt)‘. In the microphones of ‘La Ventana de Castilla-La Mancha’ we have spoken with one of its spokesmen, David Rubio, which he recalled, the greyhound is the « icon of animal abuse », but there are other species of hunting dogs such as the hounds that also suffer.

On the situation in Castilla-La Mancha, ensures that « It’s pretty bad », with critical areas such as the environment of Fuensalida, in the province of Toledo. Just remember that you are working on a new Animal Welfare Law in the region. Finally, understand that it would also have to influence animal husbandry. Listen to the interview

Demonstrations against abandonment and animal abuse

The hunters are unchecked

In ‘La Ventana de Castilla-La Mancha’ we also wanted to know the point of view of the hunters before these manifestations. The president of the ‘Hunting Federation’ of the region, Agustin Rabadan, has ensured that there is no problem with the abandonment and mistreatment of dogs after the hunting season and which are falsehoods. It refers to the data of SEPRONA or ‘Affinity Foundation’.

Add, that the cases of animal abuse in Castilla-La Mancha are isolated and that from the federation they condemn those practices because they are not hunters, « they are criminals ». Finally, remember that you have been in some cases of animal abuse because, he says, are not willing to generalize and that the group of hunters be « stained by the attitude of certain people. » Listen to the interview

Hunters value demonstrations against animal abuse

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Plans for an animal crematorium in Schermbeck – skepticism remains – Insurance for Pets

The majority of the committee members opted for restrictions that initially make construction at the Hufenkampweg site less likely.

After a long discussion, the planning and environmental committee of the municipality of Schermbeck decided by a majority – with Michael Fastring (SPD) and Dr. Stefan Steinkühler and Jürgen Trick (both Greens) – another « hurdle » for the construction of the planned animal crematorium in the Hufenkampweg industrial area.

Specifically: The administration is commissioned to allow the settlement of businesses and systems within the normal possible distance classes after the distance decree for NRW in the further process of drawing up development plan No. 52. However, with numerous restrictions, according to which only administrative and manufacturing types of business, such as service companies, and manufacturing are permitted.

Exclude certain operating rates

In addition, modes of operation without these features, such as retail businesses, facilities for church, cultural, social and health purposes, amusement facilities, facilities for sporting purposes, warehouses, storage spaces, crematoriums and the like could be excluded.

However, the municipality of Schermbeck is also aware that there could be a standard control procedure, the outcome of which is uncertain.

The Wesel company Cremare has now submitted the building application for the construction of an animal crematorium, the Wesel district is currently examining the admissibility.

District Wesel has to decide

Background: The approval of crematoriums, e.g. for pets and horses in the course of possible application or company-specific approval procedures under the immission control law and the public participation to be carried out reserved for the district of Wesel as the responsible licensing authority.

According to the administration, certain residual risks remain

Furthermore, the administration had explained in advance: By the second partial decision of the Planning and Environment Committee in the meeting on October 1, 2019, the administration was commissioned to determine whether an exclusion of animal crematoria should be carried out with a view to the possible exclusion of crematoriums in the “Hufenkamp” industrial area is justifiable in terms of urban planning.

A specific exclusion of this type of plant / mode of operation alone is not possible in a legally secure form according to the present statements if, by the way, the system / operating modes that are permitted according to the distance classes in the NRW Distance Decree are approved almost without restriction.

A legally compliant planning free of errors presupposes that the municipality, if it restricts the area types defined by the legislator or legislator, also has valid, understandable urban planning reasons for this.

In the event of a judicial review, however, certain legal risks remain.

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The hamster, a pet rodent – Insurance for Pets

>> In the paradise of pets
>> The pet trade is on the rise

A hamster is both fun and interesting to observe.

Photo: Phuong Nga / CVN

Very pretty, interesting to observe, inexpensive to buy and maintain. These are the characteristics that make a hamster an ideal pet. This rodent is robust with a tail a little shorter than the length of its body. He has a cute face, small noses and ears, short legs and wide feet. Its thick fur can be black, gray, white, buff, brown, yellow or even reddish. The lower parts of his body are white with shades of gray and black.

Raising a hamster at home

« The hamster is smaller than the dog, cleaner than the cat and much more alert than the fish. It is ideal for apartment living », considers Nguyên Xuân Long, 13, who lives in the Câu Giây district of Hanoi, after having raised several domestic animals. « I have two hamsters that I bought three weeks ago. They are an inexhaustible source of entertainment for those who like to observe them », he believes.

Once a week, he accompanies them by the lake located in the urban city of An Binh in Câu Giây to share experiences and present his nice critters to his friends.

The hamster is very sensitive to noise, such as shouts for example, and prefers to be looked at rather than touched.

Photos: Phuong Nga / CVN

Carrying his hamster in his hands, Trân Van Son, a pupil of the Mai Dich college, confides that this little rodent has requirements in terms of place of life and master. « It is better not to leave him in an almost empty cage. He needs to move, explore, play and gnaw »he says. And to continue: « A hamster is a lot of joy, but also work. As a caretaker, it is your responsibility. It is entirely up to you ».

Some websites (,, offer many kinds of hamsters such as: Campell hamster, Russian hamster and Roborovski hamster. The price ranges from 50,000 to 300,000 dong depending on the age, beauty and rarity of the hamster. The Russian and Campell hamsters are the most affordable – count around 50,000 dong.

Like many parents, Nguyên Thi Ngoc Hanh, 42, gave in to the pleas of his child who wanted a pet. « My son is passionate about pet rodents and dreamed of having a hamster. For his 12th birthday, we gave him one with his cage. He was overjoyed for a week », she remembers.

According to her, this little rodent can bring a lot to children, who learn to take responsibility by looking after a living creature, to treat it with respect. In addition, its hairs very rarely cause allergies.

The hamster is ideal for apartment living.

Photo: Phuong Nga / CVN

« Two of the drawbacks are its short lifespan, around three years, and its incompatibility with young children, who rarely know how to handle them safely », says Ngoc Hanh. The hamster does not like to be cuddled and petted. It is very sensitive to noises, such as shouts for example, and prefers to be watched more than touched.

The hamster feeds mainly on seeds. But he also likes vegetables, fruits or tubers, especially carrots. These allow him to have his teeth, which grow throughout his life.

Evaluating your health is one of the important elements in choosing a hamster. A healthy animal has a clean, supplied coat with no dandruff, crusts or peeled areas. His eyes are wide open and clear, and the coat around them perfectly dry and without the slightest crust or secretion. His nose should be clean, with no trace of discharge.

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Injured two minors in Palencia in two attacks of dogs, one of them of dangerous race – Health Insurance





Two children suffered injuries during this Thursday in Palencia by the bite of two dogs on public roads, one of them categorized as a potentially dangerous breed, according to the information provided by the City Council events.

In the most serious case, a Local Police patrol went to the Río Rubagón street of the capital, around 18.36 hours, after receiving notice that a child had been bitten by a dog, of dangerous breed, and had wounds on the face. The specimen It was loose, although it had a muzzle, reports Ical.

On the other hand, a few hours later, the agents returned to receive a related notice, since they had to go to the Bigar Centro square for the bite of a small mongrel dog to a minor when he tried to pet him.

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Police rescue 270 Chihuahuas and Pomeranian « crowded » in two illegal hatcheries in Madrid – Health Insurance

Maria Lozano




Overcrowded and with the vocal cords sectioned. This is how the National Police found 270 dogs of the Chihuahua and Pomeranian breeds in two illegal hatcheries in Meco and Arganda del Rey (Madrid). They were in « hygienic-sanitary and habitable conditions » bad « and the agents also found » two dead, frozen and wrapped in newspaper, « said Juan José Castro, Chief Inspector of the Consumer, Environment and Doping Section of the National Police.

At the moment the agents they have arrested five people: the two leaders of the criminal group, two veterinarians and a computer expert who also was in charge of marketing tasks for the sale of dogs. All are of Spanish nationality.

It is estimated that they have been practicing this activity since 1990. Since then it is known that they have sold at least 1,400 pedigree dogs, since they are the ones that were registered in the Royal Canine Society of Spain. According to calculations by the National Police, the benefits obtained would exceed two million euros, not counting the sale of dogs without pedigree.

The two pups of chihuahuas that the police found frozen in the zulo – National Police

The detainees allegedly made up one of the leading distributors of dogs in Europe and they face a crime of animal abuse, another belonging to a criminal organization and a third party for document falsification. Castro has pointed out that «the » modus operandi « was based on three basic pillars: a perfect commercial strategy, collaboration with other cells in Spain and the help of veterinarians».

First, they announced the dogs, which were raised illegally in centers spread throughout the Spanish territory, through the Internet. In addition, they had the support of a « computer expert » who hung the web ads and also on the page And finally, the veterinarians, which were responsible for giving the appearance of legality by providing leaders with sealed cards, medicines or instruments to implant the chip.

The detainees sold the « breed » dogs for 3,000 euros

« Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are very susceptible to their illegal breeding because they are very expensive, » Castro explained. The detainees sold the « breed » dogs for 3,000 euros and those who did not have an official certificate for not being registered in the Royal Canine Society, exceeded 1,300 euros.

Police do not rule out more detainees, since the animals were distributed throughout the Spanish geography and even in Europe.

Conditions in which were the 258 dogs rescued in Arganda del Rey – National Police

The police investigation began in January 2019 thanks to an anonymous complaint about the illegal hatchery of Meco. « There we acted when the owner moved or tried to get rid of some dogs, at that time twelve animals were involved, » said Chief Commissioner Enrique Juarez.

Later, the agents detected that the place intervened in Meco was a branch of the one who was truly raising dogs illegally. It was in November when the Police managed to register a chalet in Arganda del Rey, the main center of the organization and where they found 258 overcrowded dogs.

Operations without anesthesia

The dogs were in a zulo also built illegally and were divided into three areas: one for breeding, another in which were animals that were ready for sale and another in which were those that were ready to breed.

As you can see in the images, they were caged in small spaces and in « deplorable » conditions, according to Castro. Sometimes there were three dogs for each cage and the animals presented joint problems because they could barely move.

In addition to the vocal cords section, females destined for breeding had suffered caesarean sections, amputations and they had cysts in the ovaries In the place were found medicines and utensils for veterinary use, but not anesthesia, although it is necessary for certain operations.

The veterinarians had their clinics in Leganés and Moratalaz and the other three arrested had no profession other than this illegal hatchery. The leaders of the organization were a marriage. A 56-year-old man and his wife of 59. The dogs were delivered by hand or through parcel delivery companies.

The rescued animals are now in the custody of several animal protectors pending the judicial decision on their fate.

Insurance for Pets

What will happen to French people traveling to the UK after January 31? – Insurance for Pets

The United Kingdom is getting there. Midnight Friday, the British will say bye Bye in the European Union, more than three years after the 2016 Brexit referendum. An upheaval that plunges many EU citizens into the dark.

But there’s no need to panic immediately. If you have planned a trip across the Channel this year, no additional steps will be necessary. Indeed, the withdrawal agreement concluded between London and Brussels provides for a transition period which runs until December 31, 2020.

No changes until December 31

During this period, « all rights » of the Union with regard to free movement « will be maintained […] as if the United Kingdom is still a member of the European Union, « says the European Commission. In other words, a valid identity card or passport will suffice to travel there as part of a trip. will be required.

Likewise, UK law will provide the same rights as those provided by the EU in the event of denied boarding, cancellation or long delay of flights, trains, buses or boats. European carriers will therefore continue to be subject to Union law for travel to and from the EU.

No more changes to plan for school trips. Only an identity card or passport and authorization to leave the country for minors will be requested during the transition period. Travel conditions with a pet will again be the same as at present, while the French driving license will still allow you to travel across the Channel.

The extended transition period?

Finally, the European Health Insurance Card (CEAM) or, failing that, the Provisional Replacement Certificate will remain valid during the transition period and will allow access and treatment of the necessary medical care during the stay . A French tourist can therefore be treated on the same conditions as an insured person from the British social security scheme, at the financial cost of his health cover.

The transition period will help establish the future trade relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Negotiations are expected to start sometime in February. But many doubt the possibility of reaching an agreement in just eleven months. This is why an extension of the transition period until December 31, 2021 or even 2022 cannot be excluded.

Once it is completed, the British government website states that the identity card for citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) will no longer be accepted for travel to the United Kingdom. The presentation of a passport will therefore be compulsory. However, a visa should not be required for stays of less than three months.

Insurance for Dogs

Trains a guide dog for a girl with reduced mobility, simulates her robbery and ends up arrested | Radio Madrid – Health Insurance

The rocambolesque story began on Monday, January 20. The idea had to begin to weave before and took shape that day when an Aranjuez trainer He went to the police station to report a robbery. According to his story, a white van stopped next to the zebra crossing, four men, armed with a gun, got out of the vehicle, gunned down and asked for his money and, sideways, just before leaving, decided that they also wanted each other Take Pocahontas The dog who shares a name with Chief Powhatan’s daughter was just a few hours after being delivered to her true owner, a wheelchair Estepona girl. But he never arrived, because he left, kidnapped down the street, in that Renault Express.

The trainer walked through the media his grief or indignation or whatever that was. He related the benefits of Pocahontas, who had learned to turn on lights, who knew how to help those who needed it to dress … He even photographed himself with posters with the image of the sweet labrador, offering a reward of 800 euros to whoever will locate it. Pocahontas was lying on the training arena, facing the camera, almost posing. Now we know that he was never worried about having to pay the reward.

While the guy was doing his pain – feigned – ostentation, Pocahontas was at home, waiting for the next step of a plan that we still don’t know in depth. On the other side of the story, the police brigade of Aranjuez circled the complaint of the trainer. Too many contradictions, enough to alert the cops, who began to think that the gun and the van and the robber-dog mafia were perhaps a fable.

Until this Monday, the trainer who trained to be both a victim and a thief has been arrested. The police themselves announced it on Twitter. Pocahontas returns at the hands of the Bocalán Foundation. The kidnapped bitch is in good condition. « Now it is necessary to recover it so that she can continue her life as an assistance dog and companion of a girl with a disability, » says the foundation on her Facebook page. The hunted trainer faces a penalty for simulating a robbery. The police do not confirm the mobile, but everything indicates that he did it for economic reasons. I was looking for some monetary compensation. You have found an imputation and a possible fine between six and 12 months .

Insurance for Pets

VIDEO. Why were a million seabirds found dead? – Insurance for Pets


Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
Click here to alert us!

A million seabirds killed by a heat wave. It is the sad result of a scientific study and the resolution of a mystery dating back several years. Between the summer of 2015 and the spring of 2016, 62,000 guillemots of starving Troïl were found on beaches. However, this was only a tiny fraction of the total number of victims. Almost four years after the fact, scientists estimate the total number of dead birds at nearly one million and give details of the causes.

A sea heat wave which appeared in 2013 in the northeast of the Pacific Ocean is responsible for this massacre. And in 2015, it intensified causing a warming of three degrees over an area of ​​1600 square kilometers and thus disrupting ecosystems.

Algae important for the food chain then became rare and others, more harmful, multiplied on the contrary. Predators such as salmon, halibut and cod have seen their metabolism change, pushing them to eat more and therefore competing with fish-eating birds. Finally, the production of phytoplankton has also greatly decreased.

Franceinfo is a partner in the « Let’s act together for the environment » consultation with If you want to participate, you can propose your ideas and vote on that of the other participants in the module below.

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Abandonment is the biggest animal abuse | Radio Bilbao | Today for Bilbao – Health Insurance

Today for Bilbao He has taken care to know the aspects that this draft bill includes and that does not satisfy animal protectors and veterinarians.

In statements to the program, Sonia Brena believes that as things stand, the goals that have been set are not going to be achieved, starting with the concept and definition of ‘animal abuse’.

Another aspect that does not seem very clear is that of the rooms where a pet can ‘live’ or ‘be’. The president of the protector raised the question of whether a dog can be 24 hours in a car, an orchard or a shack, without being prohibited or punished by the new law …

The president of the Official College of Veterinarians of Bizkaia says that the key point is the identification of animals. Álvaro Mateos believes that this group must have the necessary tools for this identification.

Both join voices and state that abandonment comes many times for not sterilizing the animal and for breeding between individuals, who then do not know what to do with the puppies.

José Ramón Becerra, one of the mentors of this blueprint, parliamentarian of Equo Berdeak in Elkarrekin Podemos, does not agree with his interlocutors. It states that more than 100 improvements from different groups have been taken into account, some in Araba, and that at all times have tried to prevent it from becoming a debate. In any case, there is nothing definitive. We will have to keep talking, combining opinions and contrasting ideas.

Insurance for Pets

Most new star restaurants score poorly on animal welfare – Insurance for Pets

The eight Dutch restaurants that received a Michelin star for the first time earlier this month are generally not concerned about animal welfare. This is apparent from an analysis of the Animal Welfare Check.

Six of the eight restaurants score insufficient. Only Eden from Valkenswaard and Amsterdam’s Graphite take enough account of animal welfare when compiling their menus to get enough, says Animal Welfare Check.

It is striking that they offer relatively more vegetarian and vegan dishes and do not have duck liver and veal on the menu. Eden only uses pork from the Varkenshoederij in Mechelen, one of the five-star pig farmers from Varkens in Nood.

The fact that the other new star restaurants are doing so badly has everything to do with Michelin’s selection criteria. « Michelin primarily rewards restaurants with a classic, animal-protein-based cuisine, » writes organization. For example, the restaurants serve their guests with foie gras and veal.

Foie gras comes from ducks and geese that are force-fed with a tube in the throat. This causes a lot of stress, anxiety and injuries. Foie gras therefore scores 2 on animal welfare. (…) Veal without certification even scores 1 on animal welfare. The calves are taken from the mother immediately after birth, never go outside and often have anemia due to insufficient roughage.

cc photo: takedahrs

Insurance for Dogs

The emotional reunion with two bitches that saved his life – Health Insurance

J. L. F.




Annie Wellens Dejaeghere believes more firmly in the loyalty and affection of the dogs since last January 12, especially two dogs called Kira and Piba, that the they saved from dying in all likelihood when wearing several days missing and disoriented – she is 70 years old and suffers from Alzheimer’s – in a field area on the outskirts of Alicante. And he wanted to thank that rescue in an emotional reunion, this Thursday with the firefighters of the Canine Unit, Rafael Giner and Narciso Ayuso, and the two animals that detected his trail in extremis.

The woman wanted to meet them and show their gratitude for the efforts made, and has expressed that she and the whole family are « tremendously grateful for the great work » done to find her, and for the dedication, commitment, great organization among all departments, and his treatment.

He has also extended his words of praise to « all teams of Firefighters, National Police and others that helped in the search and rescue device, including more than 50 persons volunteers between relatives, neighbors and friends », according to municipal sources.

« Without the dogs, they wouldn’t have found me, and we don’t have enough words to express our admiration and thanks, » Annie said, visibly moved.

Annie Wellens with firefighters Rafael Giner and Narciso Ayuso, and bitches Kira and Piba – SPEIS

In this sense, both firefighters of the Canine Unit of the SPEIS have stressed that the work of searching for people is «a team work where the coordination and organization of the device is essential to make it a success, as well as the speed», While they have shown their satisfaction for this“ very special ”visit, since they consider the most rewarding part of their work to be able to find people who have been lost for several days alive.

For its part, the councilor of security, José Ramón González, has praised the entire Canine Unit of the municipsl SPEIS service for «the dedication, professionalism and experience they demonstrate every day with their interventions, and of which the City of Alicante is deeply proud every time they intervene».

In the device organized on January 12 in the Vistahermosa environment, the Canine Unit, the Unmanned Aerial Media Unit -UMANT- and the Specialized Unit for Search and Rescue in Collapsed Structures, BREC of the Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting Service participated and Rescue of the Alicante City Council -SPEIS-, together with volunteers from the Canine Rescue Specialists Group -GERCA-.

According to SPEIS sources, the dog Piba along with firefighter Narciso Ayuso were the ones who located Annie Wellens at 11.30 a.m. distance of one kilometer from where it disappeared in the complex of Beautiful view, and after locating it, she was rescued and transferred to the Advanced Command Post, where the health workers attended her and took her to a hospital center.

Insurance for Pets

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Beware of scammers !: Puppy dealers offer alleged dogs from the LPT laboratory – Insurance for Pets

Fraudsters are trying to make money with the LPT scandal. They offer supposedly saved dogs to buy on the Internet.

Exclusively for
SVZ + users


January 24, 2020, 8:11 p.m.

The controversial LPT laboratory near Hamburg has been closed. The animal protection organization « Four Paws » and the association « Laboratory Beagle Aid » now warn against unscrupulous fraudsters who pretend …

The tnrusimttee eTaiucehlssrrorvb LPT eib uamgHbr tsi egcnhsesols ernd.wo ieD tregacioashitnTsrnoiuz « Veir noP » eft ndu red nVriee -felboaib « a » geHlrLe narenw now rvo edseenurknbb tn nine sda ​​Scclkhsai red rLdeubnhao nud ide mipahEte ovn reneT, diunerf for your hsenetbgrciüre äsceGtfhe uz betbrn « eei, astg aelainD dncSrh, eie eamnnhKtreonveffrooi ni » n

uAhc dei dnDnuWeRSg- « IrTee eunchs a sa » uheZat natwr:

leAl ierTe deunrw stirred

Dei Tiree uas med nleegchesossn sevseouirTcabhrrl ni Nue rosumflWt ikas (Lredn bg) uarHr nsdi llea ttreegte. envS Fßara vom bHguaemrr tnTrheruecsiiezv gtsea on the ngoM: at dmaNi « en bhaucrt shic neorSg hamne.c eDi eeiTr ennkton elal etetrtge enrwed ndu edwnru fua cheseerdeinv iiemetretrt » and seet. Dei tersne Hndue iense tsrebie bgtaoleh ordwen dnu « dsa dirw tjzte uhca os ertwie e.h » egn sE ssüme hcau ienkes der Treie clihrätgsenfee e.rdnew

Insurance for Pets

Are guide dogs for the blind exploited like any other? – Insurance for Pets

Paris, Saturday January 25, 2019 – Many comments
are currently interested in some form of  »
radicalization « Which would manifest itself in the expression of
different ideas. Many spheres would be concerned and the
feeling of acting for a  » just cause  » could
favor acting out, censorship and taking of
speech, yet considered in other circumstances as
dangerous and in any case going beyond the legitimate framework of
challenge and defense from his point of view. The actions of
certain animal rights groups, notably directed against
butcheries, thus aroused strong disapproval, even
in those who are very sensitive to animal suffering. The
violence and the stigma of a category of people have been
effect deemed perfectly inappropriate and by no means
legitimized by the urgency of the subject.

How dare you ?

However, the denunciation of this radicalization,
necessarily worrying, because ignoring the principles
essentials of a reasoned debate, can sometimes lead to some
deformations. Thus, some French media have recently
moved by an anecdote reported by the Daily Mail. The latter has
painted a portrait of 30-year-old blind Jonathan Attenborough
for five years, and assisted daily by Sam, a guide dog
blind. The young man reported how twice these
past few weeks he had been publicly criticized for
the use of an animal; a first time in courteous terms,
a second time more virulently. However none
physical violence was perpetrated and he was never threatened with
losing your dog, contrary to what was supposed
some presentations of this story in the press

Beyond shortcuts and sterile arrests

The shortcuts that we have read confirm how the
radicalization of certain speeches prohibits listening. In front of
the excess of certain methods, it is impossible to hear the
message transmitted and appreciate the quality of the arguments. However,
the issue of using animals to support people
with disabilities is the subject of further reflection by
some animal advocates who go far beyond
the humiliating and easily destabilizing side of a
handicapped person (at least loose method and


Many blogs discuss this subject and invite a perception
different. Thus, the Antispecies Notebooks offer to discover
the reflections of Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka, authors of
Zoopolis – A Political Theory of Animal Rights (2011). It’s about
first of all, unlike the classic associations of
defense of animals, not to consider dogs helping
blind and disabled people like  » victims
« .  » We should feel sorry for these animals (…). Those are
the victims. They are like children
»Note the
authors who compare this perception to that of people who
use these animals and often adopt an attitude  »
full of pity, paternalism and anthropocentrism
« . However, for Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka, another point of view
can be adopted by considering these animals that work for
man like  » workers « . However, they note:  »
There is no labor code regulating the conditions
of work, health or well-being of these employees. Certainly these
dogs are working but they are not considered to be
workers (…). Service dogs should have
rights because they deserved them. They should benefit from
regular weekly holidays. They should benefit from
annual vacation. They should have a minimum wage. This
money, held by a neutral third party, would finance their time
rest. Free days spent with other dogs playing,
run, jump, swim, make friends. Without any obligation or
task, no work. Their salary could finance pensions
of disability in the event of an industrial accident. He would be employed at the
creation of retirement centers which they could themselves
profit once their mission is completed
« .

Dressage review

If we can smile at the description of such a social code of
working dog (and one might wonder if unions
could be considered as well as a right to strike), we measure
how much the radicalization of speeches and deeds masks the
content of certain reflections that invite us to question us on
our relationship to the animal. Similarly, the author of the blog Une
earthly suggests not to settle for the feeling of
praised the animal, which would be well treated or happy to
to work.  » Support animal exploitation on the pretext
that animals ‘like to work’ that it’s a ‘exchange of good
compromise ’,‘ the harmony between two hopefuls who help each other
mutually like other species do in the wild,
that they are « well treated » is to forget all that
»And in particular with regard to the guide dogs
dressage that would not be  » confuse with education
« . Dressage explains the author would be a deviation of some
natural abilities of the animal. Now, according to this activist
anti-specialist  » the dog and other animals get nothing
of dressage, this is just enslavement on the part of
the animal for the benefit of humans
« . However, she
stresses the need not to vilify the blind and the
people with disabilities who use animals to help them.  »
I do not criticize blind people who use
guide dogs, I’m just trying to suggest alternatives for
that they can be independent and autonomous without exploiting the
animals. Why can’t our society contemplate the
creating jobs to help the blind, but perhaps with a
another approach in their training. Encourage the help of
technology, creating new jobs (…). And why not
adopt a dog or volunteer at a shelter, but
without asking the animal for anything
« . With those
questions, we measure the difference that exists in the link of
trust between two humans and a human and an animal. Both
links are probably not superimposable. The dependence that
would create between a man and his human assistant would indeed
very different and less emotional. In the relationship with the animal,
the quality of support is also linked to the fact that
a person with a disability feels that they are giving almost as much (and not
money!) to the animal by loving it, welcoming it home and
by giving him certain care that he receives benefits from him.
No doubt, such a balance would be very difficult to find in the
case of a human-to-human relationship. Generally, we measure
how difficult it is to adapt our conventional filters
of interpretation of human relationships to an animal / human relationship
and this is what sometimes makes the confrontation with
antispecies who sometimes adopt logics which present
certain limits or face rhetorical dead ends.


More prosaically, if it is not excluded that the animal can
derive a significant emotional benefit from this relationship with humans
(it is true impossible to measure and whose evaluation is
necessarily biased) which exceeds a simple ratio
professional, for animal activists, dogs
guide for the blind are covered today (no more regulatory framework
protector of social rights « Dogs) of a
exploitation. Thus, Sue Donaldson and Will Kymilicka judge  »
Somewhere between the donkey whose presence among the
sheep keep predators at bay, and the guide dog
blind man who, after being subjected to months of training
intensive, spends most of his life serving as an instrument for
service of a third party, we cross the line between
the use of the holding
« .

If many objections could be made to
such developments, objections related to the degree of support of each
to antispecies theories, we observe through these examples that
the caricature of certain actions is to the detriment of
the expression of reasoning which if they probably will not be
considered always relevant are very far from a
gratuitous violence and sparing the sufferings of
the man.

We can reread the developments of:
Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka, translated by Cahiers


An Earthwoman:

Aurélie Haroche

Insurance for Dogs

Fourteen people have died in Spain from dog attacks since 2016 – Health Insurance




The death of a 47-year-old man this Sunday in Coslada (Madrid) victim of the attack of one of his dogs, a rottweiler, raises the number of people killed by that cause in Spain since 2016:

– May 4, 2016.- A man from 70 years dies attacked by his dog, pitbull terrier breed, in his house in the Murcian district of Beniaján.

– June 18, 2016.- A death dies four year old as a result of the injuries suffered by the attack of a dog in a house in Jaén.

– February 21, 2016.- The Civil Guard investigates the death of a 66-year-old man in the Alicante town of Beniarbeig produced, apparently, by the attack of five dangerous breed dogs, owned by a neighbor in the area.

– October 26, 2016.- A 74 year old man is attacked by several dogs (of the races Boxer and American Staffordshire Terrier) in Pinoso (Alicante) and dies on October 31 later. According to the investigation, the dogs escaped from a fenced plot and attacked and left badly wounded the man who at that time was in the vicinity.

– February 26, 2017.- Found dead a 67 year old man with dog bites on his body, on a road between Santa Marta de Tormes and Nuevo Naharros de Salamanca.

– April 18, 2017.- Found the body of a woman, in her chalet in El Molar (Madrid), who died as a result of the bites of his dog, a dog of canary prey.

– November 29, 2017.- A death dies 40 year old woman in La Palma after suffering the attack of a dog of pitbull breed of his property.

– January 4, 2018.- A 70-year-old neighbor of Vall d’Uixó (Castellón) He dies after being attacked, three days before, on his farm by a group of three to four dogs.

– July 11, 2018.- A death dies 87 year old man attacked, the day before, in the Asturian municipality of Siero, by six dogs owned by a neighbor he had visited.

– October 3, 2018.- A 20 day baby dies by the attack of a dog of breed Belgian shepherd in the municipal term of Fasnia (Tenerife).

– November 21, 2018.- Two 57 and 41 year old women –Mother and daughter– die in their chalet in Colmenar de Oreja when they are attacked by their two dogs, from the dog breed of Bordeaux.

– January 7, 2019.- A 81 year old man He died from injuries sustained on January 4 in Madrid by the attack of three dogs of the Rottweiler breed.

– September 29, 2019.- A 47-year-old man dies in the Madrid town of Coslada after being attacked by a rottweiler of his property. The victim, who had three guard dogs altogether, was inside the house when the attack occurred.

Insurance for Dogs

The rottweiler that killed its owner was not registered as dangerous – Health Insurance

M. J. Álvarez




None of the three dogs of potentially dangerous breed, Rottweilers crossed with Pitbulls, which includes the one who attacked his owner until killing him last Sunday in Coslada had the documentation in order. They were not registered in the municipal registry of potentially dangerous animals of the town hall of the locality or in that of the Community of Madrid, as required by the municipal ordinance and the regional law. This was indicated yesterday by municipal sources. Therefore, its owner and victim of the aggression, Miguel Ángel S. G., 48, He lacked permission to have them.

However, they stated that the the only one that was registered in the town hall was the greyhound. The two large animals, the male and the female, have a microchip, the DNI of the dog, but not their offspring, a dog.

The animals were removed from the house, located on Calle de las Corbeteras, number 13, of the Station Polygonby agents of the Canine Unit of the Local Police. They made use of special suits to avoid bites. They were transferred to a Protection Center located in Mejorada del Campo. The judge in charge of the case ordered that the dogs be practiced DNA analysis to pinpoint who the attacker was. Then, based on the reports, its future will be determined: that is, whether it should be slaughtered or not, like the other dogs of a potentially dangerous breed depending on their status.

Mar, the victim’s wife, told her neighbors and family when she went out into the street completely bloody and covered only by a shirt, which had been the dog. «He killed him. He has killed him, ”he repeated hysterically.

It has no mobile

Her husband’s body was yesterday in the Coslada funeral home, waiting for the autopsy to be performed. The dog, very aggressive, shattered his head and face causing death practically on the spot. Apparently, according to the first signs everything points to an accident.

Relatives of the victim asked for respect for the terrible tragedy they suffer. «There’s nothing weird here, just a disgrace. These are very humble people. Mar barely knows how to read, suffers an intellectual deficiency and he had lost an ear. They were in the living room when Michelangelo, afflicted with chronic bronchitis (and smoker of 40 cigarettes a day), gave a strong coughing attack. She hit him on the back, and scared because it did not pass, shouted his name, the dog turned, knowing why and destroyed him, ”said a friend without wanting to say his name. “It may take time for her to react because it is difficult for her to lock up the animal and she didn’t call 112 but a brother-in-law shouting through her nerves. It has no mobile. Tension broke out between the family at the time the deceased was at home with only the dogs. There’s no more ».

This man denied that the couple argued and that could be the trigger of the attack. The dog that attacked him gave it to the victim; then he crossed it with the male and they stayed with a puppy. And, he denied, bluntly, that the deceased used dogs to stir people up. « It is true that they did not buy them I think because of lack of resources, they fed them what they could. » His relatives did not know if Michelangelo had the vaccinated animals and their administrative situation.

«I heard he said once that he had to make them insurance that cost a lotor, ”a neighbor told Efe. Enrolling a greyhound is a free procedure, but the possession of a rottweiler requires, in addition to paying 70 euros, a certificate of not having been sanctioned for serious or very serious infractions for possession of dangerous animals and lack of background.

Insurance for Dogs

Cats loyal to a balanced diet – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte




They have a reputation for exquisite and they are. The cats are carnivores And the meat has to be in your diet. These, unlike their « friends » dogs, can never be vegetarians or vegans – although there are some specimens, we say it with knowledge of cause to those who like carrot or lettuce pieces.

From Purina they affirm that the felines take as main source of energy the protein and they need more of these than dogs need. The meat provides three essential nutrients for the mininos such as taurine (for the heart and eyesight), archidonic acid (skin and fur) and Vitamin A (for fur and eyesight).

So in this way, to keep your cat in perfect shape, Your diet should contain a balanced amount of essential nutrients; but at the same time it has to be attractive to its delicate palate. Include in your diet human food or some supplements can be harmful to your health causing digestive problems.

Cats when they are babies have the sensitive stomach and that is why when they stop drinking breast milk, they need a special diet rich in protein and other nutrients to help them grow strong and healthy. Contrary to the popular image of cats drinking milk from a bowl, veterinarians consulted say that they do not need milk once they are have weaned. It is a food that is difficult for them to digest, since they do not have the enzyme that processes lactose (the sugar in milk).

Therefore, cow’s milk and its derivatives can cause diarrheaa and other stomach problems. In the veterinary market there is a special milk for them, it is a creamy food; but lactose free The same as the sweets, this milk contains calories and must be dosed for the cat to maintain a balanced diet. Keep in mind that milk for no reason has to be water substitute. Water should not be missing at any time.

A diet according to age

From one year on, a normal and healthy adult should receive a balanced diet. There are two proposals in the market: wet food and dry food (I think). Wet foods are presented in cans, aluminum containers or in individual doses in sachets. At the time of the meal should be served to room temperaturein this way the cat enjoys its texture and smell more and better (do not leave it exposed for a long time since it can be damaged). If you do not consume all the content, store the leftover in the fridge (no more than 24 hours). When we give it back it must be put back to room temperature.

Jellies have become very popular among this type of food. Precisely Purina Felix Fantastic Duo He has just released a new range with tender pieces of two types of meat or fish (ox, chicken, white fish and salmon). They contain no flavorings, preservatives or artificial colors added. As for the dry food, These have become a very popular alternative. Your balls contain the balanced amount of nutrients. They also have a crunchy texture that helps and allows the cat to have good oral health.

Keep in mind that the I think dry It contains a higher concentration of nutrients than wet ones, so it is recommended that the rations have a smaller amount. Both dry and wet for cats and dogs are alike; but to each his own and what corresponds to him. The dietary needs of dogs and cats are very different.

Food change

Both cats and dogs at mealtime frequently they are bored to always have the same food. Before falling into the temptation to mix the usual feed with some «little temptation » (pieces of chicken, turkey, tuna or fish) If you decide to change it for another, you have to introduce the new food gradually.

You have to be patient – all changes cost – between 8 and 10 days will be more than enough; but as we tell you a lot of patience. A abrupt change It can lead to cat digestive problems. However, other veterinarians consulted propose putting two containers: one with their usual food and another with the new one.

In this way the pussycat thanks to its innate curiosity You can little and as we say gradually try the new one. Finally we don’t want to stop talking about the importance of water. Make sure your cat has fresh and cold water day and night and clean to drink. The container must be placed at a distance from the food and at the same time away from its sandbox.

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The Spaniards consider their dogs to be happier than them – Health Insurance





People who live with a dog consider that their pet is happier than them themselves by placing their happiness index at 9 points out of 10, while that of their own owners does not reach 7 points, according to a study by the Affinity Foundation.

According to the analysis carried out on the occasion of World Animal Day, which is celebrated this Friday, and in collaboration with the Affinity Animals and Health Foundation Chair of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), there are several factors that influence the dog is happier than humans.

Among those factors is the emotional closeness with people. Thus, 90% of respondents say that living with a dog provides them with constant company, while 80% their pet helps them overcome difficult times, according to a statement from the entity.

Respondents believe that the quality of life of their pets « is more than 8 points out of 10 », despite the fact that dogs « they spend 5 hours, on average, a day alone at home and take 2 daily walks ».

The director of the Affinity Foundation Chair, Jaume Fatjó, said that « our study suggests that we should work to better explain to people how a dog sees and experiences the world, and what is important for him to feel happy. »

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They rescue a blind and dying dog abandoned in a house in Alicante – Health Insurance





The Canine Unit of the Local Police of Alicante rescued a dog last Saturday on Poeta Pastor Street in a very serious state, dehydrated and dying, so an investigation was opened and the owner was found who is charged with an alleged crime of abandonment and animal abuse.

The agents located the small dog after an investigation, and immediately moved to the property about 6 pm, observing that the animal is blind and could have a skin disease, such as scabies or leishmaniosis. The Police urgently requested the presence of the animal guard who took charge of the dog.

After the rescue operation of the Canine Unit proceeded to read the chip, and to locate the owner of the animal, which is currently under investigation by an alleged crime of abandonment and animal abuse. Once the proceedings have been completed and the declarations taken, the file will be transferred to the Court.

The mayor of Security, José Ramón González, thanked the Canine Unit for the « excellent work that is being carried out daily in the city », while pointing out that citizen collaboration is essential and asked citizens if they observe any animal that is suffering abuse give notice to the police to act.

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Nori, the amazing dog with a human face – Health Insurance




Going outside and walking the dog is an arduous task to Kevin Y Tiffany, a couple of Seattle (USA). Not because your pet is rude or fearful, but by the simple presence of the dog: it has a face that looks human. Noriof race Aussieppo, has almond eyes and an expression that gives the feeling that he smiles slightly, in a gesture that many consider adorable, although many others find it disturbing.

“When he was a puppy, his fur was much darker, and he was often compared to Chewbacca or a Ewok, which are Star Wars characters. We usually hear that it is their eyes that create the human gaze, and I agree. Nori is a mixture of Australian Shepard toy Y Toy poodle, and it often seems that he is smiling, ”says Tiffany to the Daily Mail, who along with his partner has decided to open an account for Instagram which is revolutionizing networks: some of his photos have up to 9.000 « Like. »

Nori poses for the camera – Instagram

According to its owners, Nori is « incredibly sweet and friendly, very energetic and playful. » So much that he even bothers his new partner, Boba, a Shorkie one year mix of Shih Tzu Y Yorkie That just came to the family.

Although it weighs less than 6 kilos, it attracts a lot of attention, and that Tiffany and Kevin say that as they get older, the dog gradually loses its human expression. « As a child we could not turn the corner without someone asking us about it, » says its owner, who allows anyone come to touch it, because he understands the expectation raised by his curious companion. « We knew it looked interesting, but we never imagined all the reactions we had. » Meanwhile, Nori seems to keep smiling.

As he ages, he loses human traits – Instagram
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Fine « Thousand Ads » and « Vibbo » for the illicit sale of animals – Health Insurance




The Barcelona City Council has opened a disciplinary proceedings «For a very serious infraction» to the platforms Thousand Ads and Vibbo, which could be a fine of 150,001 euros, given that these websites maintain « illegal advertisements for the sale of animals » in breach of the regulations.

This was explained in statements to journalists the third deputy mayor of the session, Laia Bonet, who has indicated that these two portals present animal sale ads – in particular of puppies of dogs and cats – that violate Law 34/2002 and a municipal ordinance of 2014 in accordance with Decree 2/2008.

This sanctioning file, the first of its kind that applies throughout the State, arrives after the session required the two platforms on several occasions so that remove the aforementioned ads.

The session recalls that the Law foresees that the fine amounts to up to 600,000 euros, but Bonet has indicated that, « due to legal prudence, » since such a sanction has never been applied to date, the municipal government has opted for 150,001 euros.

Everything started from a complaint filed two years ago by the Foundation for Counseling and Action in Defense of Animals (FAADA).

After studying the complaint, the council has verified that ads present on both websites, owned by the same company, fail to comply various aspects of the regulations.

Ads were from individuals, when expressly prohibited breeding of pets if the activity is not legalized as such; dogs and cats cannot be sold before reaching eight weeks of age; the animals must be delivered with a contractual sterilization prescription; safety, hygiene and comfort conditions must be demonstrated; and the announcements must be recorded in the Registry of Zoological Nuclei.

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They find a dog alive under a building a month after the passage of Hurricane Dorian – Health Insurance




Sometimes, miracles exist. And the sample is this story: one month after the passage of hurricane Dorian, which left significant consequences especially in Bahamas, has found a live dog of only one year, which remained under the remains of a building that collapsed as a result of the passage of the cyclone. This was reported by « Big Dog Ranch Rescue », the largest dog rescue organization in the southern United States, through its social networks.

« We find our miracle. Rescuers didn’t see it, nobody saw it. They couldn’t hear a puppy that was hungry, dehydrated, too weak to complain. That is our miracle », the organization has published in its Instagram account.

According to the organization on their website, they are using a special technology to locate and save trapped dogs under the rubble left by Hurricane Dorian, which has served to find this animal, which they have named « Miracle, » which translates as a miracle. It was found under a air conditioner, and is receiving the necessary treatment to save his life.

The founder and president of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Lauree Simmons, said that despite finding him alive, the dog was very bad: «It is amazing that we were able to find this dog alive after being trapped for so long. We’re using the latest technologies To find these animals. In this case, the drones played a key role ».

The organization says that, to date, they have been able to rescue 138 dogs in the Bahamas, which separated from their families when they were evacuated before the arrival of the hurricane. Many have returned with them, but others are in a shelter waiting for someone to decide to adopt them.

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Is it cheaper to keep a dog or a cat? – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte



Have a dog or cat carries many responsibilities. It is not something to be taken lightly since it is a living being that needs care and that you have to see the pros and cons, because it is not a whim. Unfortunately, kennels and shelters are full of animals abandoned to their cruel destiny because their masters did not think about it properly. Starting from the fact that before buying it is always better to adopt, it is also necessary to see at the time of the final decision what it suits us and not only economically; but also by our way of being and the time we can devote.

Remember that a dog or a cat is not a piece of furniture that we can abandon When we don’t want it anymore. You have to be responsible and consistent. Dogs are traditionally identified as those faithful friends who wait for us anxiously behind the door and who sit next to us – most of the time it seems that even with their eyes they speak and understand us; while if what you are looking for it’s independence it seems that the cat is the best option. The aforementioned may be part of the legend since there are dogs with cat temperament and cats with canine fidelity. Regardless of what our preferences are, the expenses that supposed to have any pet They will be our responsibility and this is also a variable to consider when deciding on a cat or dog. A few days ago and coinciding with World Animal Day,, the well-known insurance comparator has presented a study in which estimate what the differences in cost are that we will have to assume according to our option.

What are the main annual expenses?

Feeding: the mininos, in general, they need less food, which reduces our spending on food by about 15 euros per month with respect your friends the dogs. A year, this makes a difference of 180 euros in favor of felines.

Veterinarian: in this case, too we will pay less for a cat, since they usually do not go out and usually get rid of diseases that are usually spread between pets or by external contact. Therefore, by making fewer visits and also – depending on vaccines and deworming – paying a cost approximately half for them, a difference of about 70 euros annulled can be estimated.

Emergencies: In the case of emergencies or unforeseen events when our pet suffer an accident or get a serious illness, it is important to be insured to avoid additional costs. Insurance for dogs and cats are very similar, although – according to this report – there is a small difference of about 10 euros per year, this time in favor of dogs.

Vaccines: Dogs being more sociable than cats, this will be an expense in which the investment will be greater for them.

Sterilization: It is not mandatory, but recommended for both pets. The reason? Unwanted litters are avoided and even, in the case of dogs, certain types of tumors. For the latter it is at least twice as expensive, so the difference will be, on average, about 130 euros.

Microchip: In the case of cats, the use of the microchip is not mandatory in the same way as it is in dogs, although little by little the law is being extended. In communities where it is mandatory, it should be placed in kittens 3 months and older.

Hygiene: Cats are very clean animals. They take care of their personal hygiene themselves. While dogs need us to be bathed periodically. In any case, in terms of expenses, the investment will be greater to provide the felines with the necessary utensils than to buy shampoos and soaps, so, in addition to saving the initial cost of 20 euros, we will spend 25 euros less a year in the case of deciding on a dog.

Deworming: This treatment is as recommended for dogs as for cats. In the case of the former it may be up to 8 euros more expensive, but the difference is minimal.

Antiparasitic collar: very necessary for both dogs and cats. In dogs, in addition, you have to get a leash for your trips to the street, so the initial cost will be increased by about 20 euros. The antiparasitic collars can be found in the market between 17.94 euros and 22.99 euros (Seresto, Scalibor) depending on the size.

Security: Cats at home are more adventurous. To remain calm and not to have our cat any danger at home, veterinarians recommend getting a trapdoor – popularly known as catheter – if we live in a house with access to the garden. In the case of a flat with a balcony, it is advisable to invest in a safety net (remember the parachutist cat syndrome). These « extras » can be obtained for a total of 30 euros, something that with a dog is not necessary.

Crockery: Feeders and drinking fountains exist of many qualities and systems. If what you are looking for is comfort and the basics, in the large stores and pet stores (Kiwoko, Tiendanimal … etc) you can find them from 8 euros regardless of dogs or cats.

Bed: those of dogs tend to be larger, so the necessary investment will be somewhat greater, around 15 euros more. However, it is quite likely that they end up using it more than cats, who sometimes like to decide where they want to sleep themselves no matter what we offer them.

Transport: both to go on a trip and to go to the vet, it will be necessary to get a « carrier ». The smallest (for cats, generally) cost around 10 euros, while the large ones are estimated to be about 40 euros. It will depend on the size of the dog, which you can do since there is no difference, up to a difference of about 30 euros.

Insurance: Pet insurance has different prices that vary according to the breed, age and health status of the animal, as well as the type of coverage sought. Rates include basic Civil Liability coverage, to which extensions by Accident and Veterinarian can be added. Prices start at about 30 euros per year, and can reach up to 350 euros in the most complete. In this case, there is almost no difference between dogs and cats. However, it is important to note that it is possible to insure our pets with household policies and with family civil liability insurance. And, in these cases, you will have to specify exactly your coverage.

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Having a dog is associated with a longer life – Health Insurance




Having a dog can be associated with a longer life and better cardiovascular results. This effect is especially interesting for survivors of heart attack and stroke living alone, according to a new study and a separate meta-analysis published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes’, the journal of the American Heart Association (AHA).

«The findings in these two well-done studies and analyzes are based on previous studies and the conclusions of the 2013 AHA Scientific Declaration ‘Pet ownership and cardiovascular risk’ that dog ownership is associated withn reductions in factors that contribute to cardiac risk and cardiovascular events, ”recalls Glenn N. Levine, president of the writing group of the American Heart Association’s scientific statement on pet ownership.

« In addition, » he adds, « these two studies provide good, quality data that indicate that dog ownership is associated with a reduction in cardiac mortality and all causes. While these non-randomized studies cannot ‘prove’ that adopting or owning a dog leads directly to reduced mortality, these solid findings they point clearly in this direction».

Given previous research demonstrating how social isolation and lack of physical activity can negatively affect To the patients, the researchers, both in the study and in the meta-analysis, sought to determine how dog ownership affects health outcomes. Previous studies have shown that dog ownership relieves social isolation, improves physical activity and even lowers blood pressure, leading researchers to believe that dog owners may have better cardiovascular outcomes compared to non-owners. .

33% less risk of death

The researchers in this study compared the health outcomes of dog owners and people who had no pet after a heart attack or stroke using health data provided by the Swedish National Patient Registry. The patients studied were Swedish residents between 40 and 85 years old who suffered a heart attack or ischemic stroke between 2001 and 2012.

Compared to people who didn’t have a dog, researchers found that for dog owners who live alone after hospitalization the risk of death after a heart attack was 33% lower and 15% lower for those who live with a partner or a child. In the case of stroke patients who live alone after hospitalization the risk was 27% lower and 12% lower for those living with a partner or a child.

In the study, it was recorded that almost 182,000 people suffered a heart attack, of which a 6% owned dogs, and about 155,000 people suffered an ischemic stroke, of which 5% owned dogs.

The lower risk of death associated with dog ownership could be explained byr an increase in physical activity and a decrease in depression and loneliness, which have been related to dog ownership in previous studies.

«We know that social isolation is a strong risk factor for worse health outcomes and premature death. Previous studies have indicated that dog owners experience less social isolation and have more interaction with other people – explains Tove Fall, professor at Uppsala University (Sweden) -. In addition, having a dog is a good motivation for physical activity, which is an important factor in rehabilitation and mental health ».

«The results of this study suggest positive effects have a dog for patients who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. However, more research is needed to confirm a causal relationship and give recommendations on the prescription of dogs for prevention – precisely. In addition, from an animal welfare perspective, dogs should only be acquired by people who feel they have the capacity and knowledge to give the pet a good life.

The researchers reviewed patient data from more than 3.8 million people taken from 10 different studies for a composite meta-analysis study. Of the 10 studies reviewed, nine included a comparison of all-cause mortality results for owners and non-owners of dogs, and four compared cardiovascular outcomes for owners and non-owners of dogs.

The researchers found that, compared to those without animals, dog owners experienced a 24% reduced risk of all-cause mortality, a 65% reduced risk of mortality after a heart attack and 31% of reduced risk of mortality due to cardiovascular problems.

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Having a dog extends life – Health Insurance

ABC Health



Having a dog is associated with a longer life and better cardiovascular outcomes, especially for survivors of a heart attack and icus living alone, according to a new study and a separate meta-analysis published in « Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, » a journal of the American Heart Association.

«The findings in these two well-done studies and analyzes are based on previous studies and the conclusions of the 2013 AHA Scientific Declaration ‘Pet ownership and cardiovascular risk’ that having a dog is associated with reductions in risk contributing factors Cardiac events and cardiovascular events, ”said Glenn N. Levine, MD, chairman of the drafting group for the American Heart Association’s scientific statement on pet ownership. «In addition, these two studies provide good and quality data indicating that dog ownership is associated with a reduction of cardiac and all-cause mortality. While these non-randomized studies cannot « prove » that adopting or owning a dog leads directly to reduced mortality, these solid findings at least suggest it ».

Given previous research demonstrating how social isolation and lack of physical activity can negatively affect To the patients, the researchers, both in the study and in the meta-analysis, sought to determine how having a dog influences health outcomes. Previous studies have shown that living with a dog relieves social isolation, improves physical activity and even lowers blood pressure, leading researchers to believe that the owners of these pets could have better cardiovascular outcomes compared to non-owners. .

The researchers in this study compared the health outcomes of owners and non-owners of dogs after a heart attack or stroke using health data provided by the Swedish National Patient Registry. The patients studied were Swedish residents between 40 and 85 years old who suffered a heart attack or stroke between 2001 and 2012.

Compared to people who did not have a dog, researchers found that for dog owners who live alone the risk of death after a heart attack was 33% lower, and 15% lower for those who live with a couple or a child

The risk of death after a stroke for those living alone was 27% lower if they had a dog and 12% lower for those living with a partner or a child.

Increased physical activity

The lower risk of death associated with dog ownership could be explained by a increase in physical activity and the decreased depression and loneliness, which have been related to dog ownership in previous studies.

«We know that social isolation is a strong risk factor for worse health outcomes and premature death. Previous studies have indicated that dog owners experience less social isolation and have more interaction with other people, ”said Tove Fall, DVM, a professor at Uppsala University in Sweden. « In addition, having a dog is a good motivation for physical activity, which is an important factor in rehabilitation and mental health, » he added.

In any case, the researchers believe that more research is needed to confirm a causal relationship and give recommendations on the prescription of dogs for prevention. In addition, from an animal welfare perspective, « dogs should only be acquired by people who feel they have the capacity and knowledge to give the pet a good life, » they conclude.

The researchers also reviewed data from more than 3.8 million people taken from 10 separate studies for a composite meta-analysis study. Of the 10 studies reviewed, nine included a comparison of all-cause mortality results for owners and non-owners of dogs, and four compared cardiovascular outcomes for owners and non-owners of dogs.

The researchers found that, compared to non-owners, dog owners experienced a 24% reduced risk of all-cause mortality; a 65% reduced risk of mortality after a heart attack; and a 31% reduced risk of mortality due to cardiovascular problems.

« Having a dog was associated with greater physical exercise, lower blood pressure levels and a better cholesterol profile in previous reports, » said Caroline Kramer, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Toronto and an endocrinologist and clinical scientist at the Center for Sinai Leadership for Diabetes at Mount Sinai Hospital.

« The next step in this topic would be an intervention study to assess cardiovascular outcomes after adopting a dog and the social and psychological benefits of dog ownership, » Kramer said.

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Nearly 5,000 dogs meet at the Perrotón 2019 – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte



One more year, and now there are eight editions, Madrid has been a meeting point for thousands of families arrivals from all over Spain with his dogs on the occasion of the eighth edition of Perrotón, the solidarity race that aims promote adoption and responsible ownership of dogs, as well as healthy lifestyle habits.

In the race they participated Alejandra Botto, ambassador of this solidarity initiative, together with Nicka, Perrotón’s pet. Next to them different faces known as Roberto Leal, Arantxa de Benito, Sofía Cristo, Pablo Sebastián, Ana Belén Roy, the singer Vicky Larraz and the actors Alex o’Dohery, Mar Regueras and Paloma Bloyd, who did not want to miss this solidarity play event.

On behalf of the public institutions of Madrid, the Vice President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, attended, along with Alejandra Botto, the prize of honor of this 2019 edition to the Founding Father of Messengers of Peace. There were also the Minister of Environment, Land Management and Sustainability of the Community of Madrid, Paloma Martín and the Deputy Mayor of the City Council of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, the spokesperson for Citizens in the Assembly of Madrid, César Zafra, and the spokesperson for the Citizens Environment Commission in the Madrid Assembly, Ana Rodríguez Durán, and the Councilor for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Employment of the Madrid City Council, Ángel Niño, covered by the UEGC of the National Police.

Before the awards ceremony, this Perrotón 2019 featured the performance of Kiko Veneno who interpreted two songs from her latest work. The race has a route of approximately four kilometers from the Plaza de Colón to the Discovery Gardens and has had a specialized service for participating dogs by the Official College of Veterinarians of Madrid and the Network of Vetersalud Clinics.

30% of the proceeds from the inscriptions to the Race will go to the National Nonprofit Association Perrotón, whose honorary president is Baroness Carmen Thyssen, an association whose purpose is the realization of different communication campaigns for raise awareness and sensitize Spanish society by promoting adoption and responsible ownership of our pets and against animal abuse.

The Perrotón Association has also been conducting sterilization and neutering campaigns for dogs and cats for animal protection associations with low economic resources in order to avoid unwanted litters that cause the dreaded abandonment, as well as other campaigns to prevent laleishmaniasis, with collaboration and advice from the Hospital ClínicoVeterinario of the University Alfonso X ElSabio, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Healthy laRed deClinicasVeterinarias Vetersalud.

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The dog that helped find Diana Quer, Laura Luelmo or Gabriel Cruz dies from a heart attack – Health Insurance




Has died of a heart attack at three years Marley, the Civil Guard dog specialized in the detection of biological remains that has participated in numerous investigations of relevant cases in recent months, such as the case of the skull that appeared in a box in Castro Urdiales.

According to Efe informed on Monday sources of the Civil Guard, Marley, a water dog and with a long history of police collaborations throughout Spain, he died this Sunday after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Son of Hercules and Lola, among his most recent missions is the search for the corpse of the computer scientist José Antonio Delgado, neighbor of Guecho (Vizcaya), which was discovered on October 1 after his disappearance in the province of Zaragoza.

Delgado was tricked into a sexual date by a Venezuelan woman and her Moroccan partner, who killed him after stealing her vehicle – which they would sell later – and their belongings.

With Marley was also counted for inspection that, at the end of September, the wife of Castro Urdiales was investigated in the house of María del Carmen MG, investigated for the disappearance of her partner, the Jesús Jesús BR Bilbao, whose skull appeared in a box she had given to a friend days before.

He was also present at the Tracking the place where little Gabriel Cruz He was buried by his father’s girlfriend and confessed and convicted murderer, Ana Julia Quezada, on a family farm in Níjar (Almería) in March 2018.

Elton, now retired, Marley was seconded in the discovery, on December 31, 2017, of the lifeless body of the young Madrid-born Diana Quer in a well of an abandoned industrial building of the parish of Asados ​​in Rianjo (A Coruña), about twenty kilometers from where it disappeared on August 22, 2016.

Marley, along with his partner Athos, he also helped solve the murder from the councilor of the United Left in Llanes (Asturias) Javier Ardines.

Expert of the human remains detection team, the sources consulted have considered him as one of the best dogs of the armed institute.

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Having a pet helps to find a partner – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte




I have a dog; but also a cat (the latter to a lesser extent), promotes and creates social bonds. Wamiz has researched and analyzed the results of several scientific studies. All this has resulted in that owning a dog helps to have a more active social life. According to the data collected by the aforementioned portal, thanks to your dog, not less than 37% of their owners have had a romantic encounter. Another fact, 80% have met people in their neighborhood and 40% receive social and emotional support thanks to their company.

Although in 2018 a report made in the United States, showed that many people prefer to be with their pet sooner than to go to a party with their partner. Dogs – there are still many people who consider it crazy – in addition to faithful friends who are waiting anxiously behind the door, they also help us from reducing stress to minimizing a bad day.

Many of those who participated in this report confessed that their four-legged « colleagues » even they helped them overcome a break with your partner or alleviate the loss of a loved one … and that is that our friends dogs in most cases are psychologists and with one glance they know how to convey what we need.

Dogs are good listeners and silent confidants. As they say « they just need to talk. » Your company also helps improve fitness -and passing the state of health- of the one who takes him out for a walk. Having an animal and especially a dog makes us more active and, as a result, in addition to meeting people and enjoying their company, according to these data, our health also improves.

The owners exercise more: they walk their dog, play with him, do doga (yoga with dogs) and even participate in the increasingly popular in Spain: the canicross. In addition, physical activity among pet owners over 65 increases even 12%.

Its owners are more fit, since they walk an average of 30 more minutes a week that those who do not enjoy the company of a dog. There is a circumstance that this activity is sufficient to comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization to obtain important benefits.

Daily walk

Everyone who has a dog well knows that while walking your dog you can meet the neighbors, especially if they also have one; as well as meeting new people. Even a large number of owners have managed to find a partner thanks to their dog. We do not want to set aside cats because according to this study, the twenty% of cat owners had a «Special approach» thanks to her cute kitty.

They, so independent also in some circumstances, allow social connections. An example is the case in which a neighbor feeds another neighbor’s cat since the first one has left on the weekend.

Less stressed and happier

The data collected by Wamiz show that having a pet helps relieve anxiety and stress. 68% of older people feel better not only mentally; but also physically thanks to the company of your dog. Pets are an inexhaustible source of love. According to veterinarians consulted, when a person caresses their pet, they produce oxytocin. This allows them to be more relaxed and get a sense of well-being.

A study in France ensures that 40% of the owners surveyed have an animal not only because they like or keep them company; but also because thanks to them they feel less stressed. Finally, pet ownership helps us increase self-esteem. They make us feel accompanied and loved. They give us affection and give us comfort. It is not surprising that 62 percent of the owners say they have a pet because it makes them happier.

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They go from 70 to 60,000 euros! – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte




As it seems and the data we refer, the number of people who enjoy the company of a dog does not stop growing. The Spanish prefer more to have a pet at home than a son. Than birth rate is going down year after year It is a fact that no one doubts, last year the number of births was reduced by 6.1%, about 23,879 children less, a number that increases considerably if we go back to the last five years, reaching 58,293 births less, which represents a 13.7% difference. However, year after year, the number of pets is increasing, in fact, in the last five years it has increased 40% to reach 13 million pets, of which just over 12 million are dogs.

These are followed by 6% of cats, and the rest, especially small rodents such as rabbits, hamster, guinea pigs, gerbils or dwarf rabbits. Anyway, this data can be higher and there is still many pet owners who don’t have their animals registered. In the case of dogs – as we always say – the microchip is mandatory. It is a simple way of registration and control. Cats do not, not all autonomous communities (are responsible for this matter) require cats to be registered, so the actual figure may be higher than the one registered.

Veterinarians consulted advise putting the chip to cats and in this way as in the case of his « friends » Dogs are an advantage – not only of control – but also a form of location if they escape or get lost.

Changes in the family model

The family model has changed and today we share our lives with our pets more than ever. Each time exclusive services appear, especially for dogs. Hotel, restaurants and cafeterias Dogfriendly, cinemas and even doga classes (a kind of yoga shared between dog and owner). Spaniards with pets spend an average of 1,000 euros a year for each pet. According to data offered by currently in Spain only 3% of dogs are insured.

There is the circumstance that unless they are PPP or those considered dangerous in most autonomous communities it is not mandatory to have insurance … but are we prepared to assume the expenses that our pet would generate if it attacks another dog or to a person? If he becomes seriously ill? If he escapes and causes an accident?

At present there are insurances that cover: Veterinary assistance, Civil Liability before third parties, Theft or loss, Death. In addition, insurance can also cover veterinary telephone assistance, legal defense for damages that may have caused, second veterinary opinion, nurseries, 24-hour veterinarian or even in some cases home delivery.

Great responsibilities

Having a pet carries a series of responsibilities that, in case of non-compliance, can lead to serious penalties for owners. Although each city or Autonomous Community has its own regulation, from Generalli they have identified which are the most common and many of them unknown to animal owners … much attention and, as I would say José María García, Eye to the data!

Do not bring the pet correctly in the car

If the dog is small, it must be placed on the floor of the back seat, never on the seat secured by a seat belt. The larger ones will go better in the trunk, separated by a rack or a net or subjects with a double anchorage harness. And in general for all sizes, if they are sitting in the rear seats of the car they should be attached with a double anchorage harness, attached to the hooks of two safety belts. The fine for not complying with this rule ranges between 100 and 200 euros.

Do not clean your stool and urine

Today, everyone is clear that they must collect the excrements of their dogs with the typical bag and deposit it in special containers or in the garbage, not doing so entails a fine ranging from 300 to 3,000 euros, but what that many citizens do not know is that depending on where you live, they also have to clean the urine of their dogs with water and vinegar or disinfectant, depending on the city ranges between 70 and 750 euros, although there are places like Palma that the fine can amount to 1,500 Euros

– Pass the dog without a leash

All dogs, without exception, are required to walk on a leash, except in the « canine spaces » within the parks that are gradually being introduced into the cities. Fines: between 90 and 300 euros. The penalty becomes very difficult when the pet without a leash is one of the races considered as « potentially dangerous »: pit bull terrier, Argentine bulldog, rottweiler, American staffordshire terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, Brazilian row, Tosa Inu and Akita Inu with fines ranging between 300 and 3,000 euros, in addition, they must go with a muzzle.

-Have dogs identified

Again, each Community establishes a different regulation, but generally it is necessary to register them in a Municipal or Autonomous Census, insert a microchip and have them identified with a plaque on their necklaces, fines, between 500 and 6,000 euros. In the case of dangerous dogs in addition to this they must have contracted a civil liability insurance and the owners have a license to have them. In some communities, the pet’s DNA must also be registered in the municipal genetic bank since there are patrols that they collect feces from the streets, analyze them and detect by DNA which dog they correspond to. About 200 euros for not having the identification plate and if they identify our dog for the excrement, in addition to the corresponding fine for not having collected them, the amount of the laboratory analysis will be added.

-Abandon or mistreat an animal

In Spain about 120,000 dogs are abandoned per year, many owners take risks despite the fact that the fine is one of the most expensive, can reach up to 30,000 euros. Animal abuse is sanctioned with similar amounts.

-Sell animals as a private individual

Breeding is prohibited for commercial purposes without the corresponding permits, it is considered a serious infraction and carries fines ranging from 3,000 to 9,000 euros.

-Vaccination against rabies

In some communities it is mandatory to have the dog vaccinated against rabies, not doing so means between 300 and 2,400 euros.

-Other curious fines that many owners do not know

Noise: if you disturb the rest of the neighbors at night or in the nap around 300 euros. Cause damage in green areas from 30 to 90 euros. Burying the pet in the field can cost up to 60,000 euros. Practice euthanasia if they suffer from a treatable disease in which the animal can lead a decent life between 9,000 and 35,000 euros. Mutilate animals for aesthetic purposes (such as cutting the ears or tail of certain dog breeds) from 3,000 to 30,000.

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The spooky image of a woman throwing a cat through the air to protect her dogs from an alleged attack – Health Insurance





A woman from Wagga Wagga, a city in New South Wales, Australia, New South Wales is being investigated for an alleged case of animal abuse.

Is about Charli gowland, who is accused of throwing a cat through the air on the grounds that he was attacking his dogs, as reported by a local media.

The incident was recorded by a friend of Gowland who did not hesitate to upload it to social networks inviting people to put a « title » to the images.

Gowland, which has more than 5,000 followers on Instagram, apologized for his actions.

While the girl said that the animal was not damaged, a friend told Prime7 that he did die after the attack.

If convicted of crimes of animal abuse, Gowland could face a maximum of five years in prison

« I have seen the video and it is absolutely shameful, » said a Wagga Wagga police officer.

«We have zero tolerance for animal cruelty in this community. In addition to being really unpleasant and unpleasant, I don’t see why anyone would watch such a funny video, ”he added.

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The secret of Scotty, the longest-lived dog in Spain, to reach 24 years of life – Health Insurance





Scotty is the oldest dog in Spain. He has turned 24, the equivalent of 168 years of a human being. This mestizo, who has his residence in Alicante, has far exceeded his life expectancy for his « brilliant genetics » and is having a good old age. Another of the keys to this longevity could be explained by its feeding.

Scotty eat a personalized feed prepared by the experts of Happets, a company that, through subscriptions, designs à la carte menus for mascostas. In just five months, he has prepared 15,000 custom recipes in Spain. Scotty has become his most popular customer.

In fact, according to company sources, the life expectancy of a purebred dog it is placed on a fork between ten and fifteen years old, « Although the care received and food are variables that can influence ».

The genetic component favors longevity, and as the variety is rich, mongrel dogs are longer than purebred dogs. The half-life of a dog without pedigree or mongrel it amounts to sixteen or eighteen.

Even so, this mestizo is exceeding any prognosis: with 24 years Scotty is, as of today, the longest living dog in Spain.

The pet food firm stresses that « there are many studies that support that a diet adapted to the needs of a senior dog it will help preserve your health and vitality, thus improving your quality of life ».

In this regard, they remember, «veterinarians recommend adapting the diet to their senior status because The caloric and nutritional needs of dogs are changing as they get older ».

Image of Scotty when he was six years old – ABC

At 24, Scotty, although he only presents the age-old ailments (gray hair, slower movements when walking, some difficulty climbing up and down stairs), needs a personalized diet perfectly adapted to his needs. His liver is aging and consequently he was losing weight.

Therefore, in Happets they formulated a feed especially for him that not only took into account his status as a senior dog but also his need to gain weight, in addition to his taste preferences.

Today, this mestizo can boast of being the oldest dog in Spain.

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This is the Instagram dog filter that is cheating and annoying many parents – Health Insurance




Social networks have a new fashion: the «Sasha Dog». This is an Instagram filter that Place a dog lying anywhere. The striking thing is its realism, which has caused many users to « place » dogs in their homes and tell their parents, with the consequent anger of many of them.

User Created Antonio Ruggiero, the filter has collaborated in dozens of jokes of children to their parents. Several tweets reflect these reactions:

How to use the filter

To use it, you can visit Ruggiero’s profile on Instagram and click on the link that leads to the filter page, where the « Open on Instagram » option will appear.

Once the image is open, it can be downloaded and used in the stories. The dimensions of the animal can be modified, as well as its position, being able to remove it from the back or side.

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The viral reaction of a dog when its owner pretends to drown in a pond – Health Insurance




The video of a dog that runs and throws itself into the water to help its owner, who pretends to drown, has been viralized in recent days between praising the animal for showing his protective instinct in a seemingly difficult time.

Phan Chinh Tuyen from VietnamHe was swimming in a pond when he decided to test his dog’s loyalty. He began to pretend he was drowning, between splashes, while shouting the name of the animal.

The dog, before the call for help, begins to run until it approaches the edge of the pond; then, jump into the water and approach the man.

He takes his hand out of the water, at which point the dog « bites » her and drags her to the stairs.

The recording accumulates more than 16 million views only on Twitter, receiving hundreds of comments; While some point out that the dog could have been trained for emergency situations, most applaud the dog’s bravery.